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Set Rules For Use Of Social Media At Your Company

Businesses today are quickly realizing the benefits of social media
as a way to distribute information and interact with customers,
partners, suppliers and employees. Company branded Facebook pages,
Twitter feeds and blogs are now common place. But to complicate
matters, employees often maintain personal blogs, Facebook and Twitter
accounts, etcetera, on company time using company resources. In
addition to the productivity issues this poses, the lines between
company and personal business are all too often getting blurred in
cyberspace exposing your company to potential PR disasters and even
legal problems. To manage this, your company needs a concise set of
policies to control the use of social media.

The SOCIAL MEDIA POLICIES TOOLKIT provides a straightforward set of
documents that you can put to use immediately at your organization.
It's an ideal starting point for designing policies for social media
websites and their use within your company. It includes straignforward
guidelines on the procedures for maintaining company-branded social
media content on the top sites today, including Facebook, Twitter and
YouTube. Plus it helps you define the rules for employee's personal
use of social media at your company.

The Framework And Documents You Need To Manage Social Networking At
Your Company

The Social Media Policies Toolkit is an ideal resource for any
company that wants to create or revise it's policies pertaining to the
use of most popular social networking platforms such as Blogs,
YouTube, Facebook and LinkedIn. The kit contains 2 powerpoint
presentations that can be customized for use in your company, 16
policy templates and a directory of top resources you can use to find
real-world examples of successful social networking policies.

The tools in this kit are in simple HTML, Microsoft Word and
Microsoft PowerPoint formats. Here's what is included:

Document Descriptions

* Blogging Disclosure
This document is used when you want an employee to list any personal
blogs he or she authors outside of work.
* Company Blog Process
This document establishes a process which must be followed when
blogging for the company on a company blog.
* Company Facebook Account Policy
This document describes the rules for operating the company Facebook
* Company Facebook Page Policy
This document describes the process and guidelines to follow when
updating the company's Facebook page.
* Company Social Media Policy
This document is for companies who have branded social media accounts
such as their own Twitter feed, Facebook page, company blog, etc.
* Company Social Media Policy - Strict Version
This document is a much stricter social media policy that discourages
employee social media use at work and sets strict guidelines for
disclosure outside of work.
* Corporate Blog Policy
This document describes the rules and guidelines for writing on a
company blog.
* Corporate Blogging Policy
This document is for companies who provide tools or some online space
for employees to blog.
* Corporate Twitter Account Policy
This document describes the appropriate use of a company branded
Twitter account.
* Facebook Usage Policy
This document is for companies who allow Facebook use at work, but
want to set limits for employees.
* LinkedIn Policy
This document describes the appropriate use of LinkedIn accounts for
* Password Policy
This document sets a password policy for passwords used for company
branded social media accounts.
* Personal Blog Policy
This document describes what an employee can and cannot say with
respect to the company on his or her personal blog.
* Personal Social Network Policy
This document defines guidelines for general employee social network
use outside of working hours.
* Personal Twitter Policy
This document describes the appropriate use of Twitter accounts if
allowed on company time.
* YouTube Policy
This document describes both the use of personal YouTube accounts as
well as the company's position with respect to employee YouTube


* Social Networking Policy
A presentation that explains the social networking policy of the
company and covers various social tools and what is or is not allowed
when using them.
* How to Use Social Media
A presentation that describes the potential uses of social networks
at work, such as recruiting, business development, etc.


* Resources
This document is a list of tools, tips, ideas, and example policies
you will find useful.

An Exceptional Value!

Recreating the templates in this kit would take you many hours (even
weeks) to complete. You and your organization can benefit from all the
research, advice and tools in this kit for one low price!


Download all the instructions and templates in this kit and save the
countless hours it would take you to create the documentation and
policies in this toolkit from scratch. If you are not completely
satisfied you can notify us within 60 days to receive a full refund.


* Premium IT tools & templates
* Written by Senior IT Managers
* Practical and easy to use
* Real-world examples to draw from
* Customize for your company


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