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INTERNET TV SOFTWARE Watch Live TV, Watch TV Online, Watch Online TV,



Sample Stream Channels
You Will Find On
Satellite Channels

Why pay over $90.00 a moth for Cable or Satellite TV Services


Watch Television on your computer !

Works on ANY Computer

Over 5,000 TV Channels

No more Cable or Satellite Billes !

Over 1,000 Premium Movies

Instant Setup

No hardware required

Easy Channel Search

Free update and support 24/7

Channels from 78 Countries

Works for ANY country and language

100% Legal !

Money Back Guarantee


Satellite Channels software gives you the opportunity to watch more
5000 TV channels on your PC without paying monthly fees like you do
your Cable TV subscription. Imagine what you could afford to
and your family with all that money you throw in Cable TV owner
Let say your monthly fee is 60$... It's 720$ yearly.
Quite a nice amount, don't you agree ?

Well, you can forget paying that money anymore. Web technology is now

more than enough advanced to give you a chance to watch more TV
channels for FREE, than You'll ever get by paying Cable TV fees.

Yes, you've read it good. With only one single payment for our
TV on PC software, you can avoid to pay a single dollar for your TV
ever again. Just download it, install it, and in seconds you'll have
a whole
new World on your PC screen.

Plus You are not limited to watch these channels on your home TV. If
have a laptop, you can have your own Satellite TV wherever you go on
planet. We can't guarantee if it would work somewhere else, but as
long as
you are on the Earth, you'll have your TV with yourself ! :)

So, what are You waiting for ?

Watching Thousands Of TV Channels Has Never Been So
Simple ! - Get Your Own Satellite TV For PC NOW !!!
Why Pay Over $90.00 A Month For Cable Or Satellite TV Services

Yes ! I want to use a Today Special price
and get my Satellite Channelsfor ONLY $49.99

Customer Testimonials...

"I Can Sell My TV Now"

Ha ha, I don't need it anymore !
I have t say that I was little sceptical
about Satellite Channelswhen I came to your site !
But after reading everything, Isaid to myself :
"Come on Marco, f this works the price is a bargain.
It's the money You spend on pizza and few drinks"
So, I bounght it ! And that was a great decision !

Marco G.,Rome, Italy

"I am Not Very Happy"

Really, my boys are watching TV whole day !
They have found some football progams,
and they are watching game after game.
Not only that I can't find a time
to talk with them, but I can't find a time to
watch my favourite TV shows !
I guess I'll have to buy one more Satellite Channels:)

Laura Stevens, London, UK


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