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How to truly maximize your study abroad experience (and do it right...)

Discover the opportunities that await you!
Top tips from successful study abroad students
- What they wish they had known, what you
should avoid and how to maximize your time!

In This Book You Will Learn...

About what's truly possible How to correctly prepare for departure Safety: where to go--and what to do Ways to finance those special weekend trips - Save money on flights, housing, and more... Find out about staying fit--and enjoy the cultural cuisine How to cope with culture shock
Dealing with language barriers Avoiding scams and thieves Dealing with a new classroom environment About making those awesome weekend excursions with friends How to apply your newfound knowledge back home How to truly maximize your study abroad experience ... and more!

You’re About to Discover
All of This Today--

My roommate Sean and I arriving in Shanghai

Even after I arrived in Europe, I had no idea what was truly possible. Sure, there was a lot of freedom, and it was cool to live in Rome, Italy for a semester-- but there is so much more that's available to you, stuff that I really wished I had known about.

Living in another country creates a truly unique opportunity that should be utilized to the fullest. Never again will you be in a situation quite like it--for instance, all my friends and I took trips to Switzerland (to snowboard and go skydiving), Paris, France--Madrid, Spain--Cairo, Egypt--Tunisia--North Africa (for spring break)--Study trips in Taormina, Sicily--Rome, Italy--Istanbul, Turkey--Athens, Greece--a family stay in Trento, Italy--Florence, Italy-- and numerous cities all over Europe, North Africa, Sicily, and the Middle East.

My roommate, Sean, and I even decided to take the confidence we gained while studying abroad and go 'hostel-hopping' in 6 different cities all over China -- We never would have had the skills, knowledge, and confidence required to go off and live in China right after graduation. The crazy thing is -- my roommate and I both revealed to each other that we were the guys who were most apprehensive about studying abroad in the first place! This entire journey almost never happened because we had no idea what were getting ourselves into in terms of maintaining some level of comfort, the constant travel (that we THOUGHT we hated), finding a decent gym, taking the necessary classes, financing the whole trip, etc.--even though my family revealed that if they had tried to do ALL that we did while studying abroad--it would have cost them 10X as much money as we spent! We did all we wanted for a tiny fraction of what it could cost, and we had ZERO regrets. The great thing is ... you can do the same, and reap all the amazing benefits before you.

But you must be committed to do this right for yourself. You need to know if this really is something you're willing to go through with 100% certainty ... so I'll ask-

Should you study abroad?

You can talk to counselors, teachers, and administrators. You can read tons of brochures. But right here in this book you can get the firsthand truth from a guy who did it, and loved every minute of it. Well, almost every minute. I’m Connor, I graduated with a B.S. degree in Psychology from Loyola University Chicago in 2010 and I’m now doing graduate studies in Chiropractic medicine.

Enjoying our own weekend trip to Paris

Ever since I started college, I had been debating with myself about whether or not I should study abroad. I didn’t talk about it much with friends or family because I was a little apprehensive about the whole idea at first. I was excited about living in a place so different from my home because of the places I’d see, people I’d meet, and challenges I’d strive to overcome. However, making this decision was definitely not an easy one.

Just like many of you, I was quite nervous just thinking about all the uncertainties that lay before me. I found myself thinking about all the reasons why I should NOT study abroad. I thought about missing my family and friends. I worried about all the planning, paperwork, and potential obstacles I would have to go through.
I couldn’t help but think about risks involved, safety issues, language limitations, finding decent food, maintaining some level of comfort, and of course… paying for all of it. Additionally, I wondered if I would be able to graduate on time. Would the right courses be available? And would it all be worth it in the end? Back then I was searching for information that would settle my nerves, but I didn’t get many answers I was happy with.

That’s When I Decided To Do My Own Investigation.

I talked with dozens of former college students from different parts of the world, and asked them what they wished they had done differently throughout college. To my surprise, an astonishing 8 out of 10 graduates said they regretted not studying abroad! As we talked, I found we shared all the same concerns- language, curriculum, personal safety and well-being. However I still had the opportunity in front of me, they did not.

In the first chapter, I discuss why my decision became clear to study abroad that spring. If you are interested in making the most of your time, I believe you will relate to my story. However I hope you will develop your own reasons, and begin to understand the potential rewards that await you. I was not always prepared for everything at the time, I was not able to gather all the information I could possibly need, and sometimes I paid for it. All in all, the months I spent studying overseas became the most fun, gratifying, and educational times I could ever have imagined. Making that choice to leave became a decision that has ultimately shaped my character for the better in so many ways, and I know it will do the same for you … if you do it right! I also believe you will continue to discover the full benefits of the whole experience, and the positive ways they’ve affected you for many years to come.

Don’t Miss the Opportunity

My friends and I on a study trip in North Africa

Motivated by my newfound knowledge, I decided to dig deeper and get to the bottom of why so many students had failed to make the decision to go. When I thought about how valuable this experience was, I realized it was a shame that more kids didn’t seize this opportunity. Maybe their choice would have been a lot easier had they known more about the uncertainties ahead, logistical concerns, ways to finance the trips, things to avoid, tips for getting around, and how to make the most of the entire experience.

That is why I wrote this book: to offer students like you the benefit of my experience. I want to help you make your decision to study abroad, and get the most from it. This book covers what you need to do: before leaving, during your stay, and as a bonus, special ways to apply your experience back home.

It’s Not Only About My Personal Journey.

I interviewed other students so you’ll get their advice as well. They will share some secrets about how to avoid making mistakes, and what you should really know when it comes to studying overseas.

When you return, you will find yourself utilizing the lessons you’ve learned in everyday life. I know, because I am still using them to this day on myself. Studying abroad will expand your worldview, help you develop more confidence in yourself, and bring you closer to friends both old and new. If you make the jump, commit yourself to leaving home, and delve into the unknown for a while … there are tremendous opportunities that await you. After reading this book, I am confident you will see that the possibilities are truly endless!

You will get to hear about a particular trip I took at the beginning of each chapter, and by the end you will have all the information you need to not only “get through” your months overseas … but truly MAXIMIZE YOUR STUDY ABROAD. Each story takes place in one of the cities my friends and I visited while studying abroad. I hope this will give you a fresh perspective, and help you think about some of the places you’ll want to visit when your time comes. In the meantime, sit back and relax while I tell you the truth about studying abroad!

You'll also receive my 2 FREE bonus books that will help you fulfill your potential in and out of the classroom, at home, and in far away places! Studying abroad should be about testing your ambition, taking advantage of opportunities, living with passion, and it should all be a process of self-discovery. That is why I am including free Bonus #1-How To Discover your Better Self. Here you will learn about human psychology, and be able apply what you need to enhance any area of your life. You will also receive free Bonus #2- Go More Places, Get More Done: Increase your Natural Energy. Your study abroad experience will require a lot of persistence, focus, and energy. In this bonus you will read stories, tips, how-to’s, and lots more information about increasing your natural energy-- so you can make the most of your time abroad!

My Personal Guarantee to You:

You'll get my e-book, 2 FREE bonus books, and contact information instantly after your purchase (you can contact me anytime with ANY questions you may have),
I am confident you will get the information that will help you along in your study abroad pursuits --

I'd love to be your personal coach, and help you make the right decisions in order to maximize your time abroad, but if after 60 days you are not completely satisfied for any reason ... just e-mail me and I will give you a full refund ... no questions asked. I look forward to serving you, Connor LaVallie

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