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Veteran woodworker finally reveals...

"How To Build Your Own Custom Chicken Coops In One Weekend Using These Proven, Step-By-Step Plans... Guaranteed!"

Copy This Entire Set Of Blueprints & Build Your Own “Dream” Chicken Coop At A Fraction Of The Price Of A Store Bought Coop!

From the desk of John White
Woodworker & Professional Architect

Dear Friend,

If you are looking for the perfect chicken coop to house your chickens, or are interested in keeping chickens as pets... this may be the MOST important letter you’ll ever read!

Here’s why: As a professional architect and woodworker for the past 20 years, my chicken-rearing friends have often asked my advice on building the “perfect” chicken coop for their precious fowls.

These chicken enthusiasts came to me with a long list of demanding requests for their coops... such as:
Sturdy construction durable enough to withstand predators and harsh weather Fashionable design that looks good in their garden, yard or barn... NOT something that looks like an amateur woodworking project! Practical for the avid chicken owner, easy-to-clean with easy access to the eggs Fun for the chickens to live in, with plenty of space for them to roam and roost
My friends were disappointed by the high prices and limitations of store-bought coops and wanted me to design something for their needs. That was when I put on my woodworker’s hat and studied some of the existing chicken coops on the market... only to realize that...

Most Ready-Made Coops Are
A Complete Rip-Off!

“As a backyard chicken trend sweeps the country, hatcheries that supply baby chicks say they can barely keep up with demand. Do-it-yourself coops have popped up in places as disparate as Brooklyn, suburban Chicago and the rural West…a deep current of economic distress underlies the chicken boomlet, as people seek ways to fend for themselves in tough times.”

You see, most “ready-made” coops are shipped or sold to you flat-packed. They are nothing more than a few pieces of cheap wood cut to the right dimensions, packaged with a couple of nails for you to put everything together.

What infuriated me more was the price these guys were asking for a ready-made chicken coop. They were charging thousands of dollars for material that could be easily obtained for under a hundred dollars at your local hardware store... yet you still had to do the hard work of “assembling” it!

And if you did not like the size or dimensions, there was no way for you to change it to your liking.

Little wonder all my friends were asking for a better chicken coop!

I put on my architect’s hat and went to work...


WARNING: Do Not Buy Or Build Any Chicken Coop Until You Read This!

First, I spoke to friends who actually reared chickens, whether for fun or for a living. Not those woodworkers who could only “imagine” what a good chicken coop should look like. My chicken keeping friends really understood the challenges of building a good chicken coop, and the best environment for their chickens to thrive.

Next, I went to work drawing up blueprints for an ideal chicken coop based on their feedback. If their existing chicken coop had a flaw in its design, I wanted to know “why” so as not to repeat the same mistake in mine.

It was definitely weird at first... since it was my first time designing houses for these feathery little inhabitants. But when everything was finally done, we...

Invited The Chickens In For A Stay!

You really don’t know how good a house is... until you move in for yourself!

Since then, these chicken keeping friends of mine have provided more feedback that allowed me to tweak my designs further. While an architect hardly gets to change the houses he designed... the blueprints for chicken coops can be easily improved upon because they can be built so cheaply!

Soon after that I had another problem...

I Was Getting Swamped With Requests To Build These

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