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Fully Updated To Comply With eBay's Latest Policies

Don't Listen to Ebay Gurus, who wont disclose there eBay ID's

"Finally, A Real Life eBay PowerSeller Has
Revealed His Formula For eBay Success"

Discover the little known secrets to easily making $1000s monthly,
and then copy my Formula and do exactly the same.

      From: Karl Larsen an active eBay PowerSeller, Internet Marketer and Product Creator.

 -Karl Larsen -

 eBay member "KarlBargains"

And "Karls_Nutrition_Center"

[karlsbargains](http://myworld.ebay.com/karlsbargains) ( [Feedback Score Of 19909](http://feedback.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewFeedback&userid=karlsbargains))[](http://pages.ebay.com/help/confidence/identity-idverify.html) [](http://stores.ebay.com/id=1824144)  [](http://stores.ebay.com/id=1824144)[](http://pages.ebay.com/services/buyandsell/powersellers.html) 

[karls_nutrition_center](http://myworld.ebay.com/karls_nutrition_center) ( [Feedback Score Of 4905](http://feedback.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewFeedback&userid=karls_nutrition_center))[](http://pages.ebay.com/help/confidence/identity-idverify.html) [](http://stores.ebay.com/id=445223269)[](http://pages.ebay.com/services/buyandsell/powersellers.html)

        Take notice above, I have already revealed both my eBay ID's? How many so called 'eBay Guru's' are prepared
         to do that?  Did you notice I not only have one ID, but two ID's that are both Power Sellers.
         I have been actively selling on ebay for over 9 years and have successfully completed over 40,000
         transactions, and all from the comfort of my home.
[ ](http://stores.ebay.com/karls-nutrition-center)
        Learn how I easily make $100's per day as an eBay Power Seller.

                                                                  Have you already fallin  into this trap!
                                                                                     Its a fact that most  Sellers QUIT before
                                                                               ever starting to Make any Real Money On eBay.

  Its not your fault, you have just read or have been exposed to all the wrong information. Have you
  listened to these so called  Gurus, telling you how easy eBay is. You know, just find one of Elvis's 
  half eaten Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwichs. Auction it for $1000's.

  Or look in your attic for a rare signed copy of  the Declaration of  Independence. And once again: 
  instant riches.

  Or worse yet, someone has tried to sell you a complete package with a website and products to
  auction, right?  The only one making any money there is the person trying to sell you a complete
  package of  junk.

Well enough is enough, are you ready for
an actual formula to Success?

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  Wether you are new to eBay, or a seasoned seller, you will find information in my product, to either
   get started or increase your sales, leading to Power Seller Status. Nothing is left out.

   You will find:
 My complete personal strategies. All my products sources. A list of additonal recommended product sources When to list your auctions. How to list. How to write your decriptions that pull bids. How to write successful auction titles. Pitfalls to avoid. Included over 90 Minutes total of Audio, my actual notes
Just like a self Interview. Also a bonus section on Public Domain
including 16 Minutes of audio.
And so much more.

                                          I  am  not going to tell you  that I make Millions, but I do alright,  
                                           especially  considering  I only work  about  15 Hours per week.

Here is copy of my sales for August 2010

Karl Larsen
PayPal Account : kaXXXXX@email.XXX.XXX
392 NW 3rd Street Space #1, Newport, 97365 OR

Financial Statement for the month of August 2010

Amounts in USD

Beginning Balance                          936.14

Ending Balance                              1232.07

Beginning payables balance            0.00

Ending payables balance                  0.00

Sales Activity                              16,783.34

Here is copy of my sales for the year 2009

Karl Larsen
PayPal Account : kaXXXXX@email.XXX.XXX
392 NW 3rd Street Space #1, Newport, 97365 OR

Financial Statement from Jan 01, 2009 to Dec 31, 2009

Amounts in USD

Beginning Balance                        2154.33

Ending Balance                              1138.99

Beginning payables balance            0.00

Ending payables balance                  0.00

Sales Activity                            182,281.02

   The above Sales activity is just for my eBay sales
posted to paypal. Not bad considering I work only
about 10 Hours a week. Just Imagine what you can
do with full time effort.  
    Heres what others have to say

I felt confident in his system.  I  

have used it and been successful

I met Karl Larsen in 1979. Over the past 31 years I have been involved with Mr. Larsen on many ventures. Each and every time it has been a rewarding experience.

I have always been a bit leary of dealing with the internet. Too many scams out there.
However, when Mr. Larsen presented his eBay program, I felt confident in his system. I have used it and been successful.
I would highly recommend this system to anyone.

Doc Sullivan
The Loan Doctor

How to become (and more importantly *stay*) a PowerSeller

Karl was kind enough to let me look at an early copy of his Auction PowerSellers Formula. I must say, he did an awesome job of really covering everything from how to get started to how to become (and more importantly *stay*) a powerseller. I personally know people that have made hundreds of thousands a year with ebay - so, I know it's really possible to create a great income and even a great business.

Harris Felman

Now the eBook itself is divide into
6 sections as follows: 

SECTION 1 – eBay Basics
1) Getting Started on eBay
2) Register with eBay
3) Activate Your Account

4) Setup Your Paypal Account

5) Payment Options
6) Start Buying

SECTION 2 – Selling
7) Start Selling
8) Selling and Listing Tips
9) Auction Formats
10) Listing Fees
11) eBay Store
12) When to List
13) Pricing Your Item

SECTION 3 – Feedback
14) Feedback Can Make or Break You
15) Dealing With Difficult Customers

SECTION 4 – PowerSeller Status
16) Requirements to Become a PowerSeller
17) Don't Lose Your Status
18) Paypal Almost Shut Me Down

SECTION 5 – Product Sources and Development
19) Product Sources
20) Product development
21) $3.00 to $5.00 Items
22) Never Get Stuck With a Bad Buy

SECTION 6 – My Actual Personal Strategies
23) My Strategies and Business Plan
24) Using Inkfrog
25) Making $6000 to $20,000 a Month??

Now, let me ask you a question, If I Can Show You How  it is
possibleTo Make $1000's Monthly,  Would You Be In?

We're NOT talking about an eBook containing second hand information filled with
fluff. This is a brand new product that is packed full with all my personal strategies,
and a complete formula revealing how I easily make $100's per day on eBay. 
   So how much are you expecting to pay for this Product?
$197.00 And worth every penny.
How about  $97.00 that would be a steal.
I am feeling really generous so  $67.00.

Now I am going to blow you away. The current price for Auction PowerSellers Formula is a mere $47.00
Yes, you read that right, all my experience,
 knowledge, and a complete business plan is only going to cost you $47.00

Only $37.00 for a limited period

And That's Not All!

I have also added the following fast mover bonuses. Act now and you will receive the following bonuses at no extra cost to you.

Fast action Bonus #1 "Cash in on eBay"
Value: $47 - Yours FREE!

 In this revealing eBook you will discover more eBay basics. 

 You are about to discover many tips such as:
 1)eBay has Tons of Income Opportunities! 
 2)What You Need to Know Before Getting Started.
 3)5 Easy Steps to Posting Your First eBay Auction.
 4)An eBay Seller's Checklist.
 5)What's Your eBay Reputation Really Worth? 
 6)10 Steps to Successful Selling on eBay .
 7)How to Think Like an eBay PowerSeller.


Fast action Bonus #2 "eBay Secrets"
Value: $47 - Yours FREE!

 In this eBook you will learn the basics of selling on eBay. This eBook is perfect if you are just starting out.

    Here is just some of what is included:

 1)How Best To Describe An eBay Auction Item.
 2)Tips On Writing The Title For Your Auction Listing.
 3)Tips On Writing Descriptive Text.
 4)Using Keywords In Auction Listings 
 5)A Tip For Describing An Unusual Item.
 6)And so much more!!

Fast action Bonus #3 "Chock Full of ebay Articles"
Value: $67 - Yours FREE!

 There are over 700 Articles, all on eBay. Use thses to create info products to put on CD
  and sell on eBay. Use for your customers to establish a good relationship, there is even
  an auto responder series included.


And All The Risk Is On Me Too!   

I'm So Sure That You Will Love Auction PowerSellers Formula That I'm
Offering a 100% No Question Asked Money Back Guarantee for.
 60 Days!

60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Try it risk free today! If you purchase today, your purchase is 100% guaranteed.

All purchases can be refunded within 60 days of purchase, meaning if you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase then don't worry. Just let me know and you can get your money back. Plus you get to keep all the bonuses.


Yes Karl! I'm ready to finally start making real money on eBay!
I understand that by placing my secure order today, I will be getting instant access to Auction PowerSellers Formula that is capable of teaching me how to be a complete success on ebay and achive PowerSeller Status

I'll have immediate access to the same formula that you have proven to be so effective.

I know that this product is 100% legitimate, 100% legal, and 100% what I need to learn right now.

You've made it a very easy decision with your 100% iron-clad money back guarantee and I'm ready to get started right now, so I'm clicking the secure order button below.

Invest In Auction PowerSellers Formula Now For
Only $37


Access is instant, even if it's 3am

 I have spent years and who knows how much money learning how to do things correctly. For one low price, you'll get to  benefit from ALL my experience.

 Just think about it this way. For just one low price, you can finally start making real money on eBay.

 Download Auction PowerSellers Formula now and let me reveal to you my most closely guarded profitable  secrets so  that you can increase your profits, and be on your way to PowerSeller Status!

 To your success

 Karl Larsen

 PS. If you've tried to make money before and failed then it isn't your fault. Let me give you my Formula for  making money on eBay!

 PPS. Remember, this isn't your usual fluff filled eBook. This is complete step by step
that will take you by the hand and guide you to eBay success!

Download NOW and take your first steps  towards your
 profitable new eBay business!


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