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You're about to find out exactly how someone like me who, 5 years ago could barely use his own email, started up with a friend at a dead end job to create an easy 15$k plus a month system... and now I'm handing you the exact same blueprint.

Read EVERY SINGLE WORD, because this will change your life...

From: Colin B. Merry

Location: NY, NY


Dear soon to be internet profiteer,

Imagine finding a breakthrough business system that generates at least a couple hundred dollars every day.

Next, imagine making that kind of cash in just a few minutes a day.

Finally, imagine doing that without having to spend a single dime.

Just about everybody's finances have been under the gun over the past few years, Even right now many jobs which seemed so secure are under real pressure, and its scary.

More than ever people need to find a way to supplement their daily income and take as much of that heat off themselves as possible.

By now, you've undoubtedly heard of people making money, and we're talking full time incomes, from the internet. But is that something that can really happen? For you? Right now?

Lets look at this a bit closer.... the internet is an incredibly massive arena where every single day hundreds of millions of transactions take place, the potential is really overwhelming.

Back to the real point here: Can YOU do this?

I don't care if you've tried to make money online before or you haven't, I only care to tell you that it is absolutely possible, YES.

You Don't Have To Have To Have A Website.

You Don't have To Have Your Own Products.
You Don't Need Any Past Experience !!!
Just listen to me for the next few minutes and I'll show you the quick and most painless way to get to where you want to be.

I've been striving at online business since 2005, but it didn't come overnight for me. After years of frustration, this breakthrough system has changed my life in ways you can only imagine.

But hey, guess what, as of right now, the secret's out! You're about to see there is no MAGIC to this, I'm not a sorcerer or some coding genius. No, I just had a will and a desire to do better. Be better, enjoy life for me and my family.

You've probably already seen that there is a ton of information out there on how to make money online, an ebook, a cd, a webinar, even coaching, the internet is totally saturated.

Unless you get extremely lucky, you could spend years - and thousands of dollars - before finding something mediocre, let alone the gold you've been looking for.

What's more, that's assuming you haven't given up, lost motivation, run out of time and money long before then. In no way is it a sure thing.... unless you know what you're doing.

Of course, there are a few legitimate sources out there providing decent information, but how do you even go about sifting through everything else out there to find something worth your while?

If you're already in the full-time family and work schedule, how do you go about putting more time and money into something to get your position from bad to good...without burning through your savings?

Say you stumble across the "next big thing" from the "biggest guru" out there, its so special its going to make you filthy stinking rich faster then you can even wrap your head around it.

All of a sudden, you're in and you see that the system just isn't quite as special as they made it out to be. Or plain and simply, the techniques don't work they way they were advertised.

So of course your first attempt loses time and money. You start panicking.

You give it another go, and again, and again. But after only so many failures, you have no idea where to turn, what to do, or what to make of what you've been told. You end up counting your losses pretty ticked off.

All you were looking for is something that will actually work.

A lot of you have spent hundreds, if not thousands already on make money products and services. If you're not careful by the end of this year you'll probably have wasted another couple hundred, or worse, thousands on useless ebooks that just throw you to the wind.

What's worse you're going in feeling like it probably wont make any money for you.

Believe me, I know exactly what that feels like, that feeling of being so unsure of yourself its painfull.

I've been there and done that: PPC, SEO, MLM, CPA, blogs, links, Adwords, Ezine ads, Free ads, hell even Ebay....

You see my point.

Unfortunately people are still blindly making the same mistakes today.

I'm not going to stand here and tell you that our methods are a magic key to the city or a winning lottery ticket. I can tell you right now there is NO such thing as instant, effortless online profits when you are just starting. I've been around the game long enough to tell you that, even knowing what i know.

But you have to understand something:

You CAN succeed in making a real living online. Its so cliche and been said so many times before, but you can really Kick that day-job to the curb and trash that alarm clock you hate so much working less than 67 minutes a day...once you get the entire formula working for you.

....the truth.... It's NOT as hard as you think or as hard as its made out to be. You just need the right direction and knowledge to put your focus into.

Yea yea, ok so i've told you you can change your life through online profiteering....

That's great and wonderful and all, but I know you're asking yourself something pretty practical...

"What gives me the right to sit here, look you in the eye, and tell you that you're going to make great money online?"

It may be unbelievable, but a few years ago I could barely use my email properly.

I'd never purchased anything online, never had it in my head I could make money online. I just didn't trust the internet and all the horror stories of people getting caught up into it.

Even right now, millions in revenue and several years later, I don't consider myself any kind of special Guru or genius. When I first tried my hand on the web, I flat out struggled.

There were so many things going on and so many things I seemingly needed to learn that I came so close to giving it all up and heading back to school more than a few times.

But then... "It" happened. Something clicked, the puzzle came together and what i'd been seeking for years, came through a radical breakthrough.

Something that even right now is incredibly effective and never dies.

And you don't need tons of money to throw into this, in fact you don't really need any investment cash at all. When I tell you that I created my online empire from literally $50 that is NO exaggeration.

ONLINE FACT: No traffic = no business

if you don't have traffic, you will not make any money. It doesn't matter if you have the world's best product, the best conversion rates, or the best design...

Without traffic. nothing else matters. You are a deserted island, no one knows your there and you will NOT make a cent.

This is what real traffic, consistent traffic, gets you... and for free...

A lot of "gurus" will tell you to start with paid traffic methods, like PPC, or even banner advertising. Yes ok, this was good advice 2 or 3 years ago, but today its not so good.

Paid traffic is expensive, and its getting more expensive every day because of the amount of competition and how many of these big companies are using paid ads.
Paid traffic is HARD. and getting harder every day, Google slaps, quality scores, increased competitions, or how about google recently just banning over 35,000 paid advertisers for no reason.
You have to pay for it, and not only that but Paid traffic is declining ...Rapidly!!!!
What do I think? Google is squeezing out the little guys and only wants to work with the big guys.

This is why getting legitimate FREE search traffic is so crucial. In 2006, 20-30% of all google searchers clicked on a sponsored results (adwords)

today that # is down to 2-5%!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So for all of the sponsored results, all the ads across the top, they are just not clicked on . they are all fighting for 2-5 % of clicks. (and its dropping 12-15%) every year.

Now, factor in the increased cost and competition, all to be fighting over less clicks.

Banner blindness has become Adwords blindness: Heat map studies have been done online, where what people are looking at is monitored heavily. Notice, today banner ads are completely ignored essentially, and this has been known since early 2000's, it peaked and never really returned.

NOW... we have Adwords Blindness. It used to be adwords didn't look like ads. Now, that is not the case. The ads at the top get a little viewing, the ads on the right side get almost nothing anymore.

Consumers know what are paid ads and what are not, that is why they are looking at the natural search results.

Right now on google the top block of companies are fighting for 2-5 % of paid clicks, the top ads will get 2-3% while the right side fights for 1-2%... ouch that can really hurt your campaign, even kill it.

41-45% are clicking on the top listing, the #1 organic listing. If you have that you get 10-20x the clicks

#2 gets 11-18%, while the #3 listing gets 7-15% of clicks.

But here is where it gets even more interesting, from link 4-9, they get about 2% of all the clicks.

To put that in perspective, if you are bidding on #1 and paying for clicks, well the unpaid spots 4-9 on the page are getting the same amount of clicks.

Even more the #10 spot gets 3-4% of the clicks, because of late triggered click response.

This should make you angry if you are paying for ads, and scared because its only getting worse.

All the traffic is shifting from sponsored (paid) to Organic (free) clicks...

clicks are shifting from paid results, down to FREE

Traffic is going organic and you should too... or risk waking up one day to find that there is more competition, your traffic will cost you more and you'll be fighting for less clicks.

Fortunately, get organic free and long term clicks of Perpetual Traffic, is what this system is all about.

Its really only about 3 major things, the Working Triad

Content - a reason for people to come to your site, articles, content, on site optimization.

Links - links from other websites pointing back to your site. Google treated links as votes to your site, but its not as strong as it used to be. Therefore the 3rd variable, only added AUG 2010.
Activity!!! Not only is it important to get traffic to your websites, but it should also be the correct traffic. So, naturally people should interact with your promotion or site.
You need the complete ranking TRIAD

Anything prior to Sep 2010 is going to lack the newest priorities for online perpetual traffic.

Content and Links, they're your ingredients, what you have to have to make the recipe. Activity though, is the heat that allows you to cook. If you don't add the cooking you don't get the finished recipe. Like building a cake, one missed ingredient can spoil the whole thing.


Understanding the Triad is NOT enough, because you have to know the sequence and proportion to making this work. Finding the balance of link building, content, activity, without having too much or too little, its completely about striking the balance.

Well, to be very cliche..." I walk the walk". I have businesses in multiple different markets, from information high end products, coaching, software, but unlike most of the so called gurus who can only keep spouting their 'marketing bliss', I own and operate international businesses selling both information and physical goods alike. (I'm way ahead of my time and way ahead of the curve).

I have access to the best and brightest in the internet marketing and SEO world. We've worked together, they've followed me, i've followed them and we've combined our consistencies to produce this perpetual form of traffic development.
Googles own actions back me up, no matter if they say it or not. I have had top placements for high paying keywords, without spending a cent, when the competition is literally spending $2-$13 per click. While they struggle to break even, I pull consistent profits and dominate the market, did you see my proofs? That's not a joke, that's what autopilot google traffic does, day in and day out.
There is little doubt that this traffic system works...


How can I say that?

Well, i've tested this across a broad spectrum of markets, from small ebooks to major consulting firms and everything in between. With the same consistent free traffic for high paying keywords.

It comes down to simple mathematics.... can you solve this: 1 + 1 = .....2

We all know that, so what does that mean to you?

Simple, the formula works, every time without fail. Once you know the formula, the sequence the balance, once you execute the steps in the right order and in the right proportion you will succeed, no matter the level of competition.

that is exactly what you're getting, you are getting THE formula...

The fact that you are still listening to me or are still reading, proves to me you are seriously interested in making this happen for real.

The EXACT working formula I use no matter what niche you are in, or what niche you're trying to profit from.

Several weeks of high level video based training from myself as well as my team, (so NO ONE gets left behind)

I'll also give you everything to cut down work time, you'll get templates, sales pitches, syndicated content, etc. Everything that you've had so much trouble figuring out in the past.

Plus the tools to get the links and build the content and activity for your sites. Not spam, NO black hat, its such a powerful tool that you can hand this off to anyone who can read and follow a simple step by step direction, and I mean anybody.
I don't want to just teach you how to do this, yes that is the point, but these internal tools used by myself and my team alone will be passed to you, because I want you to see how this works faster then you ever thought possible.

Three reasons:

1. I'm not worried about competition, actually i encourage it. First of all you've got to beat my team, and hey we're pretty good at this. But these markets are so huge and the potential is so big, saturation is all but impossible, its NOT about "beating" one another.

2. Yes, a profit would be nice, but really i'd just like to recoup my own investment. The price of the education to learn how to do all of this was over $200,000, in cash and training courses, consultations, software, making investments, making new products, failed experiments, and most of all TIME.

3. Making money is nothing new to me, i've been in the game for 5 years and it truly gives me no better pleasure than to actually see somebody benefit from my training.

It takes time and diligence to get any formula down properly and it sure isn't easy from the start with no training whatsoever.

This is the most valuable training out there, more than copy writing, web design, etc. There are people charging thousands, plus hotel fees, and travel expenses for an incomplete formula, or just a hint at what is really going on. Its just NOT FAIR.

Ok so say you want to do it all on your own, or have one person who knows what to do teach you? Some 'gurus' will only look at and analyze your site for $20,000- $40,000... just to review your site.

Another marketer I know, $7500 minimum to get even just in with him, no clicks, monthly fees based on your clicks, even if you get zero, you still pay $1000 a month. This just doesn't seem right.


That s' because those who know, those who have the 'golden key' know that perpetual traffic is free traffic for life. Meaning a working and profitable business for life. You never have to worry about traffic again!

So what would you expect to pay to achieve perpetual traffic?

Courses, seminars, they go into the thousands without even giving you a full formula.

Well, what do you get here?

Completed working formula: valued at $4000....really, this is priceless...

access to my team for 8 weeks: valued at $2000

Bonus: hard copy of how to import and how to manufacture, bigger business, not just information products , and believe me this is something worth thousands, but lets just say valued at $1000
Total value easily: upwards of $5-10,000

Obviously, i'm not going to charge you $15,000, or $10,000, or $5,000, or $2,000, or $497, or even $197.... no but...

Actually, a single payment of : $77 (are you for real...?)

Yes $77, one single payment and that's it for all the training, all of the system and everything to get you free life long traffic and a working business.

I don't just want the big guys to have access to this training, i'm looking for anyone including newbies because paid traffic is dead and free traffic is your only option.

And of course in case you were wondering I do have a guarantee, 60 full days. That is way more than enough time to start or get your site out of the muck and get you moving with the formula.

If by the end of the 60 day "free look" you are not satisfied, and i'm not concerned because i know this works, but hey you still have that safe guard, and you should be satisfied with how much traffic your getting.

You either get free traffic, or you don't pay. There is no in between.

it either works for you, or it costs you NOTHING

Select your payment options, get access to the members area, start watching videos that are not just tutorials, they are calls to action where your time and even smallest effort produces instant results. Action = reaction and we are about making this work for you at any cost, and complete confidence from you.

Get started, this is not open forever.

Well what do you think something like this would be worth to you? I want you to ask yourself that question honestly.

What is a lifetime of consistent profits and steady income worth to you right now?

I'm willing to knock a full $220 off the usual $297.00 price if you Order by

Get Access NOW for only $77.00



Order 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

P.S. Millions of people struggle every day trying to get online profitably. So if you just jumped down here to the bottom of this page, do yourself this favor and read the short rest closely.

e Cash Creation is no ordinary 'system'. You don't want to miss out because you haven't even come close to seeing everything that is included, seeing the real value in this and all of the savings + bonuses that go with it.

Bottom line, you'll make back your investment 2x, 3x, 4x, even 10x or more as a result of taking the first step right here.

With profitable regards!


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