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999 A BEAT
 "Tons of Hit Instrumentals For $9.99 or Less!"

Don't Buy Another Beat From Any Producer Until You Read This... Because You May Have Been Ripped-Off Many Times Without Even Knowing It! Whether You Are An Artist, or Someone Who Loves Listening To Music...

 The Problem: If You Are Paying More Than $9.99 For Each of Your Beats, You Are Getting Ripped-Off!

In fact, it is very possible that you may have been overcharged or ripped-off many times without even knowing it. The sad thing about it is... most likely you probably have bought loads of useless junk from dealing with other music production companies or producers who promise you dreams. Dreams of what, becoming the next hit super star?

You have to be careful when you are dealing with these production companies. Problems scare artist and producers and tons of the problems with buying leasing rights are created without 100% absolute solutions. Let's face it; with this problem and no solution, you will be left very unsatisfied.

What is the big problem: Paying too much to lease music for your next hit project. Problems and solutions can also affect the life-style you live and dream.

You might have been searching for hours, days, months, and even years for just a simple solution to solve If you are paying more than $10 for each of your instrumentals, you are simply getting ripped-off as you know it! There could even be many other smaller production issues that all add up to create the ultimate problem you are facing.

Right now, you are probably wondering how much easier life can be without this problem. So what can you do about it? There can be multiple reasons why you and many other artist and producers may be experiencing with leasing music.


You May Also Be Thinking Up Tons of Questions About Your Leasing Problems to Yourself...

- Is there even a solution for artist and producers?
- How can I save time and money?
- Is there a way to make thing more affordable for artist and producers?
- Can things be done quicker, better and more efficiently?


Learn How We Can Help Solve This Problem For You...

Our Story: Let's face it! Without a solution to your leasing problem, you will be left very unsatisfied. Since 2003, we have discovered large amount of artist and producers have been experiencing this exact same problem. You will be amazed by the enormous of artist and producers we have discovered sharing many of the same issues as you. People are searching and investigating more for a solution to their production problems, needs and desires.

Unfortunately, there are millions of problems with production and very few solutions to these problems. Wouldn't it be great if there were a solution for every problem?

We have also discovered there is a lot of artist and producers who are very interested in new ways of leasing and finding much better music to work with. However there are only a few leasing solutions out there that can help artist and producers.

There are only a few legitimate music production companies that will actually work for you to meet your needs and satisfactions. We are here because we want to help artist and producers succeed and get established in the music market.


We Think We Have What You Need...

We know that you have set yourself up to compete head on with other artist, And that your gearing up to come out with new hits that will wipe them out.  So we can get you a proven package of instrumentals.
Its called..  The Instant Platinum Beat Package...


We Are Giving You Instant Approval To Lease 20+ of Our Beats With Outstanding Production Quality!

Now introducing the Instant Platinum Instrumentals Package, "The future of music"; This an amazing solution just for you. At last, The Instant Platinum Instrumentals Package is the only thing that artist and producers may ever need!

Now is the time to get excited because this fascinating solution is just for artist and producers! There are not many other music companies out there who can even offer a single solution that equals up to what we have to offer.


Listen To Our Samples ...
Over 5,500,000 Plays to Date! 

"What The Future May Hold"

"We Ain't Playin"
"Crunk For Life"
"They Feelin My Style"
"Dirty South to Tha Mid-West"
"You Bounce, Then Lean"
"Tonight Baby"
"Summer Nightz on tha Bay"
"G-Units Next Hit"
"Beast on Tha Beats"
"International Gangsta"
"Choppers In Tha City"
"23's and Above"


You Have Just Discovered An Amazing Solution You Have Been Looking For ...

- The new "The Instant Platinum Instrumentals Package" can help you both time and money.
- "The Instant Platinum Instrumentals Package" can help make your projects much better.
- Discover how "The Instant Platinum Instrumentals Package" can make projects much easier.
- Learn how we can help save you from getting ripped-off.

We have decided to introduce The Instant Platinum Instrumentals Package to you, because our platinum instrumentals have been helping many artist and producers in so many ways like never before. Since 1997, the 999aBeat Company has proven it's research, tests and experiments with thousands of music products and services.

We have discovered what actually works and what doesn't work. During our research, we have tested and invested a countless amount of time and dollars in production to see which worked, how it works, and which doesn't work.

We learned how to make it much easier by completely solving the production problem. We are now giving you the instant and direct access to Instant Platinum Beats Package. We have also eliminated all of the worthless hassles involved so that you do not have to. We hope you now understand why Instant Platinum Beats Package is the proven solution for you.


Learn More about How Instant Platinum Beats Package Works and Why It Is So Amazing!

It is very simple... the entire package is available for immediate instant download after your approval. Use our beats and instrumentals on any of your products. Be sure to give us credit such as "999aBeat" or "999aBeat.com". Feel free to be as creative as you'd like.

We never limit your creativity, go are far as you can with our Platinum 999aBeat Package! We grant you rights to sell your works are long as you add your own vocals to them. For more detailed information in regards, please refer our agreements page.


Learn How You Can Benefit from Instant Platinum Beats Package and Reasons To Get It Now...

- You will be able to save lot of your time and money.
- Using Instant Platinum Beats Package, you projects can be much better then ever before.
- Your life can be made just a little more easier for you using Instant Platinum Beats Package.
- You have the most outstanding production kit at your finger-tips.
- A simple solution any artist or producer can use.
- There are many more benefits Instant Platinum Beats Package has in store for you.



Learn How You Are Protected with Our 100% Risk-Free Iron Clad Guarantee!

You cannot lose with our  Full 60 Days to Try Our Package, 100% Risk-Free, Money-Back Guarantee for Instant Platinum Beats Package. If you are not satisfied at anytime with Instant Platinum Beats Package, simply ask us for an immediate refund with no questions asked and We Stand Behind our Iron Clad Guarantee 100%!

Are You Ready to Take The "Instant Platinum Beats Package" With You to The Next Level?


MSRP $49.95
ONLY $9.95!

Offer Ends: 

    Today's Sale Price
  Only $9.95 ...



Note:  After you successfully submit your payment, you will be guided to a confirmation page where you can claim your "Instant Platinum Beat Package"  by Downloading Immediately! Furtherinstructions will be included along with the License Agreement.


Note: After you successfully submit your payment, you will be guided to a confirmation page where you can claim your "Instant Platinum Beat Package" by Downloading Immediately! Further instructions will be included along with the License Agreement.

We cannot guarantee or promise the $9.95 Limited Discount Price Offer for the Instant Platinum Beats Package will be the same price in the next few days. You should take action now to try it out and apply before it's too late or else you may be regretting it later.


Why $9.95?

We're only charging $9.95 for this package, and not giving this report away, for two reasons.

1. $9.95 puts our Platinum Package within reach of the vast majority of people. It's not too expensive for even the humblest beginning artist or producer.
2. Anyone who's not serious enough about making good creative music to invest $9.95 into this package isn't going to take the time to use the quality hit beats & instrumentals anyway. 


Juan & Jamez Bund
-Founding Owners

Customer Support


We would be thrilled to hear about your success story, please send us your support and stories to Support@999aBeat.com

P.S. The Instant Platinum Beats Package is the only thing that you may ever need! Unfortunately there are only a few solutions out there that can help you. 

P.P.S. For a limited time, you can get your Instant Platinum Beats Package today for only $9.95.

P.P.P.S. Remember you have a Full 60 Days to Try Our Package Risk-Free Guarantee to try our Instant Platinum Beats Package. We cannot "Guarantee" or "Promise" the special for Instant Platinum Beats Package will be the same in a few days at this one time discount price.

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