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Hi, My Name is Louis Reznick, D.O.
You will love this fascinating journey into the world of
I have been in family practice for 27 years. I suffered from osteoarthritis, lumbar spinal stenosis, & scoliosis. I was forced to learn to deal with low back pain & joint stiffness or retire. The secret is not drugs or weight loss,although they are at times necessary, but EXERCISE, also called physical therapy.
I taught Family Practice at Wyckoff Heights Medical Center in Brooklyn, New York for 10 years &
won awards for teaching & still have medical students in my office.
Also, Doctors that were students of mine, still come to my lectures because they love my MNEMONICS & so will you. My Mnemonics will make you laugh,learn, & earn practical useful information on your topic of interest, in this case, Pain Management.                 
My MNEMONICS will take you on a Fascinating journey into Pain Relief.
So sit back & enjoy the journey, Because it's Fun To Learn By MNEMONICS.  
The Price is Nice & Painless-$25.00

If you have any questions, my email is [louisreznick@aol.com](mailto:louisreznick@aol.com)
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