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Nicolaas D. Theron
Lead Designer Dan Theron
Junior Designer
Message from Nicolaas D. Theron
Lead Designer: X Web Graphics

Dear Internet business owner,

One of the biggest challenges in the modern day world of Internet business is to establish credibility and trust with your would-be customers. Most often you only have one chance and a few seconds to do this.

It's time to make those few seconds count.

The fastest way to establish yourself, your products and your online business as serious and professional is to have a professional looking website with eye-catching graphics.

Know all about 3D covers already? [Click here to jump to the order links!](#order)

People like to see what they're buying

If you're selling intangible products like ebooks, MP3 audio or downloadable software, providing a realistic 3D image of your product has been proven over and over again to increase sales.

Your customers can now "see" what they're buying. Your product instantly gains credibility because it looks real. Instead of just having to read about it, your customers can now actually visualize your product as something tangible.

Hang on though. There's something you need to know about digital representations of your product.

The important things here are quality and realism, so...

Beware of cheap imitations!

A poor quality, unrealistic graphical representation of your product can actually harm your sales!

There are lots of "cover generating software" and similar gimmicks available today that try to make the job of creating 3D graphics easier for the average computer user.

In most cases, there are mutiple problems with this type of software:
they create unrealistic looking or just plain poor quality graphics - not necessarily because it's bad software, but because... ...they don't teach you the skills you need to create great looking graphics and... ...they don't provide you with the tools and images you need to create a graphic that's right for YOUR unique product
Instead of standing out from the crowd, with a poor quality cover your product gets lost in it. It looks cheap, unprofessional and that's the image that sticks with your customers.

"Hi Nic,

Great Job!!!! Your Minisite looks very professional! I am extremely happy with the results.

You can send me the complete package. Great service and the best price! When my new projects starts, I will contact you again with a new order!


Best Regards,

- Angela Schulz

"Hi Nicolaas,

The banner you created for my website totally overwhelmed me in how professional it looks and how well it matches the color and theme of my site.

No program or video can teach someone artistic talent. Nor do they end up looking very professional after all the time taken using those programs or watching those videos. I am glad I chose instead to turn my graphic design work over to you instead of wasting my time learning how to be a bad graphic designer.

I know the most important feature of a website is the graphics, they are what the site visitor first sees and sets the tone for how the site is perceived. Thank you very much for your work.

- Beth Pepper


Recently you produced a book cover for me and I want to let you know that I am extremely happy with the results. Your service is amazing. Your provided me with a fabulous product in just a few hours at an unbelievably low price. I highly recommend your service to anyone looking for a top notch product, great service and the best price."

- Mack Payne

Hi Nic,

I was absolutely delighted with the job you did on my ebook covers. Your superior professionalism and customer service made it a joy to work with you. You exceeded my expectations, and in less time than it was supposed to take.

I have received nothing but compliments about how beautiful the covers are. I'll definitely return for future covers.

Thanks again,

- A. Martinez

Get it done right at X Web Graphics. If you are concerned about the low pricing, thinking that paying $97+ for a decent 3D cover for your product will get you something better, think again.

X Web Graphics customers are already discovering that paying more doesn't always get you more.

"Dear Nic,

When I first found X Web Graphics I was a bit skeptical. I needed a professional eBook cover and in the past I paid $99 for this type of eBook cover graphic. The price was so reasonable that I was willing to give you a try. Let me tell you, the graphic cover you made for me is every bit as good and actually, even better, than the $99 cover I had done for me recently. Not only was it better, but you quickly had several design choices ready for me to pick from.

To say the least, I am impressed. Because of the professional look of the graphic my customers are impressed as well and it's boosting response rates astronomically."

- Scott

"Nic -- you deliver...and my site has never looked better!

I was looking for someone to do my graphics, and I knew I had a few options out there, but when an associate pointed me to your site, I was blown away by what you deliver (and your price). The only question was...would he deliver?

Well you did! I'm sure I put you through the wringer making sure my site and product images looked just right. And you did -- the time you took to make sure I was happy left me wondering "how does he do this for such a great price?"

Getting you to do this for me literally saved me hours, if not days, of work. I told you want I wanted, you went out, found the images that worked best and laid-out all the graphics I needed. Meanwhile I continued running my business without worry.

Thanks again Nic for the great graphics!

- Brett Martinson


Put your business in the spotlight and pull in those extra sales

How would you like your product to look like these? I'm talking about an instant attention grabbing, trust building addition to your website.

It's within your grasp.

Let X Web Graphics help you sell more of your product, gain and retain more customers and have a website worthy of any major corporation or Internet business expert or professional - for a fraction of the price you'd expect to pay.

What you get:

I have 4 different packages to fit any budget and any small business requirements. While the contents of each package differs, the features remain the same:
Your graphic is designed to YOUR specification If you have no idea what you want, just give me details about your product and I'll do the rest You pay per graphic, not per hour, and I keep tweaking your graphic until you are 100% happy with it. No matter how much time I spend on it, you only pay one flat fee Once the graphic is completed it becomes your property You can get the graphic in as many different sizes as you want - no extra fee for resizing I optimize your graphic for web use - no extra fee I slice the graphic for you should you require it - no extra fee If required you get the original source files for your design in either .PSD or .RDW format - no extra fee (only 2D flat versions of 3D covers are available in .PSD format as I do not use Photoshop)
"They say the best companies have the best customer service. I was contacted the next day (not the autoresponder) after I put in my request. The design was fantastic. Nic wasn't pushy, and on top of that I was given a demo pic, and could have completely changed what he did free of charge. But I don't think anyone would have a need to do that anyway. I am very happy with my experience. Thanks a million."

- Gyasi Govan

"Thank you for your constant attention. It's pleasing to know as a businessman, that you are always looking after my interests. Even when I think the job is done, you come up with a slight tweak that adds a new dimension to my advertising. I am very thankful, that I put my promotion design in your capable and expert hands.

Thank you Nicolaas. A truly wonderful job. I cannot wait to get the text completed and get it out to the members. I shall know where to come in future."

- Rodney Wharton

"If you want to put some 'Wow' into your graphics go with a guy who has a real talent for it. Xwebgraphics.com injected dynamic sales power into the launch of our ebook. Thank you Nic!"

- Mark Walters


[]Your design options

Header Graphics

These come in different sizes, depending on your requirements. At XWG you have three basic types of headers (although your header is always designed to your specification):

Direct Response : This usually involves different fonts, blending, transparency and images with typically both your product name and a slogan visible in eye catching text - usually this type of header is used on a sales page.


Clean: This involves basically your domain name or product name coupled with a few highly targeted images with drop shadows. Minimal text and blending is used. This type of header is usually used on content sites.


Minimalistic - basically just color gradients and limited text. You simply want a header to anchor your site, not to convey a sales message. This type of header is usually used on content or corporate sites.




3D Covers

XWG can design a large variety of 3D covers. Here are the most popular ones, but if you have other requirements I'll be happy to accomodate. Please note that discs (CDs or DVDs) can be combined with ANY cover type.









Combo graphics

This is where I combine two or more types of graphics for you into a complete bundle - as big or as small as you need.

The $57 X-Combo package will fit most requirements. You not only get your design in up to 3 different cover types, but you also have the option of receiving a combination of them all in a single graphic at no extra charge.


Complete mini site layout

With this you get a complete direct response mini site template. All you need to do is open it in your favorite HTML editor and enter your sales letter.

You get:
Header + footer graphic X-Combo 3D Cover package mini site template layout with all your graphics installed custom order button custom web page background
Enhanced mini sites with rounded corners and 3D bevels are also available.



You can't lose with the XWG iron-clad
100% satisfaction
money back guarantee

If you're not absolutely thrilled with the graphic you get, or I am unable to create a graphic to your satisfaction, I will give you a full refund.

"Your work is absolutely exceptional and your service is the fastest I have ever seen! Thanks a million!"

- Wayne Sutton

"I needed a professional looking ebook cover at a not so steep price. Nic went above and beyond my expectations by providing me three different options to look at. He even gave me a great suggestion on changing one of the words in my
title to make the title even more potent. I highly recommend this service for anyone looking for quality professional graphics for their ebook or web site."

Dan Ellenwood

"Wow, it looks great. I love it. Go ahead and send me the final copy. The work was great and I have referred a friend to you."

Alex Navas


Just wanted to tell you, I have been getting great reviews about the design job you did for GuaranteedWebsiteIncome.com, very clean and professional.

Thanks again, and look for further business from me as I add more products/services."

Tom Niehoff

[]Pricing and Order Notes

Please read the following carefully before proceeding:

A. Before ordering, please do a work schedule check below. Turnaround indicates how soon you can expect a review copy of your project. Workload is color coded as follows:
Low workload,
1 - 2 day turnaround Normal workload,
3 day turnaround Heavy workload, 4-7 day turnaround CLOSED - ordering is temporarily disabled to finish current workload CURRENT STATUS: Heavy workload, 5 - 7 day turnaround, no rush orders please.
B. If you require a 3D cover type that is not part of our standard cover type selection as displayed higher up on this page, a custom template design fee will apply. Please contact me for a custom quote if this is part of your requirements.

Need your graphics NOW? With a rush order we bump your project to the top of the queue and deliver a concept to you within 12 hours of receiving your order (often in as little as 3 or 4 hours, depending on the nature of the project). We literally drop anything else we're busy with and start working on your order immediately. You do have to pay for this priviledge though - rush orders are charged at 50% above our normal rates, but when you're in a bind, it's the way to go.

All orders are processed securely by Clickbank. Paypal & Credit Card accepted.

[]To clear up any questions about packages or what additional services I offer,
please read the [Frequently Asked Questions](faq.html)

Please read the specs and view the examples of each package carefully before ordering so you know what you're getting for your money.


You should request a custom quote if:
You want to have high resolution printable versions of your graphics for printing on A4 or Letter sized documents or CD covers. The pricing below is purely for web graphics and does not include the preparation of printable versions, which require the purchase of more expensive high resolution stock photos, additional layout and design, etc. You need anything in addition to the features listed below.
Order one header graphic design.
ONLY $47


You get:
One header graphic designed to your specification The source file in .PSD or .RDW format. Free minor text modifications anytime in future (e.g. you launch version 2 of your product and ask me to add the text "version 2" to your header so you can replace the old one with the modified one, etc.) Matching footer graphic 3 free revisions


Order the X-Combo
ONLY $57

You get 3 cover types with exact same design + matching discs

You get:
Up to THREE 3D cover types with exact same design + up to 10 matching discs (exact copies) or up to 4 matching discs (with minor text modifications) Free reflection effect if required The source file (2D flat) in PSD or RDW format As many different sizes as you want Free minor text modifications anytime in future (e.g. you launch version 2 of your product and ask me to add the text "version 2" to your cover so you can replace the old one with the modified one, etc.) Flat 2D version in as many sizes as you want Combo graphic of all your cover types together 3 free revisions


Order a basic mini site layout
(template only)
ONLY $87


You get:
The header + cover package and all its features Custom order button for your product Custom web page background Custom mini site footer graphic Basic one page HTML mini site template with all your graphics installed on it, ready to edit in your favorite HTML editor. HTML programming or text insertion and formatting is not part of this package. NO enhanced features like navigation buttons in the header, etc. See the enhanced mini site option. 3 free revisions


Order one 3D cover design
ONLY $47

Example (you can order any type of 3D cover):

You get:
One 3D cover of any type designed to your specification Free reflection effect if required The source file (flat 2D) in PSD or RDW format As many different sizes as you want Free minor text modifications anytime in future (e.g. you launch version 2 of your product and ask me to add the text "version 2" to your cover so you can replace the old one with the modified one, etc.) Flat 2D version in as many sizes as you want Up to 10 matching discs (exact copies) 3 free revisions


Order one header graphic with matching X-Combo 3D cover set
ONLY $77


You get:
One header graphic + matching 3D cover graphic All standard header graphic and X-Combo features as listed above Only applies to matching header & cover - non-matching graphics should be purchased separately 3 free revisions


Order an enhanced mini site layout
(template only)
ONLY $107


You get:
The basic mini site template layout and all its features An enhanced mini site featuring shadowing, soft bevels and/or rounded corners to create an increased graphical impact and a smooth, polished 3D look Navigation buttons integrated with your header graphic if desired 3 free revisions
[View a visual comparison between a basic and an enhanced mini site](compare.html)
(opens in a new window)



If you have any other requirements (combo graphics, bulk orders, multiple page mini sites, etc.), please contact me for a free quote.

I look forward to making your product look good!


Nicolaas D. Theron


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