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How to beat acne for life without antibiotics or medications
a true story of a former acne vulgaris sufferer with happy ending
by Balint Haui

--Why should you not think that this is only another scam about healing your acne and why should you trust me? For two reasons:

A: I am NOT a dermatologist.

B: I don't know how serious your acne is but mine was so bad I lost my job because I could not face anybody ...

--Stop suffering from one of the biggest scams set up against acne sufferers by the beauty products and ‘anti acne’ products industry 

--Why your dermatologist wants you to believe that acne bacteria is the public enemy

--Why the cosmetics and drug industry wants to keep the real cure for acne a secret

--How I accidentally discovered what acne is and how to stop it for life WITHOUT ANY DRUGS OR MEDICATION

--Why taking antibiotics for acne is a big no-no





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