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From Jeffery Baxter Jr

Dear Fellow Frustrated Entrepreneur,

I have an advantage over you. As a matter of fact, the people who know my secrets have an advantage over you too...

Do You Know What That Advantage Is?
We have an easy to follow system that's earning us serious cash online with hardly any work involved!  I'll share the system with you below, but first....
Let's Talk About My Story and How I Got Here Today
As I write this, I'm only 19 years old. I know what you're probably thinking..."Why in the heck should  I listen to what you have to say?..You're still wet behind the ears!"

Don't worry, after reading through this entire page; I can assure that you'll trust in me and the system that I'm sharing with you.

Before The Wealth

After High School Graduation I bypassed college and went straight to work. My gpa was really good and I had plenty of scholarship offers, but college was something I wanted to put off at the time and come back to later.

My mom had been at her warehouse job for a long time and I was able to get hired by her referral . The pay was about $11.00 per hour starting off and me being someone who never worked before, I was pretty satisfied!

If you don't know anything about working in a warehouse, then let me tell ya... it's hard labor and you have to make production in order to keep your job.

My section of the warehouse in which I worked consisted of 8 floors. The left side numbered 1,3,5,7 and the right side number 2,4,6,8.

I was a stocker and in order to make production, 800 boxes had to be cut within the 8 hour period...or else!  Making rate wasn't a problem, but doing the same boring stuff everyday is what got to me.

Time For A Change

At about a year into my warehouse career, I was drained mentally and physically; so I put in my two weeks notice and called it quits. I managed to save over $3,000.00 while working there, so I had some time to remain unemployed.

I still wasn't looking to enroll in college just yet and a fast food job wasn't up my alley. One day I went online to login to my facebook account and an ad popped up. I remember like it was yesterday;  the ad was about how a guy went from zero to $30,000 in 6 months online, so I did what the average person would do and clicked it.

The guy's course was a bit expensive for me at the time...$5000 to be exact, so I skipped out on it. Even though I didn't buy the guy's product, the amusement of making that much money stuck with me..

That very day changed my way of thinking when I discovered people are making in a month what I barely made in a year...it just didn't seem fair.

So I Tried My Luck...

Pay  Per Click Advertisment

I started searching around the web for ways to make money online and came across an article about pay per click advertisement. To make a long story short, I tried it and lost about one thousand of the dollars I saved...that really pissed me off!

Next Step.. Article Marketing

Since pay per click wasn't working for me I wanted to see what else was out there. Once while in an Internet Marketing Forum, someone posted a thread about how they were making $100 a day from writing and syndicating articles to directories.

I was pretty astonished by this and being a newbie..WHAT DID I DO? I tried it. The whole process involved finding keywords to write your articles over, syndicating the articles to directories and driving traffic back to your site through your signature.

Now there's a lot more to it, but let's just say that this wasn't as easy as I thought! Article Marketing was a lot of hassle and I figured out that it could take years to see the results I wanted..so after a few months, I ditched that as well.

My Curiosity Got The Best Of Me and Something Great Happened!

I was determined to make a full-time income online but I didn't want to grow old or broke in the process. So I started thinking to myself..."how in the heck can I see fast results??"

One night something came over me. All of the the things that I learned from Article Marketing put a huge idea in my head!

Let me explain the basic grusome process of article marketing and how this idea arose.

Step 1.  Prepare a landing page with an affiliate product on it.

Step 2.  Find a keyword related to that affiliate product.

Step 3.  Write a review or article related to that keyword.

Step 4.  Submit it to article directories and include a link back to your website in the signature.

Step 5.  "Hope" that the article gets approved

Step 6.  "Hope" that people will click your website link in the signature box.

Step 7.  "Hope" that they will click your affiliate product when they get there.

Step 8.  "Hope" that they will like what they see when landing on the vendor's sales page..

Step 9.  "Hope" that they buy the product.

Step 10.  Build thousands of backlinks to get your article and landing page ranked higher in the search engines. Also...you must keep on hoping :)

Why Not Compile All of These Things Into One??

As you can see from above, that process is time consuming and not guaranteed to work.  But I was thinking..."what if I could cut down on those steps by ranking a site for a keyword instead of an article".

I started to do an experiment, but I gave myself 2 rules.

Rule 1. No backlinking

Rule 2. Only 1-5 review articles

The reason why I applied the rules for myself, was because it would have been about the same thing as article marketing if I was building backlinks and writing thousands of articles! So this had to be different.

My experiment started off by of course finding a product and a related keyword. I then took what I knew about Search Engine Optimization, mixed in a few sneaky things that I knew nobody else was doing and built a blog...

At about 2 weeks in, I noticed my experimental blog that had taken me only 2 hours to setup, with no backlinking and only 1-5 review articles was ranking  #3 in Google for that keyword I chose!

My mouth literally dropped because I finally found something that worked for me and was earning me a good chunk of money..

So yes you guessed it.. I started creating these mini blogs left and right since they were getting ranked with ease.

To make a long story short, after a short period of time using these methods I was seeing a $20,000.00 per month income and this was from minimal work & without having my own product!

It gotten to a point where I just had to put these secret techniques into a full blown course and share it with the World....


"The Cobra Blogging System"

"13 Jam Packed  Videos Guiding You Step-By-Step Through My Exact $20k Per Month System"

Just so you have a good understanding of my course, here's what we're going to be doing:

Finding one profitable keyword Finding someone else's product related to that keyword Creating a blog with the secret SEO techniques
Writing 1-5 review articles for the product and applying more secret SEO techniques. Ranking the blog for that keyword extremely high in Google and in the other search engines. Not touching the blog again and making money on autopilot with the sales of the affiliate product... Rinsing and Repeating until you're satisfied with your income!

"Is This System For Beginners Too? 

You bet it is! When I created this whole course I kept the beginners in mind. I also even put together a Startup Manual that beginners can read over before watching the videos..

Basically, I can take anyone who has never touched a computer before, let them in on my course and they can be making money too!

"Let's Get Into What You're Going To Be Learning In Depth"...

How To Find A Profitable Keyword

 I'm going to be showing you everything you need to know about finding the right keywords for my system to work! You even get the $100.00 keyword research tool that I use for absolutely free in the course.

Sneaky Top 10 Site Evaluation

Whenever we find a good keyword, we always have to look at the top 10 sites to see if we stand a chance in beating them or not. The same software that you get for free in my course has this evaluation feature too. Oh yea..you learn the easy and sneaky Cobra ways of site evaluation!

How To Get Other People's Products For Your Keyword

Yes, for my system we're going to be grabbing other people's products, or shall I say "affiliate products" to make money with. It's free to do and I'm going to walk you through step by step how that needs to be done!

How To Setup Your Cobra Blog

In the videos you get to see me create a Cobra Blog from ground up. As you read from above, it only takes about 2 hours for the whole setup process. Also, once we setup these blogs we never touch them again!

How To Write Your Review For Your Product

When we grab these affiliate products related to our keywords, we're going to be writing a review over them on the blog.There are secret search engine optimization techniques that apply when writing reviews and I show you that in the videos!

How To Utilize Social Bookmarking Sites.

The whole deal is to get these money making blogs ranked as quickly as possible. I show you how I use certain social bookmarking sites to give me an extra boost. Don't worry, it's a one time 2 minute thing!

Much Much More!

Cobra Membership Forum Pass!!

The Membership Forum is available to all Cobra Bloggers! 

Here are a few things that go on inside the forum:

Cobra Blogger  Interaction You get to interact with others who are building Cobra Blogs too! Lots of people share new techniques that apply to ranking them in there as well!

Buy/Sell Cobra Blogs There's a special section in the forum for people who want to buy or sell their cobra blogs! 

My Latest Internet Marketing Techniques I share with everyone in the forum my latest and most valuable Internet Marketing Tactics! Basically, anything that I might charge for elsewhere, you get it free inside the forum!

Weekly Digest This is where members can ask me anything regarding internet marketing and I answer questions on a weekly basis. This gives you a chance to pick my brain and learn everything you always wanted to know!

Here's what a few satisfied customers had to say:

"Thank you so much!"

"Hey Jeff, I just have to say this is a very detailed affiliate system you've put together! 

When I was reading your sales page about ranking keywords high in Google with little work, I knew this one was special!

It's been a few weeks since I setup my first Cobra Blog and I'm ranking #2 in Google for a keyword that gets a little over 32,000 searches per month..

I definitely give you your props on this one young man.

Tim Sauder

Cobra Blogging Member

Tim Sauder did not receive a promotional copy (and/or other material compensation), in order to facilitate his Honest opinion for this endorsement and is a marketing affiliate for Cobra Blogging System

"Pure Genius"

Wow.. I have tried many "Make Money Online" tactics, but this one clearly blows everything out the water!  I'm on my fifth blog now using your techniques and all of them are ranking well for my keywords.

I'm sticking to this and this only!

  Johnathan Thompson
  Cobra Blogging Member

Johnathan Thompson did not receive a promotional copy (and/or other material compensation), in order to facilitate his Honest opinion for this endorsement and is a marketing affiliate for Cobra Blogging System

   "Hats Off To Ya!"


All of my 21 years in Internet Marketing and I never dominated the search engines like I'm doing with your system.  The way you evaluated the top 10 competing sites was almost a joke to me at first because of the simplicity....It turned out the joke was on me when I started seeing some spectacular results!

If there's anybody out there who wants a complete step by step system that can earn you money on autopilot, then this is it. I put my word on it!

Bernard Williamson
Cobra Blogging Member

Bernard Williamson did not receive a promotional copy (and/or other material compensation), in order to facilitate his Honest opinion for this endorsement and is a marketing affiliate for Cobra Blogging System

Get Instant Access To The Membership Area, Forum and Videos For Only...

You get to try out the complete Cobra Blogging System for 30 days at Only $4.97. If you choose to stay on and get continued support & access it's just a measley $47 per month. Signup Below and Be On Your Way To Creating a Nice Income Stream in no time!


My Iron-Clad, Risk-Free Guarantee

Just in case you aren't completely satisfied with my system, you get a no questions asked 30 Day Money Back Guarantee! That's how confident I am in the Cobra Blogging System!

Still Not Sure?? Look At This Way...

I make an average of $50 to $150 per day for each cobra blog I setup. That means you can easily make your money back if you can get just one blog ranked high following my steps.

Also, there are only a certain amount of spots that I'm letting go for this cheap. When those spots are filled, I'm going to raise the price to avoid too much competition.

So for only $4.97 you can get instant access to everything right now!



Jeffery Baxter Jr
Don't forget that you get immediate access after ordering! No matter if it's 3:00 a.m


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