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Delaware Defensive Driving, Inc.

State of Delaware Approved Online Defensive Driving Course
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Customer Testimonials

“I really enjoyed your Delaware Defensive Driving course...I must admit this was the most interesting course of all the ones that I have taken.”
Sue M. - Newark, DE

“My husband and I took the Defensive Driving Class given by the D Team at the Modern Maturity Center and we want you to know that it was without a doubt the BEST class we have had yet! Bob is a FANTASTIC instructor...He educates with precision.”
Leona H. - Camden, DE

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This State of Delaware approved defensive driving course is now available online 24/7. It was created specifically for Delaware drivers and will reduce your auto liability insurance by 10%-15% for a full 3 years, plus you will receive a 3-point credit on your DMV driving record.

“In these difficult times, there is no reason any Delaware driver should not take one of these inexpensive courses when the benefit is a significant decrease in their insurance premiums.”

Insurance Commissioner Karen Weldin Stewart - January 13, 2010

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