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PRESENTED BY: Moe, chief fat loss researcher at FatLossTruth.com
Tue Sep 21, 2010 9:05 am

Dear Friend,

You'll soon uncover something that NO other fat loss expert can tell
you about. Because they simply don't know what we've discovered. And
once you've learnt about our startling discovery...the big mystery
about why you've struggled to lose body fat all these years will be
solved forever. And you'll use this information to permanently lose
all the body fat you want WITHOUT dieting or exercising.

Plus you'll NEVER have to struggle with fat loss ever again -

So whatever you do, please DO NOT leave our site before completely
reading all the facts about our discovery. Your future ability to lose
body fat is DIRECTLY dependent on this information. And you'll NOT
find this critical information anywhere else.

But before I expose what we've discovered, I'll first lay down the
9 COLD HARD FACTS about permanent fat loss and bust the TOP 11 MYTHS
that's been plaguing the weight loss industry for decades. By the way,
the facts and truth will really shock you! Just like it shocked other
people visiting our site. Let's see what some of them have been

We get over 1,000 feedbacks per month from people wanting to lose
excess body fat...PEOPLE JUST LIKE YOU (the feedback form link is at
the top of this site). We obviously cannot publish all of them. But
here are some recent ones...

My Results So Far: April- 7.2lbs May- 12.7lbs Jun- 12.4lbs
Jul-15.3lbs Aug- 17.7lbs So far I've lost 65.3lbs and to say that
I'm happy with the results would be a gross understatement. When I
first found your site, your first paragraph alone really intrigued me.
I knew there had to be something I was doing wrong. When I read your
nine facts, mainly facts eight and nine, I KNEW EXACTLY WHAT I WAS
DOING WRONG. I've been on so many different diets that my wife calls
me "Mr Diet Killer".

I've always been large but it didn't bother much until I developed
diabetes three years ago. It greatly affected my life until I got on
to using calorie canceling. I could go on and on with the many
misfortunes I have had with other diets but I'm sure you have many
other feedbacks to respond to. I just hope you realize how
appreciative I am for being a super happy member of body fat truth.

_GEOFF BENADE - FLORIDA_ You've Literally Saved My Job I am a
bus driver in London and there is a maximum weight a person can be
when in this profession. Needless to say the weight restriction limit
is very generous and I never thought I'd be in any danger of passing
it until I weighed myself 11 months ago. I was 18.7kgs over the
maximum limit. I was so horrified of losing my job that my legs turned
to jelly and I could not move for 20 minutes.

Being the only breadwinner and supporting my three children and wife,
I would have been devastated if I had lost my job. I went to my doctor
for advice but he wasn't of much help. So I started trying out various
diets and started walking every morning. Initially I lost 6kgs but
could not keep up with the diet requirements so I put that weight back

Being a bus driver, I don't get much exercise at work. But then I saw
your ad and ended up at your site. The rest, as they say, is history.
Not only have I LOST THAT EXCESS 18.7KGS, I've lost a further 9.3kgs
and plan to keep doing this for good.

_JOSEPH WALKER (FAT JOE) - LONDON _ I'd Been Stuck in the GI Trap
for 21 Years Your information in fact #9 about how our nation is
locked in the GI Trap is like nothing I've ever read before. It's so,
so true. I'm a victim of the GI Trap. I had no idea how messed up our
food system has become over the years and how the authorities were
turning a blind eye to the real problem. You've also explained it out
so nicely that an uneducated idiot like myself could easily understand
how our body reacts to food.

I've already altered my eating habits just by reading your 9 facts and
have seen decent fat loss within days. I also feel great and have a
lot more energy. I cannot wait to use your calorie canceling plan and
I plan to join up as your member on my next fortnightly payday.

_WENDY ASHTON - MILWAUKEE WI, (US)_ 19lbs Down, 28lbs To Go
Coming from a family where almost everyone is overweight, I've always
wondered if our gene had something to do with it. After reading your
fact number one, you've now cleared the air for me. It makes complete
sense. I did read a long article else where about the FTO gene but it
only confused me. You've managed to spell it out in just a few
paragraphs - brilliant!

I think I might have a really bad FTO gene as I've found it really
hard to lose weight. However your CC method has produced exceptional
results so far. I'm down 19lbs but have 28lbs to go before I reach my
ideal BMI. The best thing is that I'm not in any rush to get trimmed
so I just let CC do its work as I go on with my life.

Thanks for all your support and for making such an informative
website on fat loss - the best I've seen IMO!

His Verdict I could not fault the science behind your report so
decided to become a member. I can now say IT REALLY DOES WORK. I was
not too overweight but could do with some trimming. I've lost 13kgs
quite effortlessly. But what I'm really impressed with is your ability
to second-guess human behavior towards food.

You really know how to tweak the subconscious and make it work for
you without specifically trying to do so. This is something they don't
teach us in medical school. It's utter genius and deserves a medal.

_RAKESH PEDNEKAR (MD)_ Your Report Has Really Annoyed Me! I
became so angry after reading your report that I had to for a walk to
cool off. All those years I've been barking up the completely wrong
tree. Had I known the REAL facts of why we are so overweight, I would
have been sorted by now. Year after year I've done the completely
opposite of what works. I really should get a T-shirt made with the
words "I've Been Stuck in the GI Trap".

I'm now on week three of using your Calorie Canceling plan and have
to say it's been the best thing I've ever done for my well being. I've
also had an unrelated but much welcomed benefit. My insomnia has
improved so much that I don't need to take my medication anymore.
Perhaps our eating patterns affect much more than just our body fat

_DIANNE CLEGG - VICTORIA (CANADA)_ Can Someone Please Tell Oprah
About This After reading your report three times online and then
printing your entire website and reading it again twice offline, I'm
stunned at how I've been mislead all these years. Now I've got it all
figured out. I know why I've struggled to lose weight. I know I'm not
the only one.

Someone needs to tell Oprah Winfrey about this. I'm sure Calorie
Canceling will sort her weight problems out once and for all. And she
should also link to Body Fat Truth from her site so that her followers
know about the truth as well.

Our intensive research and experiments into fat loss took 19 long
months to complete. You can now read our report free of charge. This
unique information is NOT found anywhere else, online or offline.

9 Biggest Fat Loss Facts Uncovered
Before you can begin to shred your body fat, you need to have a basic
understanding of exactly HOW AND WHY YOU GAIN BODY FAT. Here's the
scientific explanation written specifically for the average person. If
you can read this sentence, you'll be easily able to understand what
we're about to explain below.

Fact # 1: Why do you gain excess body fat while some others don't

Body fat = main energy supply Body fat has only one purpose. It's
there as the MAIN energy supply for your body. It's not the emergency
energy supply but the MAIN energy supply. Understanding this key
difference is vital.

So why are some people predisposed to gaining a lot more body fat
than others? The answer to this question takes us back thousands of
years in history. We all have an inbuilt survival gene known as FTO

The FTO gene is the key controller that determines how the energy
requirements of your body will be managed. And the main source of
energy for your body is stored body fat. It's NOT energy from the food
that is your main energy supply (as you have been led to believe -
full explanation is covered in Fact #2 below).

How your FTO gene drastically affects your body fat levels Your FTO
gene is a lot different to the FTO gene found in a skinny person. And
the reason why you carry the 'bad' FTO gene is the reason why you're
alive today.

Let me explain... Thousands of years ago, mass-scale famine was
very common. And unfortunately, throughout history, the same segment
of the society was prune to mass starvation. This segment was the
middle to lower class people. This middle to lower class compromised
of 90% of the population back then. That includes you, me and the
majority of the people alive today.

On average 75% of people died in worldwide famines. So the FTO gene
adapted a natural survival instinct. This survival instinct has two

1- To eat MORE FOOD than what is required
2- Force your metabolic process to INCREASE THE SIZE OF YOUR FAT

So, did the FTO gene's new survival instinct work? You bet it did!
It helped our ancestors survive through some really hard times. You're
here breathing and kicking is proof of its success. IT'S HUGE SUCCESS
of years ago, our FTO gene could not foresee us living in such an
industrialized world with abundance of food. So it had no reason to
change its habits.

Your FTO Gene Information Solved My Long Term Mystery I joined up
as member not to help myself but to help my athletes. I run a sports
club where we train high-end athletes from all sorts of backgrounds.
The biggest problem I faced was prescribing diets to my members
whereby they can keep fat levels down but yet keep their energy levels
high. This has always been a "hit or miss" area for us, as one
solution never fits all athletes. I increasingly found that although
we carefully calculated the correct amounts of calories for each
person and also regulated their activity levels, some guys were
getting ripped much faster than others.

There was also a group who always struggled with getting ripped
despite us matching calorie consumption to metabolic rates. After
learning about the FTO gene and the Calorie Canceling method, I'm glad
to report that we've finally cracked it. Now we've got a formula that
works across the board with all athletes. Keep up the good work (and
please keep researching for another big breakthrough).

FTO gene in Skinny people vs FTO gene in the overweight person FTO
genes are also in skinny people. But since it did not have to adapt a
survival instinct to the extent of the FTO gene in an overweight
person, the skinny person has almost no problems shedding excess body
fat. So the skinny person is not instinctively driven to eat more food
than is required. And their metabolism also doesn't forcefully
increase the size of their fat cells.

you're overweight. Skinny people are genetically inclined to eat less
and hence they're not overweight. This is the reason why you see a lot
of "overweight families" and "slim families". The genes do run in
families but not all family members are always carriers. Hence some
families have only a few members who are overweight. But most do have
weight problems family-wide. BUT DON'T WORRY. You can easily even the
playing field by using Calorie Canceling.

Fact #2: Exactly how and why your body stores fat from the food you

We cannot store much of what we eat except for... As good as our
bodies have evolved, it still cannot store much of the nutrients we
eat. Our temporary storage abilities are drastically lacking in almost
all areas apart from one. Yes, you guessed correctly. Our bodies can
very efficiently store fat but nothing much else. And there's a good
reason for it.

What happens after you've eaten After a meal, snack or drink, the
food reaches your digestive system to get processed. The purpose of
your digestive system is very straightforward. It has three main tasks
to do:

1- Extract all nutrients and water from the food
2- Temporarily hold minute amounts of nutrients that our bodies lets
us hold
3- Convert ALL excess calories into fat cells and store them

You see...EVERYONES' BODY STORES FAT AFTER A MEAL. It's unavoidable.
Our body simply cannot hold enough energy in the temporary storage
area. Calories are converted into glycogen and stored in your liver
for temporary storage. But this energy source is very limited. Half a
cracker would fill up this temporary storage bay. The rest of the
calories would float in your bloodstream until it's stored as fat

So storing excess calories as body fat is the MOST EFFICIENT way for
your body to store its energy requirements. It then accesses this
energy to keep your organs working and you active. Sounds simple
enough...doesn't it? But there are a lot of variables at this point
that can be manipulated to your fat loss advantage. More on this

Why our body can store fat but not other nutrients Have you ever
wondered why vitamins have to be taken daily to get its full benefits?
The reason is simple. Your body cannot store most vitamins. If it
could, you'd only have to take eat all your vegetables on a Sunday and
you'd be set for the whole week. But it doesn't work like that. Your
body cannot even store protein. So eating that very large steak is
only good as a protein source for that meal. Excess protein is just
converted into calories and stored as fat cells. Your next meal will
still require another portion of protein.

So why store fat but not any other nutrient The answer is simple.
Your body has to prioritize its survival strategy. The range of
different nutrients required by your body for optimal health is
massive. So it cannot store all of them. It has to make a choice. AND

Why? Because you'd much rather be unhealthy and alive than healthy
and dead. Fat cells give you the ability to function. The calorie
requirements just to exist are quite high. For instance...79% of all
calories required by your body are used by your major organs - brain,
heart, lung & digestive system. Your body has a packing order for your
survival. It will prioritize energy for your brain and heart over
anything else. And that energy comes directly from fat cells.

So the bottom line is this. Unless you plan to exercise while eating
and continue to do so for 90 minutes after eating each meal, the bulk
of your meal WILL be converted into fat cells. This is perfectly
normal and happens to EVERYONE.

Fact #3: Calories is everything but not all calories are the same

The classic "An apple has the equivalent of 6 teaspoons of sugar"
Have you heard of the above statement before and wondered if eating
apples are such a good idea since it has so much sugar in it? Well,
ignorant people are not going to confuse you any longer.

Yes, an apple does have close to 6 teaspoons of sugar in it. And yes,
all sugars are the same at molecular level. BUT there's a BIG
difference as to how your digestive system processes an apple when
compared to 6 teaspoons of sugar. And this difference makes a big
impact on your ability to control your body fat levels.

Here's what happens when you eat an apple... An apple is jam packed
with vitamins, minerals, fiber and of course sugar. As the apple hits
your digestive track, it takes your digestive system close to 90
minutes to extract all the good bits out of it. An average size apple
has around 60 calories. Your digestive system would use around 35
calories just to digest that apple. This would leave you with 25
calories. Over the course of the 90 minutes as your apple is broken
down, you digestive system slowly releases the calories into your
blood stream so that they can be stored as fat cells.

Now, 25 calories being released over such a long period of time is
too few calories for your demanding body. So almost all will end up
being used before they get a chance to be stored as fat cells. Getting
your body to use up your calories before they can be stored as fat
cells is NOT a big advantage to losing body fat. However, increasing
the length of time it takes for all your calories to be released from
your food into your bloodstream DOES ADD A BIG ADVANTAGE TO YOUR

Here's what happens when you eat 6 teaspoons of sugar... Sugar
contains what is known as "empty calories". In other words it has
virtually nil nutrients. 6 teaspoons of sugar has around 90 calories.
And because it has virtually no other nutrients or fiber, it can be
easily digested within 15 minutes. And because the digestive process
is super quick, it will burn only around 7 calories in the digestion
process. The result is you end up with 83 calories in your blood
stream very QUICKLY. And because the process is fast, MOST OF THE

Results: An Apples Vs 6 Teaspoons of Sugar An apple leaves you with
25 calories that gets used up immediately plus pumps you with
vitamins, minerals and fiber. 6 teaspoons of sugar leaves you with 83
calories that are converted into fat cells and almost zero nutrients.

Why Weren't We Taught This In School? I was convinced to join up
as a member straight after reading your Fact #3 'Calories is
everything but not all calories are the same'. I've always wondered if
all calories were the same and convinced myself that they were. But I
didn't realize that our body saw things so differently.

They really should teach us this in school! I'm only nineteen but
overweight by 26lbs. I've already lost 7lbs in a very short time of
using calorie canceling and don't see any problems losing the rest.
Thank you and god bless!

_DIANNE NICHOL - SANTA MONICA (US) _ Lost 21lbs In 4 Weeks
Hello team. I'm glad to say that I've LOST 21LBS IN JUST 4 WEEKS of
using your program. It's been like a miracle. I've tried anything and
everything to get rid of my weight but always fell flat on my face. I
now tell everyone of your website and even have stuck your site
address in my email footer.

If people just even read your free report, they'd save their sanity
as they'd know why they have been failing all these years. I can
honestly say that Calorie Canceling is the best and only fat loss
method that actually works and anyone can stick to. Before I forget,
is my weight loss a record amongst your member base?

So you know now that not all calories are treated the same by your
digestive system. And some calories can help you shred that extra fat
while others will add to your problems. Keep reading, as you'll soon
discover how all this information fits in to help you lose all the
body fat you want, IN YOUR TERMS.

Fact #4: The hard-core facts on how carbs, fat and protein affect
your body fat levels

Why food groups matter Now that you know that the longer it takes
your digestive system to breakdown your food, THE MORE CALORIES IT
USES in the process. But this is just half the story. Because eating
dense food such as pizza will take a long time to break down too...but
it will not give you the fat loss advantage you seek. Follow along.

How your body handles carbs Carbs can be broadly classified as light
carbs and dense carbs. Light carbs are your cereals and bread. Light
carbs do not contain as much calories as dense carbs so they are the
fastest to digest. This fast digestion rate uses very little calories
to digest the food itself therefore leaves you with excess calories
which are stored as fat cells. Please refer to the Fact #3 above where
I describe how sugar is digested. On a per gram basis, most light
carbs digest at a much faster rate than sugar. More on this later.

Dense carbs are your pizzas and pies. Such carbs take a long time to
digest simply because they contain a lot of calories. Say you ate 4
slices out of a 12-inch pizza (standard medium pizza, each slice is
roughly the size of the palm of your hand). THAT'S 732 CALORIES. It
would take around 3 hours to digest that meal. You'll use up around
180 calories in the digestion process. That will leave you with 552
calories, of which most will END UP AS FAT CELLS. Because there isn't
much fiber in pizza, you end up burning fewer calories to digest the
meal - around 24% of the total meal calorie value. Compare this to a
high fiber food such as an apple...it burns around 58% of the total
calorie value (see Fact #3 above for apple example).

How your body handles fat Your body handles fat similar to how it
handles dense carbs. You get no fat loss advantage by eating fatty
food (UNLESS you use the Calorie Canceling method).

How your body handles protein Protein does give you fat loss
advantage. Protein takes long to digest and is low in calories when
compared to carbs and fats. An average sized steak would give you
around 250 calories and take 2 hours to digest. It will use up around
107 calories to digest the meal itself (43%). Protein consumes more
calories to digest due to the time it takes to breakdown the amino
acids and nitrogen.

Now I know Why I Failed At Atkins Diet Your information of how
our body processes the different types of food is priceless. After
reading your report, I was happy to find out that the reason why I
failed at Atkins diet was because it was a diet. I used Atkins diet
over 3 weeks and lost around 13lbs. But I was getting increasingly
moody and also showed signs of mild depression. I had to quit despite
my progress with fat loss.

Unfortunately I quickly gained all that weight back plus an extra 9
lbs from the 'rebound'. Now since I've found your calorie canceling
method, I'll stick to using it. I'm glad I don't have to "diet" ever

So whats the verdict? Clearly, consuming just protein will lead to
PROTEIN. Eating plans cannot deprive you of what you've become
accustomed to eating otherwise there's a 97% CHANCE THAT YOU'LL FAIL
WITHIN 27 DAYS. It's that simple. Yes, you can enjoy your light carbs,
dense carbs and fats and still lose all the body fat you desire. But
it's only possible if you follow our Calorie Canceling method.

Fact #5: You'll lose all your fat by just eating tuna salads, but
here's why you won't attempt it

Lets get one thing straight right now... You're here not because you
don't know how to eat healthy. EVERYONE KNOWS WHAT HEALTHY FOOD IS.
There are even fast foods that are healthy. Subway is a great example.
There are also salad bars all over the country providing you with
healthy alternatives. There are even many varieties of quick healthy
freezer meals. The Internet and bookshops are full of books and free
information on healthy cooking. Even our government spends millions
each year trying to get us to eat healthy.

But the nation is getting fatter by the day. And do you know the
reason for this? NO YOU DON'T. Not until you stumbled onto our
website. The average person hasn't the slightest idea why they are
gaining all that fat. They blame MacDonald's, KFC and Pizza Hut for
their weight gain. But the main culprit is that people just don't know
how our body reacts to the different types of foods we eat.

molecular level. Sure, it's high in calories and not that nutritional.
But you can easily manipulate how your body deals with it and still
lose all the body fat you desire. Next time you go to MacDonald's
carefully scan the people eating there or buying food. NOT ALL ARE
FAT. So it's not the food you eat that makes you fat. It's how you eat
your meals.

Tuna salads can rescue the world but here's why it won't work...
Eating tuna salads daily will give you all the nutrients you need.
It's ultra healthy and super low in calories. And you will lose fat
rapidly. If everyone who is over weight just ate tuna salads until
they lost all their excess body fat, THE ENTIRE NATION WOULD BE LEAN.
And we know that this scenario is entirely possible. BUT it will not
happen. WHY? Because most people would rather die of a heart attack
than endure eating tuna salads for a month, let alone for a year. It's
just too tough mentally to deal with.

This is precisely the reason why 97% OF ALL PEOPLE QUIT ON ANY DIET
WITHIN THE FIRST 27 DAYS. The exceptional 3% who succeed are the ones
you see posing as success stories at websites or in magazines. This 3%
would've succeeded on any diet or no diet. You cannot compare yourself
to them. They have their FTO gene working in their favor. YOU DON'T.

Tomato Juice Diet Nightmare, Calorie Canceling To The Rescue... I
can completely relate to your article on tuna salads. I tried Tomato
Juice diet after reading about it in some health magazine. I lasted
about a week and it was the worst week of my life. It made me so moody
that I foul-mouthed a work client that cost our company a huge
contract. Luckily I wasn't fired.

I'm now on your calorie canceling plan and it's the best weight loss
method I've ever tried. The best part is that I'm losing weight but it
doesn't feel like I'm sacrificing much to shred the pounds. I'm down a
few sizes and things are really looking rosy. Bye for now.

'I barely eat anything...I eat like a bird but I still gain weight'
Does the above statement sound familiar? It's IMPOSSIBLE to gain body
fat without storing more calories than what your body requires. End of
story. If you can pinch fat in your stomach region then you've been
storing more calories than what your body requires. Have you noticed
that I've used the term "storing" above? Eating a certain number of
calories does NOT equate to storing that same number of calories as
fat cells. You can eat yummy calorie dense food but still not store
all that calories as body fat. The secret that makes this possible is
of course Calorie Canceling.

Fact #6: Why your TRUE metabolism does NOT slow down when you eat
less (read this twice!)

This is the best hoax of all time. I'm sure you fell for it too...
Almost all so-called diet experts have gotten this one COMPLETELY
WRONG. It started back in the nineties and continues to propel right
now. It's the _"eat several small meals a day to keep your metabolism

The verdict is that it's 10% correct but 90% incorrect! It's 10%
correct because it does increase your metabolism slightly. But this
increase does NOT burn off any excess body fat. Remember, metabolism
is the rate at which your body burns energy. The small increase in
metabolism is from burning the food you eat. So the extra energy is
burned to actually digest the food. That's great...but you're still
adding more calories to your fat cells by consuming food. So unless
you plan to eat 5 meals of tuna salads, spreading your meals does not
help you lose body fat.

This hoax is also popular because people wrongly believe that a small
meal can be used up completely while leaving no fat deposits.
Unfortunately, unless your meal is just an apple every 4 hours and

Your metabolism is NOT affected by your food intake Your body has
just one primary goal - to keep you alive. It works on this goal in
the background 24/7. So when you eat, it simply stores calories as
body fat for current and future use. And it does this as efficiently
as possible in order to preserve AS MUCH BODY FAT as possible.

1000lb obesity can teach you a thing or two So if you start to eat a
lot more than usual, your body will simply continue to very
efficiently store as much body fat as possible. Have you seen or heard
of 1000lbs obese people? These guys/gals continued to pile on body fat
even after flooding their body with 10,000 calories each day for
decades. The irony is that at this weight...the 'survival' mechanism
that was meant to keep them alive during hard times...will eventually
kill them for being too efficient. SO INCREASING YOUR FOOD INTAKE DOES
NOT INCREASE YOUR TRUE METABOLISM (known as resting/basal metabolic
rate). It artificially increases it just to digest the excess food. So
there's zero fat loss.

Eating less will grind your metabolism to a halt. NOT! Have you
heard this one _"eating less will slow your metabolism down"_? Of
course you have. It's the sister hoax of _"eat several small meals a
day to keep your metabolism running"_.

Eating less or infrequently does NOT slow down your resting/basal
metabolic rate. I'll repeat the fact once again "YOUR TRUE METABOLISM

Your metabolism will be slower when you eat less only if you compared
it to when you were eating more. That's because the extra energy was
being burnt off to digest the food being consumed - NOT your stored
body fat!

Your body has a one-track mind And you cannot change its settings.
It will keep your resting/basal metabolic rate the same because that's
the bare minimum that's required to keep you running. It has no reason
to use any extra energy than what is required...regardless of surplus
supply or lack of. If your body needs 700 calories a day as energy
supply to maintain its internal organs, WHY WOULD YOUR BODY NEED TO
SPEND 800 CALORIES? There's no reason to. If you stop eating
completely from tomorrow, your body will continue to extract what it
needs from your body fat just to keep you alive. And when all your fat
reserve is gone, that's the end. It's called starvation.

Be aware! Self-endorsed diet experts will ruin your fat loss progress
With ALL scientific evidence clearly discrediting the notion of
_"your metabolism slows down when you eat less or infrequently"_, it
really amazes me why self-endorsed diet experts still paddle such HUGE
misinformation. Perhaps they cannot read and understand simple
scientific journals. Or they simply don't know how the human body

But I believe the main reason is that they're simply copying
information from mainstream fat loss areas where NONE KNOWS the real
facts. So it's basically the 'blind leading the blind'. And because
the Web makes it super easy for anyone to publish information, these
self-endorsed diet experts try and make a quick buck by paddling their
diets. But their methods are fundamentally WRONG.

Both logic and science discredits the 'metabolism slowing down...'
theory Think about this for a second. If your metabolism did really
slow down when you start eating less or infrequently, then it would
IMPOSSIBLE to lose any weight at all REGARDLESS of what you do. If you
ate more, you'd burn more calories to compensate. And if you ate less,
you'd burn fewer calories to compensate. If your body adjusted to any
amount of calories you consumed then you would neither gain nor lose
weight. And we would not have such a massive weight problem (and you
wouldn't even be here reading this!). So not only does science
discredits this theory...but so does simple LOGIC.

A practical example to really clear the air Say you're currently
eating 4,000 calories daily but need only 2,000 calories to meet your
daily energy requirements. And then you decide to go on a 1,000
calorie a day diet. According to the 'metabolism slowing down...'
theory, your body should adjust to the drop in your calorie intake. So
it should adjust and start to burn only 1,000 calories per day. So
what happens when you drop your calorie requirements to just 500
calories a day? According to this bogus theory, your metabolism should
adjust to the newer 500-calorie diet.

BUT HANG ON A SECOND! Your body needs 2,000 calories to meet its
daily energy requirements. Where's the extra 1,500 calories coming
from? I can tell you this much...its NOT coming from thin air! Your
body WILL start to use up your previously stored body fat reserve the
minute you start eating less than what your daily energy needs are.

And by the way, if your body needs 2,000 calories to meet its energy
requirements, it will do everything it can to keep extracting that
2,000 calories. Out of the 2,000 calorie requirement, almost 1,400
would be needed just to keep your internal organs going. This 1,400
calorie requirement is NOT optional. If your body cannot get this bare
minimum requirement, your organs will start shutting down one by one
in order to conserve as much energy as possible. The last to shut down
will be your heart and then that'll be the end.

The commonly misunderstood role of your metabolism Your metabolism
is there to provide energy needs for your body. And your main energy
needs come from your stored body fat (that's what it's there for).
Your metabolism is NOT there to adjust to your calorie intake and burn
off excess food unnecessarily. It has no reason to do so. In fact your
body is hard-wired NOT to do that (as doing so will be wasting
precious energy). And it also cannot do that even if it tried to.

HERE'S WHY. Your body can ONLY burn energy for your organs and your
physical requirements. It just cannot magically use up more energy in
any other way. And it will only use up the exact amount that's
required by your body (it physically cannot use up any extra). Say for
instance your brain requires 400 calories a day to function. You
cannot FORCE your brain to burn 700 calories just by pumping more food
into your body. Doing so will temporarily increase calorie
requirements for other internal organs. But this increase will be just
to digest that extra food. It will NOT equate to losing previously
stored body fat. So your TRUE resting metabolic rate will remain

So your metabolism simply has no means to make energy disappear even
if it wanted to. All calories going into your body HAS to be used up
for it to disappear. And your body has no reason to use up any more
than what's required. KAPISH!

Gastric Bypass/Band surgery would NOT work if this theory were true
With a gastric bypass surgery your stomach is reduced from the size of
a melon to the size of a golf ball. Plus parts of your intestine is
also rewired so fewer calories are absorbed in the digestive tract.
The end result is that you end up feeling full consuming only 15% of
the food volume you are accustomed to eating. You also get a lot less
hungry and when you do eat, fewer calories are absorbed. It's not
uncommon for a person to drop from 6,000 calories per day to just 900
calories per day after the surgery.

NOW...if the 'metabolism slowing down...' theory was correct, the
patient's metabolism would simply adjust to using 900 calories and
they'd experience no fat loss. BUT THIS JUST DOESN'T HAPPEN. Patients
of gastric bypass can very easily lose around 3 pounds per week
without exercise and up to 5.5 pounds per week with daily exercise.

Lessons learnt from Gastric Bypass or Gastric Band surgery When you
eat fewer calories than what your body requires for its daily survival
and to support your physical requirements...your body starts using
previously stored body fat as its energy source to meet its full
NEEDS FOR YOUR BODY. It's NOT there to adjust to your calorie intake
and burn off excess food unnecessarily. If it did, none of the gastric
bypass patients would lose any weight. But the fact is that they ALL
lose their body fat permanently. CASE CLOSED.

One man, 275lbs of fat and what we learnt In 2002 a Russian doctor
took on a dangerous experiment at the request of his patient. His
patient was grossly overweight and carried 275lbs of excess body fat.
He also had another medical condition which made it impossible for him
to get any medical help for his obesity. So he begged the doctor to
let him starve down to normal weight under medical supervision. The
doctor had a military doctor friend who was a research scientist. He
passed the patient on to him.

It took the patient 1 year and 2 weeks to lose all 275lbs of fat
without eating any food. And during that period he drank a special
broth containing some vitamins and minerals. The broth had only 17
calories in it and kept the patient healthy enough to survive. The
broth also served as a stimulant for his digestive system so they
continued to work. So basically he survived only on water for 54
YOUR FOOD INTAKE. Because if it did, this person would have died in
the first few months due to his metabolism grinding to a
halt...regardless of the fact that his body had access to 275lbs of
energy. But that didn't happen.

Another vital lesson learnt... The starving patient lost on average
5lbs (2.31kgs) per week. He did no exercise and consumed nothing other
than a 17-calorie broth per day and drank water. So if a starving
person can lose 5lbs per week...this figure becomes the absolute
maximum anyone can lose per week without exercise.

Note: an average person with low body fat can last around 33 days
without food.

Fact #7: Low carb diets don't make you physically tired, it's all in
your head

Energy and mood are two different things By now you know that your
main energy supply is from your stored body fat and not from the food
you eat. So you could go without food for days and still have energy
for survival. However, if you starved for more than a few days your
body will become physically tired. This is the automatic reaction from
your body to force you to conserve energy for your vital organs.

However, when you feel tired because you skipped a meal or two or ate
low carb foods...this tiredness is ALL IN YOUR HEAD. Good tasting food
releases endorphins (a chemical in the brain that makes you feel good
and happy). Bland/boring food does not release endorphins. Low carb
foods count as boring so hence you don't get that 'lift' when you eat
it. So if you eat good tasting meals all the time and are used to an
endorphin kick after each meal. But then you switch to low carb
meals...you're bound to feel 'tired' due to the lack of endorphin
release. Your energy levels will physically be there. It's just you'll
be feeling tired in your head.

The scam of the 'energy' drinks You know what I call Red Bull. RED
BULL SH*T. Energy drinks don't give you any energy at all. Your energy
comes from your stored body fat. Energy drinks simply give you a
temporary mental energy high. It releases massive amounts of
endorphins since it tastes good (sweet). Plus, have you ever wondered
why they add GUARANA and CAFFEINE to energy drinks. If a drink is
meant to give you energy, why not just put glucose in it? Why the need
for mental stimulation?

The reason is simple... Adding only glucose will not give you any
physical energy, as it will need to be stored as body fat and then
used as energy. In fact, it's impossible to give you a physical energy
boost since calories have to be first stored as body fat before being
used. Energy drink manufacturers know this all too well. They got
around this problem by using stimulants that affect the brain. Both
guarana and caffeine will give you a decent mental kick of perceived
high energy. They both are legal but classified as drugs by the Drug
and Food Authority. That's how powerful they are. Once the stimuli are
used up, you'll be down from your mental high. But your physical
energy levels won't change. SO RED BULL DOESN'T GIVE YOU WINGS. What a

Red Bull Gave Me A $4,500 Dentist Bill! I used to be a
self-confessed Red Bull addict. I even got a Red Bull tattoo on my
back (already scheduled to be removed). Not surprisingly, I really
thought it was giving me an energy boost. My dental bill has been
around $4,500 over the last few years. Fate brought me to your site.
Now I regret pumping all that sugar down my throat for years. I quit
drinking that crap cold turkey the minute I discovered the facts at
your site.

I now use your eating plan religiously. I have a much more stable
mood and have even taken up several hobbies. Your site has not only
positively affected my health and weight but also my outlook in life.
Thanks for such an excellent site & priceless information.

Breakfast cereal for a boost in the morning? I don't think so! Almost
all breakfast cereals contain refined sugar. Go to your cereal stash
and look at the ingredient list. You already know how your body reacts
to consuming 6 teaspoons of sugar (refer to Fact #3 for details).
such as Special K leads to more fat storage when compared to eating
the same weight in sugar! You'll discover more in Fact #9.

So eating sugary cereals in the morning as an energy source is just a
crock to sell you more fat cells. You need to eat food that will take
much longer to digest and yet is low in calories. If you're going to
eat cereals for breakfast, YOU ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO use the Calorie
Canceling method or you'll be piling on body fat every morning.

Fact #8: The biggest secret to losing body fat has to do with
insulin but why know one talks about it

Why insulin is your best friend Insulin is the hormone that
regulates how calories are converted into glucose and stored and/or
used up by your body. Obviously glucose is stored as body fat. So
every time you eat, insulin is released. Insulin waits for glucose to
be released into your bloodstream by your digestive system. It then
packs it into your fat cells. THIS IS A VERY IMPORTANT JOB because
leaving glucose in your bloodstream for long periods of time is super
dangerous. It will lead to diabetes and diabetes can very easily lead
to a number of cardio diseases and even stroke.

Insulin is in direct control of your body fat levels So every time
glucose is released into your bloodstream, insulin packs it away into
your fat cells. It's a straightforward process until you consistently
start to flood your bloodstream with too much glucose. With too much
glucose being released at the same time, insulin goes into panic mode.
It tries hard to pack all glucose into your fat cells at once but ends
up damaging some glucose cells in the process. These damaged cells
lead to a condition called METABOLIC SYNDROME.

Metabolic syndrome makes you fat Metabolic syndrome is the presence
of damaged glucose cells in your body fat. The damage makes the cells
less efficient so converting them back for energy use becomes
difficult. In some cases the energy gained by using a damaged fat cell
is less than the energy required to actually access that cell. In
other words you end up with somewhat PERSISTENCE FAT CELLS WHICH EVEN
will only tap into it as a last resort.

Metabolic syndrome makes you a lot hungrier! Once you've developed
metabolic syndrome, your body will not look at your body fat as an
attractive source of energy anymore. The result is that your body will
trigger your urge to eat in order to compensate for the perceived lost
energy. And if you eat a ton of carbs again, you end up storing more
damaged fat cells again.

SO THE VICIOUS CYCLE CONTINUES. This is the main reason why grossly
over weight people can eat so much. Some as much as 30,000 calories in
a day (that's 15-day supply of calories for an average man). Unlike
body organs and muscle tissues, fat cells themselves don't require
much energy to exist (they are the energy source). So when an
overweight person eats uncontrollably, he/she really is that hungry.
But its false hunger since the body doesn't really need all that extra
calories. And yes, you can burn off damaged fat cells but only by
using our Calorie Canceling method.

No One Has Explained It Like You Have Thank you!! It feels like
you are the only person on planet earth that understands those who
area battling with obesity. I'm currently with a weight loss support
group and have talked to dozens of specialists in this area. But none
could clearly spell out exactly why I had uncontrollable hunger urges.
You my friend have just hit the nail on the coffin. I'll join up as a
member the minute funds in my PayPal account clears.

So exactly what causes the release of too much glucose into your
bloodstream? Excess consumption of carbs. Yes, eating too much carbs
is the culprit. Eating a big bowl of Special K for breakfast is
DANGEROUS unless you use our Calorie Canceling method. Believe me,
eating cake frosting is safer than eating most breakfast cereals sold
these days. You'll learn more about this in the next fact (Fact #9).

Why insulin cannot handle a flood of glucose For thousands of years
our insulin had no reason to be able to pack away massive quantities
of glucose at once. This is because we did not eat foods that were
that high in carbs. Yes, there was wheat and other carb products back
then. But they were nothing like the super refined stuff we get these
days. Most of the carbs back then were whole-wheat based with natural
seeds and grains making them packed with fiber. This made digestion
slow so there was hardly any spike in glucose release.

Plus, they didn't eat in the quantities like we eat these days
either. So our insulin's abilities are just not ready for the
industrialized world we leave in right now. But fear not. Calorie
Canceling will change all that. It's the ONLY EATING PLAN that lets
you enjoy the eating perks of our modern world without suffering from
it's drawbacks.

Fact #9: GI is the only thing that matters when your food is broken
down to molecular level

What is GI (the only TRUE secret to permanent fat loss) GI is the
abbreviation given to Glycemic Index. GI is the measurement of how
much your blood sure levels rise by due to the digestion of food. More
specifically, it's an index of how much sugar ends up being passed
into your bloodstream when carbs are extracted from your food and
digested. Remember almost all food types have some amount of carb in
them. Even leafy vegetables such as spinach have 1.2g of carb per 30g
(1 cup). So almost all foods have a GI score.

What GI scores mean... A food with a high GI score will release much
more sugar into your bloodstream when compared to one with low GI
score. GI scores go from 0 to 100+. Low GI is anything with 55 or
below. Medium GI is 56 to 69 inclusive. And high GI is 70 and above.
Only a few foods actually pass the 100 GI score mark.

Some quick GI examples An apple has a GI of 36 (low GI). Sugar has a
GI of 65 (medium GI). Remember how in Fact #3 you discovered the
different ways our body responds to digesting an apple when compared
to sugar. Well, the difference is caused by the GI score of the two
food types.

One of the highest GI foods is glucose with a score of 105. In
contrast carrot's GI is 39. Things like chickpeas have a score of 30.
The shocking bit is that common foods like white bread have a score of
75. And cereals targeted at the health conscious market such as
Special K have a score of 71. BOTH THESE SCORES ARE HIGHER THAN THE GI

High GI foods => metabolic syndrome = > excessive hunger =>
unnecessary eating => extra body fat (GI Trap) Do you see a clear
pattern? This is what I call the GI TRAP. If you have excess body fat
then you're in the GI Trap. GI Trap is the vicious cycle of eating
high carb foods to satisfy your hunger...but doing so only makes you
hungrier. The hungrier you get, the more you eat. The more you eat,
the hungrier you get.

HERE'S THE ENDLESS CYCLE OF THE GI TRAP _Stage 1_ - you eat lots of
carbs with high GI score
_Stage 2_ - your insulin cannot cope so damaged fat cells are
deposited as body fat
_Stage 3_ - your body doesn't want to use those damaged fat cells as
_Stage 4_ - your body instigates excessive hunger to compensate for
'lost' energy
_Stage 5_ - you eat more carbs to sooth your hunger
_Stage 6_ - the cycle continues and you're back at Stage 1

It's not your fault. You've been lied to for decades. So why is
starting breakfast with carb the default eating pattern these days?
You're smart enough to know by now that eating energy foods (carbs) DO
NOT give you a boost in energy. So why start out your day with
something that will only lead to more stubborn fat cell deposits? One
answer is that carb meals are quick, easy and cheap. All these
variables make it really lucrative especially when you're in a rush
such as at breakfast times.

The other answer is that carb based meals have always been advertised
as breakfast foods. Yet another answer could be that high energy foods
give us a temporary mental high. It feels good to eat so it makes us
all warm and fuzzy. This leads us to believe that the food is actually
giving us an energy boost.

But perhaps the main reason is because WE'VE ALL BEEN LIED TO BY THE
AUTHORITIES. I'm NOT into conspiracies but this is one area where the
evidence speaks for itself. The problem all started when the classical
Food Pyramid chart was created in Denmark in 1978 and then adopted by
the world and US in 1992. Either the 'experts' at the time had an
incentive to push carbs or they just didn't know any better. EITHER
pretty clear. We've consistently become overweight since the nineties
and reaching almost epidemic levels now.

Why GI discredits the classical food pyramid outright _HERE'S WHAT
servings of cereal, bread, rice & pasta
- Eat 3-5 servings of vegetables and 2-4 servings of fruit
- Eat 2-3 servings of milk, yogurt and cheese
- Eat 2-3 servings of meat, poultry, fish, dry beans and nuts
- Eat very limited quantities of fats, oils and sweets

Do you see the problem? 6-11 servings of carbs a day! ARE YOU FRICKIN
NUTS?? The food pyramid has set us up to get into the GI Trap and keep
us there.

My 17kg Fat Loss, You Guys Are GI Geniuses! Just a quick note to
say that you guys are one only ones to fully understand the effects of
GI on digestion and subconscious mental conditioning. I would have
never in a million years figured out how these two variables work hand
in hand. I call it GI Genius! Your eating plan has helped me shred
17kgs of pure lard at a pace that actually scared me.

I feel like a different person altogether now. I strongly think that
Governments should use your research as the default basis to make
nutritional decisions (and pay you guys for the privilege, of course).

Do you know who is one of the healthiest groups of people on earth?
The Eskimos. They eat virtually zero servings of carb simply because
they got none. They mainly survive on fish, seals and game meat. Their
only source of fruits and vegetables are from berries and seaweed. Yet
they live ultra healthy lives, live much longer and disease free than
us and have almost no cardiology conditions.

And do you know why? Because Eskimos continue to eat like they have
been for thousands of years. They are eating the way their insulin can
easily cope with. We're in the same boat. We have to eat in such a way
that our insulin can easily cope. Historically we've all eaten low GI
foods. Our insulin is happy to support low GI foods. Following the
food pyramid forces our body to try and adapt to something that it
cannot cope with. The result is A NATION THAT'S CAUGHT IN THE GI TRAP.

So, what's the conclusion? Eating foods with low GI keeps your
insulin working at optimal levels. You don't feel hungry as often. So
you eat less. Eating low GI foods also uses a lot more calories just
to digest the food itself. So overall you store less calories as body
fat. And once you start to store fewer calories as fat cells than
what's required by your body on a daily basis, you begin to lose body
fat as you start using it as energy.

Sounds simple enough. And it is. BUT IT'S NOT EASY IN PRACTICE.
Because eating just low GI foods will take its toll in your mind.
Remember the tuna salad scenario we covered in Fact #5? The minute you
start to drastically change your food types, it becomes a diet. And we
all know what the dropout rate of ANY dieting is. 97% of people drop
out within the first 27 days. THE ODDS ARE AGAINST YOU EVEN BEFORE YOU
START. So you've only ONE option. Use our Calorie Canceling method.
Trust me, there is no other easy way out.

Now that we've covered the 9 facts that are critical to understanding
how to lose body fat, I'll bust the top 11 fat loss myths.

11 Top Fat Loss Myths Busted!
Myth #1: Exercising can help you lose weight

Exercise is a very broad term. Let's break it into its three main
categories and see how each one impacts fat loss.

Non-cardio movements This includes things like walking at a slow
rate, basic housework and gardening. The actual movement burns
calories at around 230 calories per hour. Two slices of bread with NO
spread will easily cover that number of calories. There is almost no
increase in your resting metabolic rate so your fat burning rate DOES
NOT increase. In fact, all that movement might lure you to have some
snack. Apart of the actual calories burnt during the exercise period,
there is no fat loss advantage.

Cardio movements These include all things that are more vigorous
such as cycling, aerobics, running, swimming, etc. The calories burned
per hour could be anything from 400 to 1,000. Your resting metabolic
rate will be elevated a bit since your muscle tissues will be
demanding more nutrients and oxygen. So that could burn an extra 3% to
5% of your daily calorie intake. BUT YOU HAVE TO DO IT ALMOST DAILY TO
GET THIS BENEFIT. The other downside is that cardio stimulates hunger.
So unless you can embrace hunger, you can very easily overeat and more
than make up for the extra calories burned off from the cardio

Resistance training Resistance training is training with either
weights or some other type of resistance (such as using Bowflex). This
is one type of exercise that shows very promising results for fat loss
but with a major setback. Training your muscles increases the size of
your muscle tissues...but then quickly hits plateau. While your muscle
tissues are increasing in size, your resting metabolic rate increases
as much as by 15%. And as your muscles keep increasing in size, this
rate could go as high as 30%! That's great news...BUT THERE'S A CATCH.

Your muscles are metabolically costly to your body. It chews up way
too much stored fat cells. So your body makes it really hard for you
to add muscle mass. When you start training, your muscles will grow
really fast even with a relatively poor diet. But you WILL hit plateau
within 3 months. After that you'll have to go on a high protein diet
and keep training really hard in order to force your muscles to grow.
It would also mean creating optimal environment for muscle growth such
as eating high protein meals 6 times a day. Remember, your body cannot
store much protein at all. So you have to constantly eat protein every
2 to 3 hours or your muscles will simply not grow.

If you continue to do resistance training without fostering muscle
growth, your resting metabolic rate will stagnate. It will burn an
extra 5% to 7% of your daily calorie intake. These extra calories will
be burnt in order to supply more nutrients and oxygen to your muscle

So what's the conclusion? Exercise is great for your health,
especially for your heart. I urge everyone to exercise for health
reasons. But please do not count on it as a major influence to your
fat loss progress. A lot of people also struggle to find the will to
exercise. So adopting exercise for fat loss reasons is a bad idea
since it has similar negative effects of using a diet. It forces
people to do things they don't really want to. So the law of nature
takes over and 97% QUIT WITHIN 27 DAYS. Why else do you think most
gyms want you to sign a 12-month contract?

If you're going to exercise...I suggest you do resistance training.
Do not be concerned about increasing your muscle size. Just do the
exercises and enjoy your workouts. It will give you the most benefits
for the least amount of suffering. If you plan to grow your muscles,
be prepared for a MAJOR lifestyle change.

Myth #2: Eating before bedtime will make you fat Eating before
bedtime has no influence on the capabilities of your insulin to remove
glucose from your bloodstream and store them as fat cells. So it makes
no difference to your fat loss as to when you eat your meals.

Myth #3: Do abdominal exercises to get rid of your stomach fat

We've all seen those infomercials. They show some sort of ab machine
and claim to shred pounds off your belly. I call these companies
\"LEGAL CRIMINALS\". Legal - because somehow they're allowed to sell
this crap to the unsuspecting public. Criminals - because they know
very well that their machines don't give the promised results...but
they still continue to sell them.

The models they use in such infomercials are either fitness models or
bodybuilders. They're never the actual users of such machines. In
fact, no self-respecting fitness enthusiast will ever go near such
B.S. machines. Hence they never market such machines in hardcore
bodybuilding or fitness magazines. Because if they did, they'd get
ZERO sales. So they target the unsuspecting public by running ads on

The bottom line is that you cannot spot reduce body fat. You cannot
target a specific body part for fat loss by exercise or by diet. Doing
ab exercises works your ab muscles. It does NOTHING to the layers of
fat in front of the muscle. The same goes for fat in any other area of
your body. When you lose weight, your genetics will determine which
body part will hold on to your last fat reserves. This area is mainly
the stomach region for men and the hips and buttock area for women.

Why people mainly have fat deposits around the abs, buttocks and
hips? Imagine having all your fat cells stored in your calves. It
would be pretty hard to walk wouldn't it? How about your thighs? Or
even your arms or back. DO YOU SEE THE PROBLEM? Nature has chosen the
best places to store our fat cells in order to keep it as least
intrusive as possible. Our spine and pelvic structure has evolved to
carry fat cells in our stomach, buttocks and hip regions. Next time
you curse your stomach, hips or buttocks for bulging...just remember
that the alternative could be far worse. Just imagine yourself
carrying all that weight in your arms for instance.

Nature has decided that the ideal place for fat deposits is the
stomach region for men. But it's the hip and buttocks for women. And
there are two reasons for this. The first is that women have the
ability to get pregnant and carry babies. And fat in the stomach
region will cause space issues. Yes, fat cells are also deposited
around your internal organs so it will directly conflict with the
space required by the womb. The second is that a pregnant woman
requires a lower center of gravity for stability. So depositing fat
below the belly creates a stable structure to hold the extra baby

You cannot fool nature... So you cannot fool nature in any shape or
form and spot reduce fat. You simply have to reduce your OVERALL BODY
FAT in order to improve and define your trouble areas. The muscle
tissues are already in place. All you have to do is reduce the fat so
it can be seen. THERE'S NO OTHER WAY. Next time you see those
infomercials you should call them and waste their time. Try ordering a
pizza or something. Annoy them as much as you like. Hogging their
phone lines could prevent another person from getting through and
placing an order. That's one less person conned into false promises.
Those companies are crooks and in my opinion should not be allowed to
sell their crap as fat loss tools.

Myth #4: Our modern lifestyle is making us fat

Sure, our modern lifestyle has made our life less physical. But
historically there has always been a segment of our society that did
not do much physically laboring work. This was the middle and upper
class family. They had other people doing almost everything for them.
A classic example is the royal family in Britain. Do they have any
obese family members? NO. Using the royal family is not a good
example, as it doesn't perfectly represent this segment. But it's
something you can relate to. Back then, there were thousands of
families who had workers doing all their chores. But they did not
suffer from the obesity problems that plague us today.

Have you seen overweight construction workers and trades people?
I've lost count of how many construction workers and trades people
I've seen who are overweight. These guys/gals are always on the move.
Some burn 1,000 to 3,000 calories a day just at work. But they're
still overweight. Hell, I've even seen grossly overweight laborers who
dig trenches for a living.

Why are almost all prisoners are NOT overweight Have you seen those
prison programs and wondered why these guys are so trimmed? They only
get 30 to 60 minutes of exercise time on the courtyard and are locked
up in a very small space for the rest of the time. And not all
prisoners exercise during their recreation break. Yet almost all are
nicely trimmed. So their life is much more inactive when compared to
people who are not locked up but they're still much trimmer.

The secret is in their meal planning Prison diet is highly
regulated. Yes, they do get all varieties of food. But they don't get
the luxury of eating a large bowel of ice cream as their 9pm snack or
two energy drinks at 3pm. THEIR FOOD IS GEARED TOWARDS LOW GI
FOODS...and they don't have a choice but to eat it. Even their sweet
treats are nothing like what we eat. It's all carefully made with
calorie deficient ingredients that are low in GI rating scores.

So our obesity is NOT related to our lack of physical work. It's all
to do with our EATING HABITS. The only contributing factor from our
modern society to obesity is the ability to cram massive amounts of
calories into very small packages. Let's look at pizza as an example.
One slice out of a medium pizza (12") contains 183 calories. One can
very easily put away 4 slices of such a tasty food.

That's 732 calories. In the olden days you'd have to eat five whole
boiled potatoes to get that amount of calories. But you'd easily be
full (or sick of it) after eating just 2 or 3 whole potatoes. Do you
see the problem?

Here's another scary comparison You'd struggle to eat 5 boiled
potatoes, right? But I can bet you can easily finish a whole packet of
potato chips without even realizing that you've emptied the bag. This
happens in homes across the country whenever someone sits to watch a
movie and munch of some chips. Most don't even need to watch a
movie...they binge eat an entire packet without even realizing it.
HERE'S THE SCARY PART. A bag of chips (227g/8oz) has a staggering 1240
calories! You'd have to eat 8 whole boiled potatoes to get the same
amount of calories. You'd be full after eating your second or third
potato and count that as a meal. But you'd still be hungry after
polishing a whole bag of chips. After all, potato chips is just a
snack and not a meal. ISN'T THIS PROBLEM REALLY SCARY...?

Thanks For The Wake Up Call My Achilles heel has been scuffing
down bags of crisps while not realizing how badly I'd been adding to
my weight problem. To think I used to easily finish two bags of crisps
in one sitting is something I'm ashamed to even talk about now. That's
2,500 calories!

Since starting out with Calorie Canceling I've had remarkable
improvements with my weight. I've LOST 16 POUNDS so far and my eating
habits have automatically improved. I still eat crisps daily but no
longer at the quantities I used to. Potato crisps is a silent killer
that almost claimed another victim. Thanks for the much needed wake up

So our modern life is contributing largely to obesity only in the
food area. It allows us to consume large amounts of calories without
even realizing it. FOOD IS AN EXTREMELY POWERFUL RESOURCE that has a
significant impact on our lives. Most people just don't realize it.

Myth #5: XYZ drink or pill claims to lose weight fast There's a
wonder pill or drink out every month that promises to rid us of body
fat...yet our nation continues to get bigger. The bottom line is this.
Unless a drink or pill can dive into our genetic blueprint and somehow
magically raise our metabolism by three folds, it will not work.

You just cannot trick your genes Trying to artificially raise your
resting metabolic rate is impossible. It goes against what has been
hard-wired in our genes for millions of years. It's part of our
survival strategy and one of the reasons why we are here today. Why
would your body all of a sudden change its super successful blueprint?
It won't.

Myth #6: Following what celebrities do to lose weight might be the
trick Did you know that Madonna (pop singer) eats around 900 calories
a day? That's 3/4 of a bag of potato chips. Well, she doesn't eat
chips...most likely tuna salads 4 times a day. But this gives you an
idea of their lifestyle and mental conditioning. Most overweight
people eat 900 calories in one sitting!

If you could follow celebrity diets and were able to stick with it
long-term, we would not be having this conversation. The problem is
not with celebrity diets not working. It's to do with those diets not
working for YOUR LIFESTYLE and current situation. If you were to be
paid 4 million dollars for an upcoming movie where you'd have be in a
bathing suit...I'm sure you'd be happy to survive on 1200 calories for
the next 6 months. SO PLEASE DON'T KID YOURSELF. Refer back to Fact #5
where I discussed how our obesity problems could be sorted if everyone
ate just tuna salads...but why it wouldn't work.

Myth #7: My GP can surely advise me on how to lose weight GP stands
for General Practitioner with the keyword being 'General'. GPs have a
very wide base to cover so they cannot afford to specialize in a
certain area...unless it's out of interest. They have the same basic
knowledge about nutrition and fat loss that everyone is already aware
of. Things like...eat less, eat healthy, drink plenty of water, limit
alcohol, quit smoking, etc. Most don't have access to (or couldn't be
bothered finding) cutting edge research data on nutrition and fat

And I don't blame them as they already have plenty of work as it is.
They simply cannot be your point of call for every problem. At the end
of the day, GPs are medical doctors, not health or fat loss
researchers or scientists. And having extra body fat is not a medical
condition (but can easily lead to several medical conditions).

Myth #8: Using Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig might be the way to
go Both Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig or any other weight control
outfit will ultimately try and get you to do one thing. To consume
less calories than what you expand. In fact this is the only way you
can lose weight other than getting a liposuction done (where fat it
literally dissolved and sucked out of you).

But weight control companies provide you with a blueprint and support
structure to help you keep to your calorie deficient diet. SO YOU END
UP BEING ON A DIET, NEVERTHELESS. What makes it worse is that they
want you to eat their branded EXPENSIVE foods to supposedly make it
easy to count calories and have access to low calorie foods.

At the end of the day, most weight control companies are nothing more
than large networks of food distributors. Weight Watchers was not so
long ago sold for several BILLION dollars. It's reported that
consumers spend some 4 BILLION on Weight Watchers products each year.
Wherever these sorts of money are involved, a huge money-hungry
corporation is behind it. And these guys have only one motive - to
make as much profit as possible. THEY DON'T HAVE YOUR BEST INTEREST AT
HAND. If they did, they'd work out a diet plan around the foods you
already eat. There are tons of low calorie meal and snack options in
the market today. So there's no reason to force people into an
expensive brand. Either way...it would still involve dieting and it
will not work for 97% of people on a long-term basis.

Myth #9: Surely a personal trainer or a bodybuilder could give me
proper advice Personal trainers and bodybuilders have a HUGE interest
in fitness. Fitness is their lifestyle. The diets and exercise regimes
they consider easy to sustain is in no way easy for the general

Consider this... Almost all gyms have in-house personal trainers to
help out their members with free training and nutrition advice. BUT
they have enough confidence that the advice they dish out will work
for you...so you'll stick with them for years to come? Why the need
for the long contact?

Hmmm. Makes you think, doesn't it? The dropout rate of new members
at gyms is horrendous. Have you ever seen a gym with the notice
_"Sorry, We Currently Cannot Accept Any More New Members"_? No you
haven't. That's because it doesn't exist. Gyms are constantly trying
to make up for lost members. People following advice given by personal
trainers go through the exact same scenario as those who try to follow
a new diet. They find the new changes too intrusive to their lifestyle
and habits. SO 97% QUIT WITHIN THE FIRST 27 DAYS. There are millions
of gym members right now who are still paying off their membership
contract without even consistently working out. Some don't even step
into the gym after the first few months.

Myth #10: Losing fat might lead to muscle loss Contrary what most
people believe, muscle is not a stored form of energy. You'll only
lose muscle mass if you don't eat adequate amounts of protein and if
you stop working the muscles. Your fat cells are stripped to fuel your
muscles. Muscles cells are not stripped at all for energy purposes.

Some people wrongly believe that when you start starving, your body
breaks down your muscles first to use as energy before attempting to
breakdown your fat cells. Their reasoning is that muscles are easier
to breakdown when compared to fat. THIS IS COMPLETELY WRONG. Here's

What a 260 pound competitive bodybuilder can teach you...
Competitive bodybuilders can go down to as low as 5% body fat during
competitions. And they get to such dangerous low fat levels by
semi-starving themselves in order to create a calorie deficient state
in their bodies. A bodybuilder can go from 15% body fat to 5% within
MINIMAL LOSS IN MUSCLE SIZE. The small amount of loss in muscle size
is from disappearing fat cells that are embedded amongst the muscle
tissues. Yes, muscle tissues do contain some fat cells as easy energy
source. So there's no actual muscle loss.

If our body preferred using muscle as an energy source to fat, a
competitive bodybuilder would never be able to rip up. He wouldn't be
able to maintain his muscle size when he is in calorie deficient mode.
Plus, the average person would also never be able to shred his/her
body fat without losing that little bit of muscle he/she already has.
Imagine trying to lose fat over one year. If your body started using
up muscles as energy the minute you were in calorie deficient state,
all your muscles would completely disappear by the time you lost all
your fat. THIS JUST DOESN'T HAPPEN. Our body can use up our muscles as
energy. But it's not the preferred option. So your body will start
utilizing your muscles only after your fat reserves have run really,
really low. In other wards...when you've starved yourself to the bone.

Be careful, your fat cells NEVER completely disappear Our fat cells
are so versatile that they not only expand when storing glucose but
new fat cells can easily be created on the fly. And when you lose body
fat, your fat cells shrink. BUT you never completely lose them. They
will always be there. It's part of our survival genetics. However, our
body cannot make new muscle cells. Your muscles only expand when
stimulated optimally and when enough nutrition is also present. But
new cells cannot actually be created. And when you don't use your
muscles or deprive them of nutrients, they shrink.

This clear distinction between how we can create more fat cells but
not muscle cells just shows you how much priority our body gives to
storing body fat. But this survival mechanism is what's killing us
today in droves with all sorts of obesity related diseases. What an

Myth #11: Dieting is the only way to lose weight

ALL PEOPLE attempting it within the first 27 DAYS. - On
average an overweight person looks into 7 different quick-fix diets
and attempts 3 of them every two years (AND FAILS). - Only 3%
of all people who follow a diet succeed. This group would have
succeeded on any diet or no diet because they carry the good FTO gene.
- For most people the only thing HARDER than losing body fat
is sticking to a diet or exercise routine.
The statistics speak for themselves. DIETS DON'T WORK FOR THE
MAJORITY OF US. It's that simple. The main reason why they don't work
is because they force us to drastically change our ingrained habits.
We will subconsciously reject anything that imposes too much onto our
current lifestyle. And you cannot fool your subconscious. Your
subconscious ALWAYS wins.

Some people have found a way around this problem. They actually
completely change their lifestyle. And then they adopt a new diet.
This method works because the default lifestyle becomes compatible
with the new diet. So the subconscious does not reject the diet.
Bodybuilders, athletes, sportspeople, celebrities and fitness
enthusiasts are all classic examples of this. A major part of their
lifestyle is taking care of how they look. But the average overweight
person just wants to shred his/her excess body fat without completely
turning his/her life upside down. THAT'S WHERE OUR CALORIE CANCELING

Congratulations! Your knowledge in the area of fat loss has just
surpassed that of your GP, 95% of all personal trainers, 90% of all
nutritionists and 99.99% of the general population. No one will ever
be able to fool you with false information on fat loss ever again!
Now you have 100% of the information required to understand fat loss.
But you have no knowledge yet about how to implement this information
in the most effective way for maximum permanent fat loss. In fact, no
one other than the top few people in our organization has that

But here's what we are prepared to do... We're willing to give you
full access to our pre-done eating plan that AUTOMATICALLY implements
our cutting-edge fat loss system to your current eating habits in the
MOST effective way. Yes, we're virtually giving you our trade
secret...but in a manner that makes it super easy for you to
use...while still protecting our intellectual property rights.

And yes, it will cost you a very modest price Our research took 19
months to complete. The information you've just read at our website
cannot be found on any other site or book. If you do, it's definitely
been copied from our site. Our research and information is unique and
scientifically sound. Producing this sort of results take a lot of
time and money. So we do have expenses and a lot of costs to recover.
But we didn't go into this field to make a ton of money. Yes, we'd
like to make a living from it. But not a killing (although we could).
WE'RE NOT GREEDY. And we also have an ulterior motive. And that is to
spread the truth about fat loss to as many people as possible. Doing
so will give us the most satisfaction.

So we'll ask just a modest token from you as gratitude so we can
continue to do our research on fat loss. And in return you can have
LIFETIME ACCESS to our members area. Our members area has your
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Losing all that access body fat will dramatically change how you feel
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improve, more people will gravitate towards you, your clothes will fit
better, you'll look and feel much better, your lifespan will increase,
you can help your loved ones with their fat loss endeavors...and the
list goes on.

There is also an invaluable hidden bonus We have dedicated a section
within the members area to publish our future results. We are
constantly researching and tweaking our Calorie Canceling method. So
in 3 to 6 months a few small adjustments could make it work EVEN
BETTER. And we'll publish the results in the members area where you
can access it free of charge. Not only that but we'll also publish the
future results of any other breakthrough that we might encounter in
the area of fat loss. As our user-base increases, we get a lot more
feedback. We can now research certain areas a lot quicker. You'll get
access to all our results completely free of charge for life. That's
our way of saying \"THANK YOU\" for supporting our work.

We're the only ones to have the answer to your fat loss endeavors.
There is NO OTHER easy way out.

Life is all about making choices...and successful people make the
right ones Right now you have two choices. The first is to stop
reading our report and get on with your life as you were. If you did
that, we're 100% CERTAIN you'll end up going back to the same vicious
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that this is exactly what's going to happen. The end result is that
you'll remain overweight and increasingly get more frustrated. As time
goes by, your frustrations will affect all areas of your life.
Possibly even lead to health issues and even depression (very common
amongst long-term overweight people). Being overweight can literally
ruin your life.

The second choice is to continue reading the final part of our report
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You've already read our report of the 9 facts and 11 myths of fat
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experimentation. We're certainly NOT a 'fly-by-night' company. Nor are
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SO YOU KNOW WE ARE ON YOUR SIDE. We really want to help you, help
yourself. And to prove our point we've made our information really
accessible by virtually anyone. And we've also made our Calorie
Canceling program ultra affordable. So affordable that we believe
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A bit about Calorie Canceling (before you join up as our member)
Calorie Canceling is NOT a diet. It's an eating method instead.
Following a diet means changing what you eat. Following the Calorie
Canceling method means changing how you eat. The foods you'll eat will
remain mostly the same as what you're eating right now. Calorie
Canceling also does NOT impact on your lifestyle either. You can eat
as you're eating right now, go out and enjoy life. Losing fat does not
have to be boring or depressing. Plus, any fat loss plan really has to
slot into your current lifestyle or the law of nature dictates that
there's a 97% chance you'll quit within 27 days.

How you'll get started... Once you've joined up as a member and have
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your food. The slow digestion rate will also start to greatly curb
your hunger levels. So you'll automatically start to STORE fewer
calories than what you consume.

The result will be NET FAT LOSS ON A DAILY BASIS as your body will be
FORCED to use up your fat cells for its energy supply. So you'll end
up melting away your body fat - the exact end result we're looking
for. And all this will happen without having to change the types of
food you're eating right now. This is what makes Calorie Canceling so
unique and effective. You'll still be able to enjoy your pizzas and
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1. Calorie Canceling is the ONLY non-gimmick eating plan on the
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Canceling has been specifically designed for those who have already
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Here's some more recent feedbacks we've gotten from our feedback
Un-debatable Truth And A True Lifesaver You have no idea how much
your eating plan has impacted on my life. Your website is the only one
with facts and un-debatable truth. And your calorie canceling eating
method is a true lifesaver. I'm on pension and have limited budget so
could not afford those diet cereals and low fat foods.

But I didn't know that it was a blessing in disguise as your eating
plan and information clearly states to keep clear of such foods. I now
can eat what I normally eat and still experience weight loss.

_LIZ DOWLING - MIAMI BEACH, FL (US) _ I Would Have Paid $99 Just
To Read The Free Report Your report belongs in the medical journal
where it can only be accessed through paid membership. I would have
honestly paid $99 just to read this information. I'm not overweight
but still found your report very factual and informative. I felt so
guilty reading your report for free that I joined up as a member to
evaluate your calorie canceling method. IT'S EVERYTHING I WAS HOPING

Even non-overweight people could greatly benefit from your plan. The
long-term health benefits would be enormous. I'll most certainly
recommend you site to everyone I know.

_PETE ZELCER - RADIO HOST _ Skinny-Fat Chef Becomes Skinny I
work at a top NY restaurant with really affluent cliental. Image is
everything in our niche. Unfortunately over the years I had gained a
few too many pounds. I've got one of those 'skinny but fat' bodies
where my excess fat is evenly distributed over all over my body. So I
didn't actually have a protruding belly but my skin all over looked
'filled'. I got a body fat scan done and it was at 27%!

I wanted to bring it down to 18%. I used your eating plan and found
it really easy to follow and stick to, even in my environment. Now I'm
down to 21% body fat. I should hit my target soon. Keep up the
excellent work.

_JAMES WINDUST - NYC _ Give Me My Diploma After reading your
report, it felt like I had gained a qualification in nutrition and
weight loss. I also joined up as a member and that just made me over
qualified. Now I feel like I've been owed a diploma in nutrition and
weight loss.

_ADAM YEE - HONG KONG _ Broke Away From The GI Trap & Lost 19lbs
So Far I broke cold sweat after reading your article on GI Trap. It
described exactly what I was going through. It's like you understood
my body better than anyone else. I was stuck in the Trap for a decade
and have finally broken free. My body was diet proof and nothing would
work. I was contemplating gastric surgery when I found your site via
google. Now I'm making progress.

I think I have really stubborn fat cells as I'm always hungry. But
your eating system has enabled me to pretty much keep full but still
not eat as much. Although it will be many months before I reach my
ideal weight, I'VE ALREADY LOST 19LBS. The main thing is that my
eating plan is not negatively affecting me in anyway so I can continue
this forever if I have to. It's god sent and way overdue!

_DENNIS KEK - CANADA _ Another GI Trap Victim, Family Loses
113lbs! GI Trap. These six letters changed my life. I printed out
your website and made everyone in my family read it. Our family has a
long history of weight problems. And your site spelled out the exact
reasons as to why. We've now implemented Calorie Canceling as our
default eating plan. For once there hasn't been a single complain and
collective WE'VE LOST 113 LBS.


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