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Nobody Told Me Getting Sponsors Was Gonna Suck This Bad!!!!
"I'm Gonna Show You How I Landed $21,000 in Sponsorship Commitments for My Race Team


Discover My Simple Method's That Anyone Can Use To Land Great Sponsor's And Get The Funds That You Need To Take Your Racing To A Whole New Level!

Hi There,

My name is Jason Cadwell from and I appreciate you taking the time to educate yourself about getting sponsored.

I think you will find that If you want to make a name for yourself in the world of racing, you HAVE TO compete.

But if you want to compete you HAVE TO have money.

And this is EXACLTY why getting good sponsor's is CRUTIAL to your success!

      So if you are tired of scraping together your own money for every single event and every little cost...

      If you are tired of missing amazing opportunities because you just don’t have the funds....

      If you are tired of watching other racing teams beat you simply because they have the sponsorship, the money and the backing...

Then it’s time for you to discover the simple method to attracting and landing one or multiple sponsors!

It doesn’t matter WHAT type of racing you are involved in, I can show you the exact steps that I used to land over $21,000 in racing sponsorship...

      Go Karts

      2C Motocross

      Off Road Trucks

      Hobby Stock



      Sprint Car

      Dirt Late Model

      Asphalt Late Model

      World of Outlaws



      Freestyle Bikes




      Or ANY X-Games Sport

Are You Ready to Make Your Racing Team Irresistible To ANY Sponsor?

Really, getting a sponsor has nothing to do with your racing talent and everything to do with marketing.

And that is just the cold, hard truth.

You could be the best racer in your area... but if you don’t know how to market yourself to sponsors then you are never going to get the money you need to reach the next level.

You MUST be able to grab the attention of a potential sponsor, you MUST be able to convince this sponsor to back you, and you MUST be able to explain all the benefits the sponsor will receive.

And that is exactly why I am willing to help you. I am going to give you the advice, the information and the secret tricks that will allow you to land sponsor's faster than you ever imagined.

With help, you are going to be able to...

      Stop wasting your own money on events, entry fees and dues!

      Get the equipment and the gear that you need to REALLY compete and WIN!

      Start looking – and acting – like a real, professional racing team!

      Become a dominant force and intimidate all your racing competitors!

      Put yourself in a great position to be noticed by a national, professional sponsor!

Your Racing Team Is Finally Going To Claim The Respect That They Deserve!

With the right sponsorship, everyone is going to start taking your racing team seriously! You are going to get respect from your friends, your family and your competition!

You are going to finally start seeing your dream come true.

And you can do it all with my new book, “How I got $21,000 in Sponsorship Commitments for our Race Team in Just One Season”.

In my new book, I am going to lay it all out there for you... all the information, all the tips, tricks and all the secrets like this :

I am going to focus on relationship marketing (something that NO ONE else bothers to tell you about).

I am going to tell you exactly what you need to know to build relationships with potential sponsors. 

I am going to explain to you – in complete detail – everything you need to know to get a sponsor to join your team.  

And I am going to give you the step-by-step method that will have sponsor's excited and eager to sponsor you and HAPPY to give you THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS!

With “How I got $21,000 in Sponsorship Commitments for our Race Team in Just One Season”  you are going to have everything that you need to go from NO sponsors and NO prospects to having THOUSANDS of dollars in the bank.

Can You Really Continue To Race Without  Sponsor's??

I don’t have to tell you that the cost of racing is going up every single day. It’s not just the entry fees and the equipment... there are TONS More Costs As Well.

And all these little costs really start to add up over time.

Most people can’t afford to constantly invest in their racing team by themselves because the costs are simply TOO MUCH........ And then something bad starts to happen...

      You end up skipping events because you don’t have the money...

      You end up “making do” with equipment that isn’t top-notch...

      You end up sacrificing your personal success – and your dream – just because you don’t have the funds.

But you don’t have to deal with this financial burden anymore!

You can instantly remove the 1 thing that has been holding you back all this time!

And all you need to start racing like a pro and start taking your team to a whole new level is my new book... “How I got $21,000 in Sponsorship Commitments for our Race Team in Just One Season”.

So Why Should You Listen To Me Anyway??

 Did I Really Have Results Or Am I Just Full Of It??

Here are my results...........

Year 1: Here is what my car looked like when I first started in Racing....As you can see No Sponsor's!!

Year 2: We're getting there we had a couple sponsor's that year. Still didn't know what I was doing to obtain good sponsors.

Year 3: This was a good year, we grabbed a lot of Sponsor's that year and still had over $10,000 of sponsorship dollars that year.


(Picture Taken at Local Mall Car Show)


Year 4: This was our BEST Year Ever!!  This was the year we got "Over $21,000 in Commitments"


(Picture Taken at Local Mall Car Show-Inside)


(Picture Taken at Local Mall Car Show-Unloading)

Ok.......So I am not showing these to brag, but I want you to understand that we struggled in the beginning but we adapted the principles I teach in my book and had great success!!  

 So What's Inside this Book......

The Book has 67 Pages, and is comprised of 16 Chapters of Information:

Some of the topics covered are:

Sponsors.....Who They are & What They Want

Where to find Sponsors.......The easiest way to find them

How to Treat your Sponsor So Well they will never leave you.

And my Favorite & MOST Powerful........Relationship Marketing!! 

[Click Here To Buy Now](http://1.dirt53.pay.clickbank.net/)


You CAN Master Relationship Marketing and Secure the Sponsorship of Your Dreams!

Believe me, with the RIGHT information and the RIGHT steps you CAN master relationship marketing and secure THOUSANDS upon THOUSANDS of dollars for your racing team.

And you can even use these same strategies again and again – to secure multiple sponsors or even a MAJOR, PROFESSIONAL sponsorship!

Really, with “How I got $21,000 in Sponsorship Commitments for our Race Team in Just One Season” the sky is the limit!

Look, if I can get over $21,000 for my race team... I KNOW you can too!

Really, it’s easy when you have the secrets, the short-cuts and the step-by-step instructions that make getting a sponsor a breeze.

And you are going to get it all with “How I got $21,000 in Sponsorship Commitments for our Race Team in Just One Season”!
Customer Testimonials....................

"Your Information Has Helped Me Get 3 Sponsors!"

Jason, your information has helped me get 3 sponsors plus more potentials on the way! When I send you my pics you will see how your info has helped me get the advertisers I need!!


Wade R


THANKS JASON  your get sponsored info has been a great help thanks.


David C

Just Imagine Your Racing Team Finally Getting The Respect And The Recognition That It Deserves...

Everything that you need to take your racing team to the next level is all right here in this one powerful book.

In “How I got $21,000 in Sponsorship Commitments for our Race Team in Just One Season” you are going to uncover the expert secrets, the time-saving short-cuts and the step-by-step guide that will give you the confidence and the know-how to land thousands of dollars in sponsorships.

Just imagine being able to get the new, professional equipment that you need to really compete – and WIN – every contest.

Just imagine rising to the top of your division and grabbing the attention and the spotlight of everyone!

Just imagine being able to do what you love – and have someone pay for the dues, the fees and the costs!

Just imagine finally being able to see your dream come true.

Well, it’s time to stop imaging and start making your dream a reality!

With “How I got $21,000 in Sponsorship Commitments for our Race Team in Just One Season”  you have the opportunity to get the sponsorship that you deserve and take your racing team to a whole new level!

And I am so sure that these tips, these simple steps and this amazing information will work for you that I am going to GUARANTEE your success.  


My “Silver Bullet ” Guarantee


I am so sure of your success with this program I guarantee it 2 ways . . 

Guarantee #1: If for ANY reason you are not completely satisfied with my Book "How I got $21,000 in Sponsorship Commitments for our Race Team" even if you don’t like the look of the cover,  return it  any time in the next 60 days for a full, prompt refund and I will insist you keep all my bonus gift for you FREE just for giving my Book "How I got $21,000 in Sponsorship Commitments for our Race Team"  an honest evaluation. Fair enough? There’s more…

Guarantee #2: Simply implement just ONE of the Sponsor Getting strategies inside "How I got $21,000 in Sponsorship Commitments for our Race Team"  and If you don’t profit at least FIVE TIMES your investment in the course in the next 60 days, I will send you a refund promptly.


[Click Here To Buy Now](http://1.dirt53.pay.clickbank.net/)


"But Wait There's More.....!!! 

When you purchase "How I got $21,000 in Sponsorship Commitments for our Race Team in Just One Season"  you are also going to receive A HUGE Bonus!!!

As a special Bonus for Buying my book I am going to give you a COPY of the ACTUAL SPONSORSHIP PROPOSAL that I used to get over $21,000 in sponsorship commitments.

This is a HUGE BONUS.......I have never seen ANYONE give away their proposal.  Sure everyone will tell ya they can "Make One For You"  but they sure don't give them away for FREE!!

This Bonus alone is worth $1000's but you will get it FREE with the purchase of my Book "How I got $21,000 in Sponsorship Commitments for our Race Team in Just One Season"

Plus Email & Video updates  from yours truly that will keep you up to date on the my latest tips for gaining those Valuable sponsors....  


"So What Is It You Really Get???"

So here is what you get in it's entirety.......

You get a total of 3 Valuable Items


1.  "How I got $21,000 in Sponsorship Commitments for our Race Team in Just One Season"  E-Book edition- 65+ Pages of Information!!  This book covers many topics and reveals the secrets I used.  This book is easily worth $397 alone!!

2. Get Sponsored Today Sponsorship Proposal......This is a COPY of the EXACT PROPOSAL (Minus the Contact Info) that I used to  Generate over $21,000 in Sponsorship Commitments.   This will be ready for your to change and implement to your program immediately!  This is easily a $597 value

3. Get Sponsored Today Newsletter.  Get valuable tips & secrets via email newsletter.  Value at $97  If you haven't subscribed yet.... [Click Here](http://www.getsponsoredtoday.net) to do so now!

You are getting 3 products with a value of over $1000!!   This is a huge package and such a great value.  You will not find more content jammed packed into one place.....EVER!!


Hear What Others Have To Say.........

"I Appreciate Everything That You Have Done For Myself and My Race Team"

Jason,  I just wanted to take the time to thank you. Ive been pounding the pavement pretty hard trying to get some advertiser dollars. Have had a few phone interviews so far and maybe something will come from that. I appreciate everything that you have done for myself and my race team. You have shown me on how to meet and greet with future advertisers. I would like for you to send me a decal of your logo so that I can put it on my racecar.

Tyler R

"Your Approach Seems To Have Actually Given Me A Good Start"

Hey Jason

 I have been reading every email you have sent me these past few days and have been
organizing all my contact lists and my ideas. I actually wanted to let you know that the very first email I sent out using your approach seems to have actually given me a good start will a big resturant owner here where I am from! So thanks again and dont worry about going over the 7 days Ill contiue to read them as long as you send them to me!

Thanks again


Brad B

"OK Jason, I'm SOLD... I Know I NEED to Buy This Thing... But What's It Really Gonna Cost Me?"

We pondered this for long time.....I mean the value here is so HUGE!!

Lots of price figures were thrown out such as $399/$349/ $299 ect.  

I know I could charge that kind of money and GET IT no problem!

But here is the problem, I know most racers do not have that kind of money to throw around.  

PLUS.....I want to help as many people I can here!! 

I want to get this into as many peoples hands as possible!! 

I am so convinced that what we have here can help so many people I am gonna sell it CHEAP!!

I am gonna give you easily over $1000 in value......NOT for $297, NOT for $197.......

I am going to let this go for only $47 for a limited time.

Yes , only a 1 time payment of $47 you get over $1000 worth of content.

If you can't get $47 worth of value out of  this then it is time for you to give up on Sponsors, cause it ain't gonna happen.  The Racing  Business,  may not be the right place for you!!

 [Click Here To Buy Now](http://1.dirt53.pay.clickbank.net/)


"Now It's Time To Act"

Now it's on you.......You have read my story, you've seen my results buy using these strategies 

I have paved a way for you of what to do.  You have a choice......You can stay frustrated, broke, and never succeed in getting the sponsorship results you want.  Or you can make a choice to get off your butt and do something about your situation.   

It's up to you....Make the right choice for you and your race team.

"What If........."

The information you can learn here could have that missing link that you have been looking for.  


All you need is that  one little nugget that will give you your own "Ahh-hah Moment". Which could get you that sponsor you need.


I'm right...... Which I am!!  Don't go through the hell I've gone through.  Read my book, implement the principles and you will have great results!!  You can be successful and you WILL be successful.  You have an opportunity to learn from a proven system, take it and run with it.

"The Proposal is Done and on it's way Everywhere!"

J, thank you SO much for all your help and for this program! The proposal is done and on it's way everywhere!


Bry C

"When We Are Ready to Seek Sponsorships, Your Advice Will Be Used."


The information you provided in the newsletter was a real inspiration. There is now doubt that when we are ready to seek sponsorships, your advice will be used.


C. Hall


 Order Here

Yes! Jason . . I Desperately Need This Inforamtion to Keep My Racing Program afloat!!  I want this information so I can learn to 
Generate a Large Sponsorship Portfolio!! Race for FREE!! Save my Family Budget!! Time to quit spending your own Money on Racing!!
Cost is Normally $77.....

But Now Only a 1 time payment of $47  
[Click Here To Buy Now](http://1.dirt53.pay.clickbank.net/)

Jason Cadwell

P.S. Don't forget about our Full 100% Guarantee!! There is no risk to you, I have taken all the risk onto myself because WE KNOW this product will help you.

P.P.S. This pricing WILL only be available for a short time.  Again we are testing prices and the price will be going up!!


Yes! Jason . . . "I know this is the last chance to order."

I want this information so I can learn to: 
Build a Powerful Sponsorship Proposal Find and Keep Sponsors! Be a great asset to my sponsors!
Cost is Normally $77.....

But Now Only a 1 time payment of $47

[Click Here To Buy Now](http://1.Dirt53.pay.clickbank.net)
  You can contact us at jasoncadwell@live.com if you have other questions. 

All products are delivered in PDF format!

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