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Learn All The Best Kept Secret Recipes Behind Your Favorite Sausages... Amaze Your Friends and Family!

Save Money - Make All Your Favorite Sausages Right in Your Own Home

Dear Friend,

Have you ever wondered how your favorite butcher and delicatessen makes those delicious sausages that you love so much? Have you ever wished you could make them at home and eat them any time you want?

Well then you're in luck, because Bad Cooking's Big Book of Sausage Recipes can show you exactly how to make all your favorite sausages at home. They're fast, easy, and they taste amazing!

Reduce the salt and fat content of your favorite sausages by making them yourself at home! Save money by making sausages at home with simple, everyday ingredients you probably already have in your kitchen! Discover the secret ingredients and techniques your favorite delicatessens and restaurants use to make world famous sausages!
Impress your friends and family by taking your grilling skills to a whole new level!
"Authentic Sausages Made Right in Your Own Home!"

Here's a sample of what you'll get with Bad Cooking's Big Book of Sausage Recipes:

You'll get recipes for all your favorite sausages, including:


Bratwurst Recipes Polish Sausage Recipes Salami Recipes Italian Sausage Recipes Breakfast Sausage Recipes
And More!

That's over 100 of the most popular sausage recipes ever created! Each recipe is designed to be easy to use, understand and very very delicious.  

You'll even get some of America's most wanted secret sausage recipes, including:

The Jimmy Dean®Breakfast Sausage Recipe!
The Slim Jim's® Recipe!
The Big Wheel's World Famous Genuine Texas Hotlinks® Recipe!

"What a Hit!"

" I had some friends come over an hour before the game and we made 10 pounds of your Sheboygan Style Bratwurst and grilled them up during half-time. What a hit! Now my friends want to make sausage at my house before every game."
-- Andrew  (Bloomington MN, USA)

You'll also get sausage recipes from all over the world, including:

[](http://1.badcooking.pay.clickbank.net/) Mexican Chorizo Recipes South African Boerewors Recipes Swiss Wiesswurst Recipes Cajun Andouille Recipes German Thuringer Recipes
And More!

That's another 100+ sausage recipes that you can make quickly and easily from home. These are step-by-step instructions for making the some world's great sausages!

You'll get some of the most popular sausage recipes ever created, like:

The Polish Kielbasa Recipe!
The Italian Sopressata Recipe!
The Goteborg Summer Sausage Recipe!
The English Bangers Recipe!
And the Cajun Boudin Recipe!

"My Friends Finally Know What REAL Sausage Tastes Like"

"These Recipes makes me feel like I am back in Germany, thanks so much for finally sharing your secrets, Ha, now my friends finally know what REAL European sausages tastes like."
-- Andrea (Albany NY, USA by way of Bavaria)

Bonus #1

Also included you'll also get how to make processed meat recipes, such as:

[](http://1.badcooking.pay.clickbank.net/) How to Make Bacon How to Make Beef Jerky How to Make Ham How to Make Pastrami How to Make Corned Beef
And More!

That's another 100+ recipes that you can make quickly and easily from home. These are step-by-step instructions for making the some of the worlds great meats!

You'll get some of most popular meat recipes ever created, like:

The Honey Cured Bacon Recipe!
The Homemade Smoked Ham Recipe!
The Western Style Beef Jerky Recipe!
The Wisconsin Style Pastrami Recipe!
And Seven Brines for Smoking Fish!

"My Friends are Begging for More"

"I made a 16 pound smoked ham for our holiday dinner last year. My friends and family not only ate it all up they are begging to be invited back again for this years dinner! I am thinking of accepting bribes..."
-- Michael (Salem, OR USA)

That's Over 200 Recipes For You to Cook at Home and Impress Your Friends and Family!

With your copy of Bad Cooking's Big Book of Sausage Recipes you will:
Save Money - Making your own sausage and hams will cost you a fraction of they cost if you were to buy them. You'll save hundreds of dollars per year! Save Calories- You control the amount of fat the goes into your sausage. With these recipes, you can substitute in more healthy ingredients to reduce the fat and calorie content drastically! Have an Enjoyable Hobby - Making your own sausage is a very relaxing and rewarding hobby. That your friends will love you for!
Bonus #2

"Cook Like the Pros - No Culinary School Required!"

All our featured sausage and meat recipes have recipes to really showcase your culinary creations. These dishes are so easy even a complete beginner can cook them without any trouble. Best of all, most of the ingredients are probably already in your kitchen! You can start cooking these delicious recipes with your sausage today!

Plus, you, your family, and your friends can really savor and enjoy the sausage you have made with these recipes! All our featured sausage have tested recipes ready for you to enjoy, including:

Andouille Sausage & Shrimp Gumbo
New Orleans Style Muffuletta
Pork Chops with Italian Sausage Sauce
Stuffed Grape Leaves with Merguez Sausage
Portuguese Clams with Linguica & Tomatoes
[Click Here to Claim Your Copy of Bad Cooking's Big Book of Sausage Recipes Now!](http://1.badcooking.pay.clickbank.net/)

You also get recipes for all of these famous sausages:

American Farm Sausage BoudinBratwurst Chaurice Chorizo Frankfurters Italian Sausage Kielbasa Linguica Pepperoni Polish Texas Hot Links Venison Salami Wiesswurst
...and more!

Bad Cooking's Big Book of Sausage Recipes contains the most full listing of sausage recipes currently available to the public.  You won't find a more complete sausage recipes book anywhere, guaranteed!

This is the last Sausage cookbook you'll ever need!

You'll get lifetime access to this incredible cooking resource currently containing over 300 sausage, processed meat recipes and recipes to enjoy them including:

Scroll Down for Complete List ---->GET RECIPES FOR THESE GREAT SAUSAGES AND MORE!All Beef FrankfurtersAlsatian SausageAmerican Beef SausageAmerican Farm SausageAndouille SausageApple Turkey Sausage PattiesArgentino ChorizoArmenian SausageAssyrian SausageBaconBangersBear SausageBeef JerkyBeef SalamiBeef SausageBerliner SausageBierwurstBig Wheel's World Famous Genuine Texas HotlinksBlack PuddingBlood SausageBlood & Tongue SausageBockwurstBoereworsBolognaBoudinBoudin BlancBoudin NoirBratwurstBraunschweigerBreakfast SausageBrine Cured HamBrunch SausagesBuckwheat SausageCabbage SausageCacciatore SalamiCanadian BaconCapicolaCapocolloCevapciciChauriceChicken BratwurstChinese SausageChipolataChorizoCoppaCorned BeefCottage BaconCountry HamCreole SausageCumberland SausageDried BeefEnglish ChipolataEnglish SaveloyFarm SausageFennel SausageFish SausageFrankfurtersFrench Pork SausageGarlic KielbasaGarlic SalamiGarlic SausageGenoa SalamiGerman Farmhouse Style BratwurstGerman SausageGoosewurstGoteborg Summer SausageHabanero Creole SausageHaggisHamHamburger JerkyHead CheeseHerbal SausageHoney Cured BaconHot Breakfast SausageHot Creole SausageHot LinksHungarian SalamiHungarian SausageHunters SausageIrish SausageItalian SausageJagdwurstJerkyJimmy Dean Copycat HotJimmy Dean Copycat MapleJimmy Dean Copycat SageKaristysmakkaraKaroo BoereworsKestomakkaraKielbasaKiszkaKnackwurstKnockwurstKosher Beef SausageKosher SalamiLamb SausageLebanon BolognaLinguicaLithuanian KielbasaLithuanian SausageLiver and Sage SausageLiverwurstLongganisaLouisiana SausageLoukanikaLuganegaLunenburg SausageMaple Breakfast SausageMaple SausageMatiti SausageMedisterpolseMerguez SausageMexican ChorizoMicrowave JerkyMonastery Herbal SausageMoroccan SausageMortadellaNew Orleans Style Hot Sausage PattiesOld Fashioned LoafOnion SausageOxford BangerParmesan Cheese SausagePastramiPatePennsylvania ScrapplePepperoniPhiladelphia ScrapplePickle and Pimento LoafPickled Pig

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