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Potty Training Your Toddler

Your little one is growing up so fast, it seems like just yesterday
they were born and now they’re about to take the plunge into the
realm of Potty Training.

If you’ve had challenges in that department before or if this is
your first child then it can be a little daunting knowing how to even
start your child off potty training and how to know if you’re on the
right track. I mean, your toddler didn’t exactly come with a set of
instructions did they? Maybe not, but we can help you out with that.
Before you can begin potty training you first need to know if your
child is ready.

Knowing if your child is ready is as crucial a step as any on the
path to successful potty training. Why do I say this? Because looking
back on your own childhood, was anyone ever able to successfully teach
you anything when your heart wasn’t in it or if you weren’t even
remotely interested? It would have been very difficult. I know from my
own experience that I don’t learn when I don’t want to and you’d
find that’s pretty much true for any person on this earth.
Toddler’s are no different.

If they’re not at the point where they want to be potty trained
then it won’t happen and trying to work your way around it won’t
help either or worse yet, can cause your toddler to regress and
dislike the very notion of potty training. This can set you both back
for a few weeks or months before you can get back on the proverbial
potty training horse.

So rather than deciding that your child is ready to potty train, why
not let them decide? You’ll only have more success in the long run
and a more pleasant experience for both you and your toddler.
Toddlers are intelligent beings and they often know instinctively
when they’re ready to start potty training. I have a simple little
checklist you can use right now to help you determine quickly and
easily if your child is ready for potty training. Usually when
children exhibit one of more of these behaviors, it's a pretty
accurate indicator.

Display increasing independence? Do they tend to get restless and
uneasy if their environment around them changes?, for instance do they
get upset if their belongings or toys are moved from where they left

Show a growing interest in the toilet? Do they ask you questions
about it? Are they aware of their bladder and alert you when they have
to go to the bathroom?

Pull their pants up or down unassisted. Do they want to do things
more and more by themselves?

Let you know when they are about to go in their diaper as well as
after they've gone?

Stay dry during the night or during naptime during the day?

Believe it or not, potty training can be a traumatic time in the life
of your toddler, this is because their world as they know it begins to

Up until this point all they’ve ever known is that when they go
potty it’s in their diaper and it’s mommy or daddy’s job to take
care of it.

For that system to change and to start going in the potty is by their
definition a “life altering” event and can leave your toddler
feeling insecure with the possibility of regression.

So if you’re ready to take that next step with your toddler and
want to make this important transition as smoothly as possible then
you need to know how to go about POTTY TRAINING YOUR TODDLER.

Because we know that each child is as unique as their own fingerprint
we know that there are no “one size fits all” solutions for every

So instead of presenting you with a one and only potty training
method that may or may not work for your toddler, we’ve given
suggestions and methods that address different issues. Because in
reality there will never be just one perfect solution.

There’s something for every parent so that if you come across any
of the situations and scenarios that apply to your toddler, you have
the solution right there at your fingertips. You won’t be left
hanging or guessing what to do next and be able to ensure that your
little one’s transition goes as smoothly and as easily as possible.

You have the most complete and comprehensive information you'll need
to successfully tackle the task of potty training once and for all.

You'll know that when you begin potty training that your child is
well and truly ready.

Your toddler will have the positive reinforcement and encouragement
they need to want to continue with potty training and actually look
forward to it.

You'll save money in diapers you would have otherwise purchased and
newfound extra time when you no longer have to change your toddler's

All of these tips and techniques work because they are based on real
results from real people. Real parents who have struggled at some
point in the potty training stakes and discovered what worked for
their own children.

Amidst all of this advice, you’ll find what works for your toddler.
Taking a relaxed approach is good when it comes to potting training
your toddler yet you can’t be too relaxed that they don’t have any
kind of structure, it’s important that you have the right balance.

A structured schedule establishes a pattern and trains them to
recognize the signs for when they need to go the potty. This is a new
skill that requires thought and practice before it becomes second
nature. And this is what you’ll learn and much more with Potty
Training Your Toddler.

Don’t be left to guess or wonder if you’re on the right track.

Here Are Just A Few Valuable Pointers You'll Receive With The
Potty Training Your Toddler System

When The Right Time Is To Start Your Toddler Potty Training, Notice
How I Said "Time" - Age Is Not Really An Important Factor In The
Success Of Potty Training

How To Deal With Regression So Your Toddler Will Get Right Back On
The So Called Potty "Horse"

How To Know When To Back Off To Give Your Toddler The Space They Need

The Negative Words To Avoid Using That May Cause Your Toddler To
Regress And Put Them Off Potty Training Altogether

How To Give Praise To Your Toddler So They'll Look Forward To Potty

The Best Supplemental Tools And Resources Available At Your
Fingertips To Assist You With Your Training Potty Activities

When To Use Or Hold Off On Bribes - How To Use Them As An Effective
Potty Training Tool

How To Hold Your Toddler's Attention And Make Potty Training Fun So
They Won't Lose Interest

and lots more…

How Soon Is Too Soon To Start Potty Training? - Recognize The Signs

Get the complete list of behaviors to help you determine if your
toddler is potty-train ready. This will help you avoid the mistake of
trying to start them off before they’re ready and ensure you have
the best possible success.

Tips To Help Prepare Your Child For
Potty Training

Get your toddler in the right mindset by familiarizing them with the
bathroom environment in preparation for the potty. Find out buzz words
to use and to avoid for the best results with your child.

Should Rewards Or "Bribes" Be Offered In Potty Training?

How to use bribes or rewards to positively encourage your toddler.
Knowing when to use rewards will give your child incentive to use the
potty, make it a fun experience and give the potty a purpose rather
than a mundane necessity.

How To Give Praise To Give Your Toddler Positive Encouragement

This is a vital ingredient in the success of your child’s potty
training. Praising your toddler not only builds their self esteem but
it’s also a great motivator to use the potty where they’ll want to
use it voluntarily.

Is Your Toddler Regressing?

Find out the several factors at play that can cause your toddler to
regress. Regression is a normal part of learning and growing and your
toddler can easily regress when it comes to potty training. Learn what
you need to do should the situation ever arise and how to overcome it.

PS - Not only do you get the insider tips to Potty Training Your
Toddler but think of your toddler's independence when they're able to
take themselves to the toilet without any help. This is one of the
major milestones in life they must transition through and helps them
to build confidence in themselves.

What about the benefits of potty training for you?

Think of the time you get to enjoy when your little one no longer
needs their diaper changed several times a day, freeing up more time
for you.

Imagine the extra money you'll save on diapers each week, month or
year? It's phenomenal how it can add up to some serious savings.

Even paying for pull-ups adds up to a pretty penny each week.

I'm sure an extra $20 per week in your pocket could make a
difference. It doesn't sound like a whole lot but that translates into
over $1,000 per year spent on nothing but diapers alone.

With that perspective, would an extra $1,000 per year make a
difference to your family financially?

When you grab your copy of Potty Training Your Toddler, you will
receive it just moments after you order as a digital eBook download.
You can order any time of the day or night, even if you order at 2
o'clock in the morning anywhere in the world.

All you need is Adobe Acrobat to read your eBook, if you don't have
the latest version, don't worry you can get it from us. Order your
copy now.

I can only offer you the best information that I can, based upon what

This information is based on all of the tips and strategies that have
worked successfully for countless moms and dads all over the world and
this is bound to be the key to potty training success for you too.

Because every toddler is different and unique some points of advice
may work better than others but at the end of the day you have an
effective, proven potty training system available in your hands to
successfully potty train your toddler.

I want to remove any doubt about buying this system. This is why I
want you try out the Potty Training Your Toddler system for a full 60
days, that’s two full months.

Give this information a try, test it out and if you’re not 100%
satisfied for any reason whatsoever, just send me an email within 60
days of purchasing Potty Training Your Toddler and I’ll promptly
refund your money.

No questions asked. How does that sound? You have nothing to worry
about and nothing to lose, only to make this experience a positive one
and a smooth one for you and your precious toddler.

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PPS - You can try to guess your way when it comes to Potty Training
Your Toddler but wouldn’t you rather have a proven system at your
disposal to refer to and to help painlessly guide you through?

Why waste hundreds of dollars in books that don't work and tons of
hours of wasted time and energy scouring the internet for the
information you need when you can have it right now in your hands?

If you plan to have more children, this is a great investment to
refer back to time and time again. Save money, time and guesswork by
getting your copy now, an investment that pays for itself.

Everything you will ever need to successfully potty train your child
is right here.

Grab Potty Training Your Toddler today, you’ll be glad you did.

To your amazing success,
Allan Young
Potty Training Your Toddler

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