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Isn't it time you finally discovered how to live your life without hemorrhoids?

“An Open Letter to Anyone Who Wants Effective Home Hemorrhoid Treatment Guaranteed to Provide Permanent Hemorrhoid Relief... Forever!”

Stop Suffering from the terrible itching and burning down there! Let me walk you through the exact same step by step system I used to get rid of my 6-year chronic hemorrhoids in less than 7 days and show you how I managed to prevent them from ever coming back.

Date: November 9th, 2010
From: Gary Walsh

Dear Hemorrhoid Sufferer,

It’s terrible, isn’t it? Having to live with hemorrhoids (or “little monsters”, as I call them) day in and day out, feeling completely helpless and hopeless in finding a cure…

Well if you’re sick and tired of having to deal with crippling itches, blood in your underwear and eye-watering pain then take 5 minutes to read this page…

I want to share with you the story of how a 6-year chronic hemorrhoid sufferer finally found a hemorrhoid home treatment that actually worked and provided permanent hemorrhoid relief.

Sound impossible? Keep reading. I know this story well, because that hemorrhoid sufferer was me.

Throughout most of my life I had hemorrhoids now and then – it wasn’t much of a problem and although they were “uncomfortable”, they didn’t interfere with my life too much.

Like most people, I’d usually just wait for them to go away and sometimes I’d smear some Preparation H on it, but I’m not sure that made much of a difference. They seemed to go away on their own with or without creams.

As I got older the hemorrhoids started getting worse. They came more frequently and became much more painful. Sometimes they would bleed and soil my underwear.

But the worst of it was the itching, burning pain. I remember times when my wife and I were entertaining dinner guests and I was literally wincing in pain under a phony smile, desperately trying to conceal it from our guests.

I was forced to excuse myself at least three times to go to the bathroom where I would furiously scratch my painful hemorrhoids and hold a wet cloth on them for temporary relief from pain that almost had me in tears.

It was enough to get me by for a small amount of time, but less than 10 minutes later I couldn’t take it anymore and had to run back to the washroom.

When I started losing sleep because of the pain I knew I had to do something about it.

Do you have any idea what’s it’s like to be a grown man, teary-eyed with pain, soaking his behind in the bathtub at 3:30 AM while your wife rubs your shoulders?

I knew I couldn’t live on like this.

So I did what most people do in this kind of situation… I went to the doctor, again. I was presented with a few options, none of which sounded the least bit appealing... Banding, surgery, expensive creams I’d already tried, laser coagulation, hemorrhoidectomies, and more…

Honestly these options frightened me. I wasn’t happy with any of them so I went to work on researching other options… I talked to herbalists, naturopaths, participated in a lot of message boards on the internet, desperately looking for anything that might work…

And what I found was astonishing… There is so much you can do for hemorrhoids that you doctor either doesn’t know or simply won’t tell you.

I was skeptical at first, because I wasn't a firm believer that Mother Nature provided us with all the plants we need for basic health.

But the results amazed me. I was able to actually get rid of my hemorrhoids and finally spend (at least most of my time) pain free and hemorrhoid free!

However there was still a problem. Now that I figured out how to cure the pain and get rid of the hemorrhoid, I still had to figure out a way to prevent them from coming back.

But with more research and more testing, I figured that out too and I have been hemorrhoid free ever since.

It was quite a journey for me, but what does this mean for you? It means that it was too good for me to keep to myself, so I laid out all my techniques and all my research into an easy-to-read, easy-to-follow, step-by-step system for people just like you!

Introducing my new ground-breaking hemorrhoid treatment system…

“Hemorrhoid Freedom : The 3-Step
Hemorrhoid Home Treatment Program”

- Not Sold in Stores -
([Why Not?](faq.php#75ss))

Let me tell you in a nutshell why Hemorrhoid Freedom is your healthiest, best choice for hemorrhoid treatment.

Hemorrhoid Freedom is a step by step guide that took years of research, time and money to create. It is based on all my knowledge of hemorrhoids and outlines the same simple 3-step hemorrhoid home treatment system that I used to get permanent hemorrhoid relief.

Step 1: Relieve the Burning & Pain of Hemorrhoids

Step 2: Get Rid of Your Hemorrhoid

Step 3: Understand Why You Get Them, and Prevent Them From Ever Coming Back!

Sound simple? Well it sure wasn’t’ simple to figure out. If you’ve ever researched hemorrhoid treatments (which I’m sure you have) then you’ll certainly agree that there are TONS of people offering a huge number of different treatments, each claiming to be what worked for them.

But what I found to be the most important step to finding permanent hemorrhoid relief was following a series of steps that I have broken down here into a 3-step system.

“It’s not enough to try this or that – You need to do things in the right order without skipping anything”

The real secret to permanent hemorrhoid relief is following this 3-step system -- especially Step 3 on preventing them from coming back.

Hemorrhoid Freedom is more than just a solution – it’s a complete resource on hemorrhoids and what to do about them.

With this guide, you will…

Discover a safe and natural way to get rid of hemorrhoids and prevent them from ever coming back!

Learn 5 ways you can treat the burning, itching pain of hemorrhoids from the comfort of your own home (p. 22)

Special treatments directly aimed at people suffering from a sensation of tearing of the muscles in the affected area with rectal pressure (p. 22)

What to do if you have the symptom of persistent pain, like a splinter stuck permanently in the rectum or anal region. (p. 27)

All about hemorrhoids and pregnancy. What to do if you’re a pregnant woman suffering from hemorrhoids. (p. 14)

Save yourself a lot of wasted time and money learning which herbs work and which don’t.

Learn how to get the most out of western medicine’s hemorrhoid treatments. (p. 16)

Discover secret Chinese herbal treatments for hemorrhoids – some of these are shockingly effective… Why don’t we pay more attention to these hemorrhoid treatments in the West? (p. 38)

Learn the real reasons for what causes hemorrhoids – and I’m not just talking about the usual “lack of fiber” mumbo jumbo (p. 44)

Discover the 4 food items you should cut back on if you’re suffering from hemorrhoids. (And don’t worry, I’m not going to say you have to completely stop eating or drinking the things you enjoy.) (p. 46)

Make sure you’re getting enough of the right Vitamins – all explained on pages 52-53.

This might amaze you, but your hemorrhoid problem could come down to how you use the toilet! This eye-opening information is all on p. 59

Traditional Treatment #5, on page 18, is so simple I can’t believe this isn’t recommended more often. This one little nugget on information can prevent the return of your hemorrhoids forever!

And that is honestly just a fraction of what will be revealed to you inside the pages of Hemorrhoid Freedom.

If you're looking for hemorrhoid home treatment then this is the guide you've been looking for!

This guide has been put together using my own experience and from reading dozens of medical journals, scientific studies (all of which are referenced in the book), from speaking with other hemorrhoid sufferers, and a lot more.

Imagine the increase in your quality of life without having to suffer from hemorrhoids!

Won't that feel great?! You bet it will.


Hemorrhoid Freedom is Better
Than Anything Out There

We've research all the hemorrhoid treatment programs available on the internet and we can say without a doubt that Hemorrhoid Freedom is the most up-to-date, powerful guide you're going to find! Where a lot of the other programs out there contain very general "health" tips, Hemorrhoid Freedom is all about treating hemorrhoids from the comfort of your own home. (Don't say I didn't warn you!)

This book is jam-packed with information and research you're not going to find anywhere else. It is very easy to read, easy to follow, and has exactly what you're looking for in a solution.

When I went through the process of trying to find a cure for hemorrhoids, I spent several hundred dollars on trying to find a solution -- that's money I would have much rather spent on other things.

I know the information in this guide is easily worth $97 because even at that price you would still be saving tons of money by avoiding the costly alternatives -- not to mention the time it will save you.

But when put together this guide for the internet and make it available to people all over the world, I decided it should be priced so that it's not out of anyone's reach -- so I decided to make this guide available for the one-time cost of only $47.

But also... Since this is a brand new product (release on November 1st, 2010) I only have a few testimonials from people who have implemented my solution.

So in an effort to try to secure some more testimonials from internet customers just like you, I am offering Hemorrhoid Freedom to you at the discounted price of only $29.97. This is a time-sensitive offer that cannot last long -- soon I will have to raise the price to $47 where it will stay.

** Now Only $47 $29.97 **

Special Offer Valid until midnight on Friday, November 12th, 2010 (That's tonight!)



In exchange for this low price, I only ask that you send me a nice little testimonial when you've gotten the hemorrhoid relief you crave. (No, you don't have to.. but I hope some of you will.)

Let me ask you this: is $29.97 worth it? Is it worth $29.97 to be free from the pain and suffering that hemorrhoids brings into your life?

Actually, all you have to do is compare that price to the alternative of going to a doctor for expensive and ineffective remedies and you will agree... Yes, it's well worth it!

But if you're still not sure, let me put you at ease by offering you a 100% Money Back Guarantee...


When you order your copy of Hemorrhoid Freedom, you are covered by a 60-day money back guarantee. If you find my step by step system doesn't work for you then simply contact us and your money will be refunded in less than one day.

I'm willing to take all the risk because I know you will be so happy with the results of this guide that instead of contacting me for a refund, you'll be contacting me to tell me how wonderful you feel now that you are hemorrhoid-free!

~ Gary Walsh


Why Wait? Order Your Copy Right Now!

YES, Gary! I want you to show me exactly what to do to get rid of hemorrhoids forever!

I understand that Hemorrhoid Freedom: The 3-Step Hemorrhoid Home Treatment Program is an e-book that I can download instantaneously after I've completed my purchase. (Nothing is shipped to you so you don't have to wait!)

I also understand that my order will be processed instantaneously and risk-free through Clickbank. (You can also use PayPal if you want. Read the payment page carefully.)

I understand that I am one of the lucky ones who's receiving Hemorrhoid Freedom at a temporarily reduced price of only $29.97 and if I return to this website after midnight on Friday, November 12th, 2010 (That's tonight!) that the price will be $47. (Don't miss out!)

I also understand that I am protected by a 100% Money Back Guarantee if I'm not 100% satisfied by the information contained within Hemorrhoid Freedom.


All orders processed securely using industry-standard 128-bit SSL Encryption

Let me sum this all up for you quickly...

Nobody needs to suffer from hemorrhoids. They are itchy, painful, frustrating, and have a negative impact your life. I know from personal experience that finding effective treatments is very difficult.

Imagine the increase in your quality of life if you didn't have to suffer from hemorrhoids ever again. That benefit alone is easily worth $29.97.

Taking a chance on Hemorrhoid Freedom may just be the best decision you've ever made! I've laid it all out for you and all you need to do is follow the steps.

Now's the time to take action and solve this problem for good!

To Your Success,

~ Gary Walsh

P.S. When I set out to write this book my goal was to create the best hemorrhoid home treatment program on the entire planet!

I sincerely believe this is the most well-researched, well-written, easy-to-follow hemorrhoid treatment program you're ever going to find.

Hemorrhoid Freedom is the answer -- I guarantee it.

If you have any questions please [contact me](contact.php) -- your email will be answered within 24 hours.

- Not Sold in Stores -
([Why Not?](faq.php#75ss))

Step by Step Instruction on Hemorrhoid Home Treatment

67 pages of valuable information (no useless filler)

Instantaneous e-book download (so you don't have to wait)

Free Customer Support! (Get your questions answered)

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed (or your money back)

(don't miss out!!)


All orders processed securely using industry-standard 128-bit SSL Encryption



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