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Retire To...
The Philippines

Live The Life You Have Dreamed About...

Sandy beaches, beautiful women, sunshine and sea, it all sounds like a dream, well it doesn't have to be.  Learn how, regardless of age or income, you too can have it all.....



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"Don't spend years trying to save for a better future, have the life you always wanted.  It's yours for the taking!"

Dear Friend


Are you unhappy with your life, do you feel that change is essential and don't know where to begin?.Perhaps you are over fifty, your family are dead or living miles away, your wife has done a disappearing trick or died and quite frankly your lonely and fed up with your lot. Your future looks bleak and really all you are waiting for is death.  All you think you have to look forward to is getting older and less able to look after yourself.

Well your life doesn’t have to be like that and I am going to tell you how you can turn your life around big time..[ How do I know? Because my friend, I have done just that](http://www.graphixkit.com) I was in that very place myself just a year ago, and what worked for me will work for you as well! 

I will in this book, tell you my own story and suggest how you can turn your life right around into a brand new version doing the same thing I have. I will even offer one to one assistance if you need it, free of charge. My contact details are included.

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Some Features In This Book Are....


Cost of Living ...the real truth

While everyone knows The Philippines are a wonderfully cheap place to live, this book will tell you exactly what my expenditure is and how far your currency will go here. 


What To Expect When You Arrive

Nobody wants to arrive in a foreign country and not know what to do. I will tell you how to establish yourself here and how to integrate and befriend the local population.


How To Find A Companion

Before you move or visit The Philippines you may  want to find a someone special. This can be very frustrating if you don't know where to look.  I will show you how to find the  perfect girl to live your life with and how to ensure that you both are happy here. 


Prosperity And Life

I will  show you how to live your life to the full here, and explain in detail all aspects of living in The Phillipines, and don't forget, I offer FREE person to person advice.

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Just $27



This is not just another book, this indepth guide is all you will need to live in The Philippines now! It is not a 10 year plan, this is a life changing experience and all that is needed is for you to take action.  Don't wait any longer,  take control of your life!  
Have you closed your eyes and imagined....
The sound of the sea on sandy beaches. A beautiful girl holding your arm. An Idylic tropical island
Having enough cash to buy everything you wanted.

This indepth guide will help you understand what it really means to be alive! Throw away the restraints of your wallet, here you can be free to experience life and save.  Allow yourself this freedom and live as you are supposed to. In beautiful surroundings and people who will welcome you with open hearts. Also included in this offer are my personal contact details, FREE access to my experience and If you like, I will personally guide you in all aspects of Filipino life.!.  

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Check Out These Amazing Bonuses ...

Bonus One


i am offering you, my valued customer, my personal contact details, and I will be available to you to help you with all aspects of Filipino life.
If you need any assistance in all aspects of Filipino culture, be it legal, medical, civil, or even how to find a Filipino wife, I will help you. This kind of assistance does not usually come cheaply, but I am offering you as a valued customer an opportunity to really understand and discuss your new life in the Philippines for FREE !

Bonus Two


I have also set up a forum on this site so that many people just like ourselves can discuss all aspects of retiring to The Philippines. I will be moderating this forum personally and along with other ex-pats will offer advice and assistance if you need it. 

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[]I Am So Confident That You'll Love My Product I Offer A 30 Day Guarantee ...

Check Out My Unquestioning Refund Policy

If for any reason you are not entirely satisfied with your purchase, I will gladly refund you the cost. 

If you have any Questions either contact me at cllr_tony@yahoo.co.uk or through the product forum, the link for which can be found at the top of the page
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