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News-Just released:
"HavAds" Software -
Putting You Back In Control of The Traffic And Profits On Your Website.

20 Minutes, Your Own Powerful, Un-Censored
HavAds Could Be Raking In Fat Juicy Affiliate Commissions....
Or Maybe You Prefer
A Landslide of Traffic To
Your Other Websites!"

Dear Marketing Friend,

Ian and I literally stumbled across this technique when
we were working on one of our web sites and knew that it was our duty
to share it with our fellow marketers.

Even if you have the most compelling website, an email list
that follows you like a cult leader, and an exceedingly high conversion
rate for sales...

...there is a Law that must be followed. It's a bit
like Newton's Law of Gravity: "What goes up, must come down".
we call it...


Ian Richardson

HavAds Law of Traffic:
"Whatever traffic comes to your site,
must eventually leave your site"
It's HOW they leave that makes all the
difference to your
net profits.

Imagine This:

Perhaps you've had this experience before.. maybe more than
once. I know Ian and I have and most of the people we know have.

You've been working away on your websites for a few hours and decide to
log on for five minutes at 11 pm to check your emails. Before you know it
you notice the clock and its 2.28 am...(Stupid O'clock" we call it
:-)... and you've spent the last three and a half hours surfing.

It could happen to anyone and at any time of the day, right?

Number One

"search engine"
And Two Unknown
Strangers Bank The Cash!
John logs onto the net and checks his emails.

One of them "grabs his attention" and he decides
to visit the site and one way or another he ends up surfing the
"Yellow Brick Road", from site to site, looking for new
ideas and information he can use in his business.

At some point he lands on your site.

By this time he is entranced by all the sales letters he has read and is
in 90% in "Buying Mode". He is just looking for the right product
that will suit his needs.
Let's say that he hasn't quite made up his mind yet as to what he is looking
for, but maybe he filled out your subscription form, so you can approach
him again.

What happens next?
What is your exit strategy?
Perhaps you have "search engine" ads on your site for whatever reason? Perhaps like
many marketers you avoid them because you don't know how to profit from
"search engine" ads ...Yet!
You might be thinking "hey, it's virtually impossible to profit
by having "search engine" ads on your site.... " and you'd be right, but what
you can profit from is the psychology that "search engines" have installed into peoples
minds. (more staggering secrets about that in
a minute)
Let's say for the benefit of this example that you, like many millions
of others, do have "search engine" ads.
John sees the ads on your site and, because he has been thoroughly
conditioned to click on "Anything Search Engine" he clicks on an Advert
Off he goes, maybe never to return....
We all know that "search engine" ads don't allow pop up windows so it's very unlikely
that you have another chance with him the same evening.
Now John is on another site, and maybe another site and then BINGO,
he buys a $97 product and some other unknown internet marketer earns
a 50% affiliate commission for the sale.
Possible Result Of
Scenario One...
You get perhaps a thousandth of just one cent ($0.00001) for
the click thru

Hopefully you got his valuable email address.

The website owner earned $48.50
The affiliate marketer earned $48.50

The "search engine" earned "x" dollars for all the adverts which John clicked
to get to a buying decision.

...And because you had some good information or a good sales letter on
your site you helped get him into a buying mode, unfortunately you didn't
earn much for it.

Yep .. a no brainer if ever there was one! I'm in - just bought my copy. I'm off out for the evening but guess what I'll be doing first thing tomorrow.

I'm looking forward to the thought I can do away with "xxxxx" altogether. After all, why solicit cents when you can make whole dollars! Doesn't add up does it.

Just very surprised at the looow price Ian. WOW $47 is an absolute BARGAIN. Anyone can spend that on a family visit to MCDonalds!!

Considering the potential anybody reading the sales letter or following this thread is a bloody (that word again ) idiot if they don't press the buy button NOW.

I never thought I'd wax so lyrical about a product. I've spent thousands of dollars on stuff that hypes up to a disappointing bellyflop. To be able to get free (get even??) with "xxxxx" has to be the best thing since sliced bread.

Good onya mate.
Ron S
blog comment from www.xsitepro.com


Number Two

And A Chosen Website Owner
Bank the Cash!!!
click here to order now
Here's "How You Can Stack
the Odds in
Your Favor".
Rewind the tape to 3 hours earlier...
Susan is on the net and she is in buying mode, totally hypnotised by all
the sales letters she has read, and she turns up at your site.
She has a look around, reads the copy but is not quite ready to buy your
The great thing is that you have "warmed her up", and she is
almost over the buying edge..
Luckily , yesterday, In a stroke of pure genius, You put 4 highly
targeted, POWERFUL "HavAds" on your site
using the HavAds Software.
The ads look like the "search engine" ads that she has been so conditioned to click,
but they are not and that is your Secret Weapon!!!
Susan is drooling, ready to buy something , and then she sees Your Powerful,
Targeted, Intriguing "HavAds".
She glances at the hypnotic...beckoning... headlines, something
"Clicks" in her mind and...
She clicks one of your ad's...
Instead of her leaving your site (like with "search engines"), a window pops
up and it is a sales letter for a product that you have carefully chosen
and targeted to match your niche market. It pays a
50% affiliate commission on a $97 product.
Let me remind you... Susan still still has her

primary browser window open at your web page.
Susan reads the sales letter and is getting warmer and warmer all
the time, she is close to buying now. Her mind is already evaluating...What
could I do with this...Where could I use it... how much money could I
expect to make with it.... Does it fit with my internet strategy?
Questions and answers are running through her mind.
One of two things

can happen at this point.
She makes her buying decision and presses the click
here to order now button...
...or, she is even warmer than before, but needs more information to make
a buying decision.
Let's say, for the purposes of this example, that she is looking for more
She closes the open window after bookmarking it under "Site Tools"
and there, staring her right in the face is your page again.
Can you imagine it?
Right in front of her are 3 more "HavAds"
for powerful products, that you have carefully selected for their
high affiliate commission, high conversion rate,
and they are targeted to your niche.
Susan clicks another headline:

of "HavAds" Generated by
"HavAds Software" in approx 2 Minutes*
time it's different.

Susan has found what
she was looking for.

a totally new Internet Advertising Strategy that has just been launched.

It offers
unsurpassed flexibility in "Power Ad Creation" and Unlimited
Earnings Potential.

It delivers
website owners the opportunity to keep customers at their site longer,
whilst they are showcasing additional winning products.

It's effectiveness
is 100% guaranteed
by subconscious human behavior patterns.

easy and quick to use REALLY EASY!!!

It's conveniently
priced, so that anyone can afford to use it.

It offers
tens to hundreds of dollars per sale and opposed to a 'few cents per
thousand click throughs' with search engine advertising programs.

She can
choose the best affiliate programs that have well written sales
pages designed to convert the visitor into a buyer.

She gets
to write and test her own
context-relevant advertisements that generate higher click through rates.

All ads
have the same colors and style that are used by the major search engines,
"search engine", MSN news, Yahoo, Alta Vista etc

record keeping. Each advert you create has a record of the date , the
site, the page and the campaign. It's easy to keep track of your

Wide range
of pre programmed ad styles to choose from.

She can
create as many "HavAds" blocks per page as she likes.

saves time creating her highly targeted ads by using the "HavAds" easy to use "wizard"

It's easy
to add to web pages-Simply copy and paste the code generated by
"HavAds" into a table on your site.

She can
preview her ads and then go back and make any changes necessary.

for directories, membership sites, catalogs etc.

She gets
to deliver the specific content to her customers that suits them

for highly targeted niche marketing

to use for exit strategies from her site

Pops up
windows so that customers are still on her site with the possibility
of clicking more of her ads.

Susan decides to to invest.

She presses the click
here to order now button.

Possible Result Of Scenario Two...

is happy because she has a product that will
earn her potentially thousands of dollars from traffic to her existing
web sites. (She's also wondering where else she can profit from it)

are happy because you received an Affiliate Commission of $48.50
whilst you were having dinner. (Maybe you also added someone to your
subscriber list.)

web site owner who made the sale is happy because he or she sold
a product whilst they were asleep and receive $48.50 (less sales costs)

The "search engine"
didn't earn any income from you, but they did earn money from click
throughs on other sites. And they are strengthening their BRAND POWER.
(More about BRAND POWER shortly)

Let's compare the
two scenarios:
Scenario One: You
make "$0.00001" in commissions, and you lose control
over where the surfer goes as she leaves your site. Your money making capacity
hits zero, as they leave unless you got their email.
Scenario Two:
You make $48.50 in commissions (or more) by encouraging the surfer
to exit through carefully selected group of websites that you have chosen
and created with "HavAds" software. You have up to Four
chances at this whilst the surfer is still at your site.
Which Scenario would
you choose?
Don't you love a Win-Win-Win-Win
Click Here to Order Now

I wasn't sure what to think when I heard of HavAds for the first time.
Sure the concept seemed excellent, but I wondered how functional and profitable the software would really be. When I used it for myself I became immediately convinced.
I first heard about his system from one of my affiliates who told me he was making so much money from adwords he didn't need to work anymore.
As soon as he told me the secrets, it was blindingly obvious to me how he had made so much money. I became determined to check this out for myself.
When I managed to finally see the system in action I couldn't believe how simple and virtually foolproof it was.
And most importantly, i couldn't believe how quick, reliable, and effective it is too. No wonder people are making such impressive profits from this system.
Steven Lee Jones

How HavAd's
Software Works:
Getting Started is Fast:
As soon as you download and install the software it is ready to use.
Click here to order now
Using the Software:
The first four screens are optional and are used for keeping a record of
the ads you create. You can record the campaign name, the website name,
the page the ad is going on and the date the campaign was created.
The next sixteen screens will prompt you for the "copy" for your
ads. I have put screen shots here to demonstrate how really easy it is.
(You don't need to fill out all the screens, you can create just two ads
if you like)
Advert One-Headline One:
Simply enter the headline you want in the text box and click

*Screenshot of "HavAds Software" *
Advert One-Description 1
Simply enter the description you want in the text box and
click next.

*Screenshot of "HavAds Software" *
Advert One-Display URL One
Be creative. This is where you can give yourself the best url on the internet.
This can act as part of your "copy" and it masks the real url.
If you are an affiliate marketer it masks your affiliate link.

*Screenshot of "HavAds Software" *
Advert One-Destination
URL One:
This can either be an affiliate link and yes it does accept
really long URL's or it can simply be the URL of one of your other websites,
perhaps a sub domain of the same web site or simply another page within
the same website.

*Screenshot of "HavAds Software"
The Next Step:
Simply repeat the process for two, three or four ads (two is the minimum to suit the tables). You can then fully design the ads to suit your website colors before publishing.
HavAds Version 2 Includes the Following Options:

Create up to four ads

Table border color choice

Background color choice

Headline text color choice

Body text color choice

Visable URL color choice (can also be set to hide URL)

Link to your affiliate URL embeded in HavAds Logo

The Final Step:
All you do now, (apart from Click
here to order now), is to select either output to browser
or save to file and then publish your ads.
Using either of the above methods you will be able to view
your ads in a browser.
In the browser window you will see that there are text boxes
that contain the code for the ads. Just copy and paste this to your web
As you can see, there are many different styles of ads to
choose from.

*Screenshot of "HavAds Software" *
this is a screenshot of the "HavAd" I created
in approx 2

Click here to order now

With "HavAds" you have total control over the language and punctuation
that you use, so that you can create the most Dynamic, Mesmerising, Electrifying,
Herculean "Ad" that you can possibly
think of. There

*Screenshot of "HavAd" Generated
by "HavAds Software" in approx 2 Minutes*
Click here to order now
Want to know why "HavAds" work?
Click the dog...

The Bottom Line:
"HavAds" Software is a complete "Turn-Key"
system for generating powerful and enticing exit strategies for your web
Whether you are new or experienced makes no difference, because
the step by step easy to use, software wizard, allows you to pump out
high quality, high power, high paying adverts that are lazer-targeted to
your customers needs.
click search engine links, search engine ads and anything that looks like
a search engine link or ad.
This applies to whatever you are selling on your site: It
could be ads for cars on an auto site, a source for cheap nappies on a baby
site, links to pet food suppliers on a pet site .Whatever site you have,
"HavAds" can help you increase your profits.
The mind boggles at how many places and ways "HavAd's could be used. It's staggering!
click here to order now
And of Course We
Would Love To Give You Some Valuable Bonuses.
These are very carefully chosen bonuses. They have been chosen to
help you to expand your understanding of the subconscious mind and how it
affects everyone in everything they do and to give you a blueprint for success
in life.
We could have piled on more bonuses, but if you read and carefully digest
the information in these two books you will be dining, in life, on a banquet
fit for kings.
By the way...did you find the 3 hidden prizes on this site (not the bonuses)? They are on the main part of the page. If you need some help send me an email Click here)

Bonus# 1
"The Ten Minute Guide
to Understanding How Your Subconscious Mind Works" by
Carl Bradbrook

This little coffee table style book has a concise easy to
understand explanation of how your subconscious mind and your conscious
mind ARE being used to create the results you are experiencing in
There are lots of pictures which will make it even easier for you to comprehend the power which you have within you.
You’ll learn:

How you became you…the personality that
you are.
How to change the results you are getting in
life by changing what you put in your mind
How people get stuck in a negative experience
and how to break out of it
How to put yourself into a positive frame of
mind and stay there.
How you must assume responsibility for your life
or it won’t change.
How to Program Yourself For Success.

This is a must read book for people of all ages.
Value US$19.95

Bonus# 2
"The Master Key
System" by Charles F. Haanel

is rumored that whilst he was at Harvard, Bill Gates
got hold of an out of print copy of a course written by Charles
Haanel in 1912 and that he has used this course as a blueprint to
create his business empire.
original course was in 24 parts and created for a group
of elite businessmen at that time. One part was sent to
the businessmen each week.
businessmen became so wealthy and benefited so much from the course
that they begged him not to publish it EVER.
did in fact create a book format of the course and it sold
over 200,000 copies before being banned by the church in 1933.
Copies of the original book are rarely found these days
could you learn from just this one book?

Value US$19.95

Bonus# 3
Lifetime upgrades to "HavAds" Software.

When we release the updated version, you'll get it for FREE.

Here's Our
Guarantee :
First of all, we seriously doubt you'll ever need to consider this option
, but just so you can be absolutely sure that you can only win when
you invest in Havads Software...
We comply with Clickbanks policy on returns

Click Bank Policy: ClickBank's current return policy is as follows: ClickBank will, at its option, replace or repair any defective product within 8 weeks from the date of purchase.

We could easily sell this software for $97
But if you purchase your copy by dispDate(3)
you can
own it for just $47
So are you ready to leverage more dollars out of the traffic that visits
and leaves your web site? click
here to order now
Important: We are currently marketing
the price down to just US$47 for a marketing test.
We cannot guarantee the continued
availability of "HavAds Software" at this marketing
test price for any period of time.
Click the link below to secure
your copy at this knockdown price if you are at all interested in generating
more income from your website traffic.

it Now, Risk-Free, at the US$47 Marketing Test Price.

I am taking you up on your incredible offer today at the price
of only $47 and will receive an immediate download of "HavAds Software" and all the valuable bonuses.

And I know I can try the "HavAds Software out
completely Risk-Free with your "no questions asked" 30
day money-back guarantee.
Simply click the button below to order now by
either credit card or PayPal. In a matter of minutes you'll be on
your way to multiplying your current income.


Are you ready to multiply your website profits? If you are, then you
know what to do. Download "HavAds" Right now... whilst it's fresh on
your mind.
If you leave it because you want to think about it, the market testing
price will most likely have gone by the time you get back.
But more important, are the potential profits of $10,$100, even $1000's
that you could be adding to your bank account right now. Each passing
minute is Unrecoverable. Do it now...
People click "HavAds"- Put it to the test. Just one affiliate commission
a week of $48.50 means $2,522 per year in your pocket!
Imagine that...
Wishing you all the SUCCESS you can IMAGINE!!!


Carl Bradbrook

Ian Richardson

P.S. Imagine if you made
just one extra sale per week, using "HavAds", of
an affiliate product paying $48.50 commission.
That's US$2,522 per year. What if you had several sites making several
sales a week, or even a day?
If you have web sites perhaps even 100's of pages of them, IMAGINE if each one had "HavAds" on the page... click
here to order now
P.P.S. Unless
you are independently wealthy and have all the sales that you want, you
simply need to take action right now and grab a copy of "HavAds"
today. click
here to order now
Our affiliate program offers 50% payout. Sell 2 programs through your affiliate links and your software is effectively free. Easy!
Every webmaster, affiliate, amature website builder, and organisation
in the world could profit greatly from "HavAds Software",
and this is the only place that it is available.
Prepare for an explosion of money in your bank account when
you use it and promote it. click
here to order now

This is your last chance. After this, there is no turning back.
You take the blue pill - the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe.

You take the red pill - you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes.


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