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Excel Keno Wheel PRO!
The ONLY Number Wheel Generator SPECIFICALLY Designed for 20-CARD

Welcome to Excel Keno Wheel PRO for 20-Card Keno

First things first: LET'S CUT THE CRAP!


Let me say that again. No one can GUARANTEE you will win on ANY keno
machine with ANY "magical" pattern or system they claim they have

Anyone that claims to have a 'Winning System' is full of it. The
casinos were built on people losing..and believe me, they have
invested countless millions of dollars making sure that you can not
win...at least not over a long period of time. Sure, you can get lucky
once in a while and hit a big payout, but the longer you play, the
more likely you are to give it all back.

Now. With that said, while I can't _GUARANTEE_ you will win big - I
can show you how you CAN GREATLY IMPROVE your chances. So, Let's talk

Keno offers some of the worst odds in the casino. But - because the
odds are high, the payouts are also high when you finally do hit. You
can win up to $500 on a single nickel bet. Not many games can say
that! Granted, the odds of hitting say, 7 out 7 - which pays 7,000 to
one, or $350 for a nickel bet - are 40,978 to 1, but it does happen,
I've done it many times. What you can do, is take advantage of the
multi-card keno that allows you to play up to 20 cards simultaneously,
playing different numbers on each card, and having the machine's picks
apply to all cards at once.

For instance, let's look again at the 7-spot. If you just pick 7
numbers and play one card, your odds of hitting all seven numbers are
almost 41,000 to 1.
But let's say you pick 14 numbers, and play 20 different 7-spots
within those 14 numbers.
Your odds of hitting 7 numbers out of those 14 are only 49 to 1.

Now, just because you hit 7 numbers doesn't mean they will all be on
the same card. But, if you manage to hit 8, 9, or 10 numbers in that
group of 14, then your likelihood of matching all 7 on one card
dramatically increase. Not only that, you could very well hit 7 on
more than one card..plus several 6 out of 7's, 5 out of 7's, etc..
making for an even bigger payout!

Okay - so you're sitting down at the keno machine and you want to
play 20 different 7-spots. How do you know which numbers to pick? Do
you pick rows, or columns? blocks of 3's or 4's? I've seen and played
all kinds of groupings and patterns but the bottom line is...it
doesn't matter.


This gives each number an equal chance.

Now with some patterns, it's easy to spread your numbers evenly, like
playing all 7-spots in a block of 8 numbers. There are only 8 possible
ways to do it.
But if you want to spread 20 7-spots across 14 numbers..it gets a
little tougher. That's where my keno number wheel generator comes in.

What I've created is an automated Excel spreadsheet that allows you
to pick the numbers in your pattern simply by clicking them on the
keno board.
Then you tell it how many cards you want to play, and if you want
5-spots, 6's, 7's, etc. and the program will automatically fill in a
grid of 20 cards, labeled 'A' throu 'T' - with all of your picks used
an even number of times throughout your pattern, with no duplicates.
Then you just hit 'print' and it prints out a handy little 'cheat
sheet' for you to take with you to the casino and mark your numbers.

Sounds simple, right? Well - basically, it is. There's a fair bit of
programming code behind the scenes making it happen, but the idea is
pretty straight-forward.

I've also made it so it will show you all possible combinations
(permutations) of a given group of numbers from a larger group. For
instance, all 56 possible combinations of 5-spots from a group of 8
numbers.. just in case you want to pick your own. Or you could even
use it to wheel lottery numbers!

Yes, there's also a sheet that shows the payouts and odds. But the
real nuts and bolts of this thing is that it is a useful tool to help
you maximize your chances of winning by evenly and accurately
spreading the numbers out within your pattern. After you try it a few
times, you'll be hooked! It just takes a few seconds to mark a new
pattern, then hit 'Start', and VIOLA! Each card printed out with which
numbers to mark. No mistakes. That's the simple beauty of this
program. It lets you choose your own numbers, pattern, whatever...and
then wheels those numbers evenly for you and prints it out on a nice
little sheet that fits in your shirt pocket! I have several
pre-printed when I go to the casino; 20 5-spots in 9 numbers, 20
7-spots in 13, 20 8-spots in 15, etc. Then, when you feel like
changing your numbers, just pull out a new pattern from your pocket
and you're ready to go! No guessing.

Now if you search the internet for keno strategies, wheeling systems,
whatever..you'll find them going for free (which are worth exactly
what you pay) to over $200! Which only give you their wheels that
they've come up with, that I promise are no better than the ones you
can make with my Excel Keno Wheel PRO! So how much? Only $20. That's
it. 20 bucks. Not '$19.99 - I hate that. $19.99 IS 20 dollars! So
let's just keep cutting the crap and call it 20.

As an added bonus I'll also show you my favorite money-making 5-spot
patterns that I have made a LOT of money with. And that's not all...
If you purchase now, I'll also include my Excel 20 card keno game - -
run multiple game simulations, track statistics and more. For example,
play 1,000 consecutive games of your pattern, and the stats page will
show you how many times each card hit what. Like how many times you
hit 4 out 5, or 5 out of 5, or whatever.

It will show you which cards were profitable and which were not,
letting you test several scenarios to determine you best overall odds
before you ever drop a nickel in a real machine. I'll throw that in
FREE! So you'll not only get my Excel number wheel generator, but
you'll also get my 20 card keno simulator...

All for only $20! Click the link below now to purchase with either
PAY PAL, or major credit card, and you'll immediately be given a link
to follow to instantly and securely download the files.

Still not convinced? Okay...but this is it.. I'll also throw in my 4
card Keno simulator. Same as the 20 card, but only 4 cards...run
simulations, multiple game scenarios, track statistics, odds, payouts,

Now - you'll not only get my EXCLUSIVE Excel 20 Card Keno Wheel PRO -
but I'll also throw in for FREE my Excel 20 Card Keno Simulator, AND
my Excel 4 Card Keno Simulator... All for only $20! Click the link
below now to purchase with either PAY PAL, or major credit card, and
you'll immediately be given a link to follow to instantly and securely
download the files.

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