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[ Superior Mind](http://superior-mind.com/)Binaural Beats Brainwave Entrainment Technology

Binaural Beats Brainwave Entrainment Technology

“Pretend for a moment that your brain is a computer … and your mental functions are software programs. What if you could upgrade your mental programming … and get huge gains in memory, concentration and peace-of-mind … simply by listening to a brainwave entrainment audio recording for half an hour?”

How to Fine-Tune Your Brainwaves and Transform Your Mind into a Force-of-Nature … In Just 30 Minutes!

Result: Unshakable, Laser-Like, Focused Concentration … Steel-Trap memory … a Quiet, Peaceful Mind … Deep, Easy, Rejuvenating Sleep … and the Kind of Effortless, Natural-Feeling, Iron Will-Power that Makes it Easy-As-Pie to Accomplish Anything You Set Your Mind to …

Binaural beats brainwave entrainment technology is proven to gently change your brainwave frequencies resulting in shifts in mood and mindset. The frequencies you entrain your mind to will determine how your feelings change.

Take a look at the products below and sign up for the free binaural beats MP3 audio sample with the form on your right. The benefits of a sharper, more relaxed and focused mind are virtually unlimited.


Focused concentration is vitally important for effective problem solving and mental clarity. Concentration is a 30 minute lake shore soundtrack with a binaural beat in the background that will gently move your mind to a state of clear focus and powerful concentration. [Increase your concentration with binaural beats.](http://superior-mind.com/concentration/)

[Buy the Downloadable MP3 Now!](http://4.homeinfo.pay.clickbank.net) – $14.95

[](http://superior-mind.com/creativity/)Creativity is a state of mind that has moved humanity forward more than maybe anything else. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to think creatively on command … until now. Creativity is a 30 minute audio file that will heighten your creativity on command. [Binaural beats creativity brain waves.](http://superior-mind.com/creativity/)

[Buy the Downloadable MP3 Now!](http://5.homeinfo.pay.clickbank.net) – $14.95

[](http://superior-mind.com/deep-sleep/)Sleep is restorative and rejuvenating. If you have trouble getting a good night’s sleep you know how miserable it can be to feel tired all the time. Deep Sleep is a 30 minute audio of a gentle ocean with a binaural beat in the background that will shift your brainwave frequencies into the range of deep sleep. [Binaural beats sleep music.](http://superior-mind.com/deep-sleep/)

[Buy the Downloadable MP3 Now!](http://6.homeinfo.pay.clickbank.net) – $14.95

[](http://superior-mind.com/easy-energy/)We all feel run down from time to time. Most of us get a cup of coffee or a soda but the effects of those stimulants ware off after an hour or so leaving us feeling worse than before. Easy Energy is a 30 minute sound scape of a thunderstorm with a Binaural Beat in the background that revitalize and energize you without caffeine or sugar. [Easy energy binaural beats.](http://superior-mind.com/easy-energy/)

[Buy the Downloadable MP3 Now!](http://7.homeinfo.pay.clickbank.net) – $14.95

[](http://superior-mind.com/meditation/)Meditation is a powerful path to peace and tranquility. People who meditate regularly report greater health, calmness and alertness. Deep Meditation is an audio of the ocean with a Binaural Beat in the background that will gently move your mind into a state of deep and peaceful meditation. [Binaural beats meditation CD.](http://superior-mind.com/meditation/)

[Buy the Downloadable MP3 Now!](http://8.homeinfo.pay.clickbank.net) – $14.95


An afternoon nap is a great way to recharge and refresh yourself. Sometimes it’s hard to actually get a good nap in the middle of the day. Power Nap is a sound scape of a rainstorm with a set of Binaural Beats in the background that will help you get a nap that makes you feel great for the rest of the day. [Binaural beats power nap.](http://superior-mind.com/power-nap/)

[Buy the Downloadable MP3 Now!](http://9.homeinfo.pay.clickbank.net) – $14.95

[](http://superior-mind.com/relaxation/)The feeling of deep relaxation is almost delicious. Trouble is, sometimes it’s difficult to shed your stress and actually relax. Relaxation is a 30 minute forest sound scape with a binaural beat in the background that will help you find that deep state of total relaxation. [Binaural beats relaxation CD.](http://superior-mind.com/relaxation/)

[Buy the Downloadable MP3 Now!](http://10.homeinfo.pay.clickbank.net) – $14.95


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