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According To Reuters 200 Million People Are Going To Be Shopping On Black Friday This Year. DO NOT Let Them Get The Red Hot Door Busters Before You!
Tampa, November 1st 2010
RE: Tremendous Savings, Beat The Crowds
From: Arnold Bell

Dear Friend,

Unlock The Secrets That The Pro's Use Year After Year To Snatch Up The BEST DEALS Of The Season And Save MASSIVE Amounts Of Cash.

This is your opportunity to finally learn how to shop Black Friday like the Pro's do. How would you like to get the very best prices of the year on the hottest items of the season? I can show you how to finish your holiday shopping in hours instead of weeks while enjoying the largest discounts of the year and scoring the most coveted door busters.
Proven And Tried Strategies, Tips And Tools That Show You How To Beat The Crowds That Will Save You Hundreds Of Dollars!
Find Black Friday Ads WEEKS Before They Are Published In Your Local Newspaper, Allowing You To Compare Sales. Plan Your Shopping Day And Save! Discover sale items that are at such low, low prices that retailers can't publish them in print! Learn how to be at the right places at the right time to score all the door busters you want! Tips to make your shopping day enjoyable and stress free while avoiding the crowds. Tools allowing you to effectively and efficiently plan your shopping day along with information on how early you need to arrive at each store. The ONLY method that guarantees you will get every door buster that you want! Tactics that allow you to finish your holiday shopping in hours instead of weeks saving you time and money!
Here Are Some Small Excerpts From Black Friday Secrets Revealed.
These are not the complete chapters, only a sample for your enjoyment!
Chapter 2 - Tips

Never Shop As A Group

I know it is more fun to shop in groups. You get to have your conversations, catch up on things and maybe even spread a little bit of gossip. As stated above, Black Friday is not about shopping. It is about grabbing items you have already decided to purchase. Shopping as a group is going to slow everyone down (unless you use the Guerrilla Tactic covered in chapter 8). It will be harder to get through the crowds and I guarantee you will lose each other while in the store. DO NOT TAKE YOUNG CHILDREN WITH YOU!!

Never Make A Mall Your First Stop

There are too many people and not efficient and typically speaking, standalone stores have the best sales.

Do Not Try To Find The Closest Parking Spot To The Store

There are a couple reasons why you should never park as close as you can to the front doors of a store.


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