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" Discover How I
DOUBLED MY MONEY every month
Using My Proven Sports Betting System!"


This is the System I Use to Doble My Money
Every Month Betting On Sports!
(YOU Don't Need Sports Knowledge Or Betting Experience!)


Check out the results from just one of my betting accounts...

In October 2010 alone I've banked in $14,293.81. Look!


This is Real MONEY that can be withdrawn. Look!



"Did I get your attention yet?
Hold on, it gets even better!

My Friend,

I’m a fanatical sports enthusiast who has practically never missed the big game.
I specialize in ice hockey. It is my passion.

Years back I found the perfect hobby to combine both my lifelong passions of sports and statistics in the fascinating world of sports betting. Over the last 4 years I’ve spent countless hours exhaustively researching the sporting database in a pursuit to develop
the ultimate foolproof sports betting system.

I wish I could have just 10 minutes to personally sit down with you, face-to-face, and explain to you why the current ice hockey seasons, as well as all the seasons thereafter, hold an absolute goldmine of an opportunity for you!

Several times each month, I’d place bets on the particular teams that have exceptionally high chances of betting success.

" Do you want to know more?"

Here's a sneak peak at how I spend my typical day:

I bet online only. Every morning I spend 2-3 hours analyzing scores and statistics, rosters and news.

I bet ONLY if I find a match that falls under betting criteria of my foolproof system.

The rest of the day I do nothing!

Ok, not exactly nothing :)
I like to drive my new Audi R8. This is me by the car:


Repeat over again at step 1.


How does doubling your money every month
for barely lifting a finger sound to you?

" Just imagine for a second what it would
be if YOU can have this kind of a lifestyle!"


Now, what if I tell you that you're just one minute away from being able to explode your income doing everything I can and more - starting as early as this week!?



Dennis Lloyd Hallman is an American professional mixed martial artist from the U.S. state of Washington. He has appeared in many fight organizations, including UFC and Strikeforce.


He wrote me this touching letter below after he joined my betting system at the beginning of the 2009-10 season:


Just imagine, your entire 10-minute "work" process each day is as simple as:

Check your email daily for my picks.

Log into the bet website and select bet(s).

Lay back and enjoy!


" You can create an extraordinary income...
in far less time than what you could ever dreamed possible!"


Once you join me in my private winners circle, nothing on the planet will become as easy and simple to make such amounts of earnings for so little time spent - regardless of your location, regardless of your knowledge or experience level!

Get on board with me, and you can take the shortcut to sports betting prosperity!

My cutting-edge sports betting system applies to the NHL and European ice hockey. Sure, there are numerous sporting leagues, but my studies have never shown a consistent winning formula for most of these other leagues.

Anyone can promise to make you money, but the proof is only in the results. My impeccable betting record is a shining testament to just how incredibly powerful the system really is!


Here's what you can expect from my sports betting system:

I can double money every month.

A few minutes a day is all you need.

You need zero betting experience.

You need zero knowledge about ice hockey.

You need zero knowledge about any sports in general.

You need zero knowledge in mathematics or statistics.

You need zero technical and computer skills.

This betting method is completely ethical and legal.

You can do this from any part of the world.

" Before you begin thinking about how much my betting system will cost you,
I want you to first think about how much my
betting system will make you..."



You can fund your account even if all you have is $1,000, or $500, or $100, or even less.

That means with a starting bankroll of $500, you're going to try and win just 20% of that, or $100, on your first bet.

And if you are to continue to do that over the course of a sports season... can you take a wild guess on how much money you would have turned that $500 into?

$1,000? $2,000? $5,000? Try again!

My betting system can double money every month each season. That is 7 months every year! And if you had just $500 to start with from the beginning of a typical season and betting patiently to win just 20% of your roll on every bet... here's how your fortune would look like at the end of the season:


Bankroll before the bet
Bankroll after the bet

This calculator is only to be used as an example of figures that can be potentially earned. The results from this calculator are not typical or guaranteed.



Can you just imagine what kind of money you would amass if you had $1,000 to start? Or $5,000? Let me tell you, your dreams are closer than you've ever thought possible. This one small investment is the answer you've been looking for that will pay you for the rest of your life again and again in amounts you can't possibly even begin to imagine!

How much do you earn a week at your job? How would you feel if I tell you that by tomorrow, you could be making all the income you'd have earned in your entire week of work by just spending 10 minutes of your time betting on sports under my system?

Jump on board with me and you can start as early as tonight!

Access my system today and you can earn back the cost of the system on your very first bet! As soon as you gain access to my betting system and before you even place any bets at all, feel free to test my system.


My system is available to
a limited number of buyers.
Once that number is reached, I'll close access!



YES, I want to
Sign Up Right Now!

1. I want to secure one season membership to MySuperBets.com immediately!
2. I understand that this betting system can double money every month of the season.

3. I understand that I will be receiving betting picks from you and that my membership will expire at the end of the season.

4. I also understand that I have absolutely no further obligations or monthly fees to gain access to your picks that will be delivered to me.

5. I'm aware that this purchase is 100% risk-free for me because if for any reason I am not completely convinced that your betting system is everything as you've said it is, then you'll give me my money back.




The $199 price is guaranteed to you for only the next 48 hours.
After that, I simply can't make any promises!

Your order will be fully secured through Clickbank, the world's largest online retailer.

The ice hockey season
is happening right NOW!



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