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That electric thrill you used to feel just by being in the same room doesn't have to be gone forever. It's amazingly simple to bring back the passion in any romantic relationship, whether you've been together 10 months or 10 years! You can be the one that's on his mind all day, every day -- have a more romantic relationship, more sex, and be as happy as the day you first started dating.



RE: The Passionate Relationship YOU Deserve

From: David Bloom


Dear Woman of Romance,


Even picture-perfect "story book" romances eventually start to fade. The day-to-day routine sets in, responsibilities take over, and things can get... well... boring.

Sometimes, it's years down the line. Other times, it's only weeks or months into the relationship when things start to feel less than exciting. 

It can be difficult to feel "sexy" when you're dealing with the daily grind of work, bills, outside responsibilities, and everything else you have to do in the course of the day.

It's also hard to feel sexy when you're dealing with mountains of stress, whether that's from work or some other situation in your life that's bringing you down. 

And make no mistake about it, whatever it is that is bringing you down is also bringing your relationship down.

If you aren't looking forward to spending time with him like it's the best moment of your day, can you really think that he would feel any different than you do?

And if you love him, don't you deserve to have the kind of passion that was there when your relationship first took off? 

Maybe you want to put that special spark back into your relationship, but you just don't know how.

After all, it was easy when you first started going out - all you had to do was be near one another and the passion "just happened".

Or maybe it was those long nights spent apart, longing for one another that made those times when you could be together seem that much more arousing and exciting.

Either way... finding your way back to that passion can seem next to impossible.

You may have even tried a few things (sexy outfits, setting up a "date night", etc.) and they didn't work out as well as you wanted.

Maybe the circumstances weren't right or maybe the mood just wasn't what it could have been. Regardless, if you tried once and were unsuccessful, it can be that much harder to try again. 

But you have to try again, if you want to do more than just "settle down" into a predictable routine that may leave him (and YOU) feeling bored and unfulfilled.

The longer you let passion fall by the wayside, the more dissatisfied you both will be.

And that can lead to arguments, more stress, and if things get really bad... the end of the relationship.

Think back to when you first started dating. Remember how every touch was a secret thrill, and how you couldn't wait for there to be more between the two of you?

Every kiss, every touch was like foreplay (because it was foreplay) and when the two of you had sex, it was absolutely amazing...

But more than the great sex, I'll bet you were just plain happier overall.

The first blush of any new relationship is filled with so much happiness and energy that even the worst problems seem to be no match for your new love affair.

Having great sex is definitely a part of that though - you just plain feel better when you're with a lover that satisfies you in bed.

So I want you to imagine having that back again.

The secret thrill of anticipation when it's almost time for you to be with the one you love, the warmth and excitement of just being together, and the incredible sexual tension that made your lovemaking into something special... you can have ALL of that back again, and much easier than you think.

You see, there are a lot of ways to "spice up" your love-life, but probably there is one method that is almost absolutely guaranteed to have him wanting you as much as the first day you met.

And that kind of wanting translates into the attention, the affection, the satisfaction you crave in your relationship right now. I'm talking about a method that:

Gets Your Man Thinking About YOU
Makes Your Love Life Feel Exciting Again
Builds Instant Passion and Attention
Can Make You Feel Sexy and In Control
Will Have Your Man Wanting You Whenever You Want

"He Can't Get Enough Of It!"

Me and my boyfriend were going through a dull moment in our sex lives, we weren't doing it as often and intesely as in the beginning of our relationship. Out of curiosity, I tried your guide: now he can't enough of it! And to be honest, the same is true for me! I never thought dirty talk could be so fun and exciting!

Helen P. Nottingham, United Kingdom

It's no secret that men are very visual creatures: we get excited by beautiful women, sexy lingerie and skimpy bathing suits all the time.

But that doesn't leave most women with many options - after all, you can't dress in lingerie 24/7 to keep your man excited.

But there IS something that any woman can do to drive her man crazy, no matter what she's wearing or what time of day it is...

All any woman has to do in order to drive her man wild is this: Talk Dirty. 

Now I can hear you saying "But David, I feel silly trying to talk dirty to my man. I never know what to say!" My beautiful fianc

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