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The Sexy Mama's Guide to Money


"Attention all Women!!" Learn the Secret of Money Saving and Money
Making from a Working Mother of Two!! "Easy to read e-book"



I've written this e-book because it was pointed out to me, that I was
always providing advice to my friends, as to how they could save and
make more money. Then one day my husband suggested:

"Hey!.. why don't you write a book about all the money tips and
tricks you've gathered and developed over the years?"

I thought about this for a week or so and then realized... I really
did have enough information to make into an e-book.

I wanted to create a guide that any woman could read, layman or
professional that would open their minds to a common sense, yet
creative approach to saving money and finding ways to make more of it.
The e-book needed to be fun and enjoyable to read, not the usual bore
that finance books all too often are. There's often a stigma in our
society, that if you need to be careful with your money, then you must
be poor and not doing too well in life. In fact it's exactly the
opposite!! It's the people that record and watch what they spend and
who manage to save, that end up truly being the wealthy ones. It's
time to declare that "It's Sexy to be Thrifty!" and not be embarrased
to say it!

Well, 12 months later and after much research, late nights on the
computer, revisions and editing, the e-book is finally ready! I really
do believe there is something of use in this e-book for every woman.

I've created two editions of the e-book: "Mother's Edition" and "No
Kids Edition". I did this because women want different things and are
capable of different things, depending on whether they have children
or not. The characters I use in the e-books as examples are different
e.g. single professional woman vs homemaker with children. So choose
the edition that suits you and take a sneak peak inside and decide for

finance _Two editions - Choose either the Mother's or No Kids
version_ _Look inside (click image to magnify/shrink):_ MOTHER'S

_Look inside (click image to magnify/shrink):_ NO KIDS EDITION

savings _** Free ** Subscription to Vijaya's Video Blog Money
Tips:_ VIDEO BLOGS - watch Vijaya as she provides real life
examples on how to save and make money easily.
SUBSCRIBE - receive an email notification each time a new video
is released on the website.

_Sample Video Money Tip_

Sample Video 1 - Farmer's / Grower's Markets

_e-book Features:_ EASY READING - very easy and fun to read!
as it doesn't follow the normal convention of long-winded boring
Finance books.
FICTIONAL CHARACTERS - the author introduces you to two woman
and their families from different backgrounds, identifying their
financial problems and with each chapter, helping these woman get out
of debt and create more money in their lives.
CHAPTERS - covers such topics as: Changing your mindset, How to
get organised, Recording your spending, Budgeting, Creating extra
cash, Reducing debt, Managing money in a relationship, Money and the
family, Investing your money, Retirement and Professional Advice.
LEARNING AIDS - includes aids to help you improve your
finances, such as: Positive Affirmations, Spending template, Budget
template and a Quick Reference Guide.
PDF FORMAT - e-book is in PDF format, which can be read using
Adobe Reader.
FAST DOWNLOAD - file is approximately 3.2MB in size and
downloadable from an email sent to you after purchase.

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May this book bring you wealth and happiness,

Kind Regards,

Dr. Vijaya Molloy (BDS) P.S. - Don't forget, you have
absolutely no risk in ordering your copy of "The Sexy Mama's Guide to
Money"... if you aren't completely satisfied, just contact me and
you'll get a full refund. P.P.S. - An investment of $USD 9.99
in this e-book, could immeditately start to save you thousands of


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