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"Every parent wants the best for their child regardless of the situation, but many times we aren’t properly prepared when introducing our children to new things."

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This eBook was written specifically for those parents who are looking for an alternative activity to share with their children. With all of today’s current distractions it has become increasingly difficult to find a way to get your child out from behind the computer and away from the television. This book offers you the resources to now make that possible!

In addition to finding these activities it’s also been difficult to find one that falls within all of our budgets. The perfect solution, teach your children the joys of fishing. The bonding formed in the early years can lead to a lifetime spent together.

Start catching fish with your kids right away after a little preparation.

Being a founder of a large fishing community website, I have heard many stories about the first time a parent took their child fishing.  More often times than not, the tale is of misfortune.
"After fishing with my child for two years he asks me to teach him how to catch a fish without having to use live bait. He saw a professional fisherman on television and said he wanted to learn how to fish the real way. I had no clue. I wish I had read this book previous to taking him out for the first time.”

“I didn't know that there was so much preparation needed before I took my child fishing for the first time. There are also safety concerns to be aware of as well as how to handle certain situations that will invariably come up during our outings. If we were better prepared we could have avoided all of these issues.”

“After taking my child fishing a few times they decided they didn’t enjoy it, and never wanted to go again. Now I’m finding it difficult to get them interested in any other outdoor activities.”

This book will teach you to avoid these issues and give you and your child a lifetime of fishing memories. In addition to the memories, your child will want to spend more time with you. Don’t pass up this opportunity.

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A Few Ways That Teach Your Kids To Fish Can Help:
How do I keep my child from getting bored? - This can lead to a very short outing. What do I have to be aware of in regards to safety issues? - Your child's safety is not taken lightly. How do I make the transition from live bait to artificial? What types of fish am I likely to catch? How do I tie a hook to the line? -  Simple and easy to do. How do I find good locations to fish? - To catch the fish, you have to know how to find them.  That often times is part of the fun. How do I properly handle the fish we catch? - And Much More!


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