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      Detective Dominator Chat Logger

Capture keystrokes of chats, emails, IM's and view screenshots of PC activity!
[ ](http://www.detectivedominator.com/overview.htm)

Monitor computer activity with this stealth key logger!

Detective Dominator is a stealth keylogger that will provide the necessary confidence in monitoring PC and internet activity.  Whether you want to monitor your computer while you are away, retrieve lost information, or monitor your children's activity, you've chosen the right key logger software for the job.

It makes for the perfect chat logger, im monitor, and keystroke recorder.  If you own a business, Detective Dominator makes for the perfect employee monitoring software...[Learn more](http://www.detectivedominator.com/overview.htm)

[ ](http://www.detectivedominator.com/overview.htm)

Detective Dominator is a must have key logger software tool for the serious parent, spouse, and professional employer.  You can easily set up the software to record computer activity in which it records keystrokes, websites visited, and programs used.  It also  features a stealth mode to ensure that the computer user doesn't know he/she's being tracked.  You can have it record screen activity by choosing the option to capture screenshots.  In addition to the already advanced features, Detective Dominator contains a built in email engine that can email you a copy of the current capture log at scheduled intervals.  It is set up already to work with gMail, Yahoo, AOL, and Lycos!

[ Complete product review](http://www.detectivedominator.com/overview.htm)

[ ](http://www.detectivedominator.com/detectivedominatordemo.msi) [ Download Demo](http://www.detectivedominator.com/detectivedominatordemo.msi)
[ Capture keystrokes](http://www.detectivedominator.com/capture_keystrokes.htm)
This chat logger will allow you to see what has been typed within an email, chat, and IM.
[Monitor internet activity](http://www.detectivedominator.com/monitor_internet_activity.htm)
View the websites in which your child, spouse, or employee has surfed.
[ Easy to use](http://www.detectivedominator.com/overview.htm)
Set it up to auto-capture at Windows startup while staying completely invisible.
[ Record computer activity](http://www.detectivedominator.com/record_computer_activity.htm)
You can see exactly what has happened on your computer by looking at the captured screenshots it took.
[ Best competitive price](http://www.detectivedominator.com/overview.htm)
Other professional key logger software out on the market is simply overpriced.  Our chat logger, employee monitoring software is less than $30!  A one time fee will give you the ability to receive lifetime updates and tech support.
      [ 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed](http://www.detectivedominator.com/overview.htm)
We are so confident that our 5 star rated key logger software will produce the results that you expect, that we will offer a 100% money back guarantee for a full eight weeks period.  No questions asked!
[ Do you want to start monitoring and recording your computer's activity? Order Now](http://www.detectivedominator.com/order.htm)

 [](http://www.detectivedominator.com/detectivedominatordemo.msi) [ Download Demo](http://www.detectivedominator.com/detectivedominatordemo.msi)


Detective Dominator Keystroke Recorder / Chat logger Software / im monitor / employee monitoring software

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