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Ask Your Way To Success, Money,

And Peace of Mind !!




























Among the possibilities ...

You will not need to spend a lot of time trying to learn a system, since it's perfect for "regular folks."

You will not need to spend a lot of money to implement this compelling, powerful strategy.

You will not need to let people know that you are using this system, as you personally fine-tune techniques to suit your own needs.

You will not need to possess a vastly superior IQ or superior debating skills in order to position yourself for the many positive possibilities.

The Cold, Hard Facts...


Peace of Mind

The Respect You Truly Deserve

A Dream Lifestyle You've Craved For Your Whole Life

Yes, following years of intense research on the vital and essential art of asking, I have cracked open the safe ~ discovering a system that can enable you to position yourself for the lifestyle change that you deeply crave.

As you can imagine, lots of hot-shot billionaires and popular media personalities undoubtedly want this offer shut down ~ since these greedy individuals would like nothing more than to keep all these tactics under continual lock and key for themselves.

So, How Does the Asking Game™ work, anyway?

The process is as simple as cutting a piece of pie. Just select a target, choose a desire and implement a combination of just one, two or all three simple factors that you must employ ~ and that's it !! My system truly is that basic, while also super-powerful enough to vastly improve your chances for the results you desire. Amazing.

Without exaggeration, my snail-mail box and email account have been jammed with names of people who position themselves for the potential of mega-positive lifestyle changes made possible by the Asking Game™.

In fact, you'll find the initial program instructions stuffed with so many positive testimonials on the undeniable power of the Asking Game™ that I'm humbled and gratified at the chance to help many people change their lives for the better.

Simple !! Simple !! Simple !!

Take The Path To What You Want !!

So What Will You Get When You Grab Your Own Asking Game™ ?

POWER: Delivered to you instant download, a breezy and fun, action-packed basic guide, loaded with urgent, vital and compelling info you need to succeed at the Asking Game™

SIMPLE: The easy-to-understand, quick-to-learn system featuring three easy-to-remember codes that you set on auto-pilot ~ to position yourself for optimized results.

VALUE: Available at a low cost, this system gives you an unquestionably sensational process that you can put to good use right away.

As you can imagine, some people have told me that with ease, I could rightfully sell this system for $25,000 a pop ~ even in today's horrific economy, and in fact, especially due to today's harsh economic conditions ! Amazingly, I'm not going to charge you anywhere near that much!!


100% Zero Risk, Your Order is Secure & Fully Guaranteed.

You must be skeptical, right? Well, as you'll soon discover ~ you can change your life around! With my exclusive, trademarked Asking Game™ system, you'll review mind-blowing, compelling and magnetic stories ~ actual true-life situations where people from around the globe used such amazing strategies to take the paths they want in life.

As you might imagine, from my view the Asking Game™ strategy has been one of the world's best-kept secrets ~ until now. Finally, after years of intense research, I have decided to make these details available to the general public ~ but only for a limited time!!

From the desk of Wayne Melton, Creator of the Asking Game™.

Right off the bat, I need to apologize to you here, since only 219 file positions for  the Asking Game™ program were made available at the time this Website launched just a short while ago. Right now only a handful of these highly coveted positions remain and those spots are likely to sell within several minutes.

Easy !! Easy !! Easy !!

Yes, the Asking Game™ system provides a stupidly simple way to ask people for things, sharply increasing the chances of getting what you want.

Yes, the Asking Game™ system can dramatically change your life within the matter of a few years, months, weeks, days or even seconds.

Yes, the Asking Game™ is so simple to implement that you easily could start using these super-powerful strategies within just one hour from now.

Yes, the Asking Game™ is unique, found nowhere else in the world but right here, laid out in this specific, simple and easy-to-follow manner.

Yes, you can take action now to position yourself for the possibility of a lifestyle that you have always wanted ~ but maybe were afraid to ask for.

People worldwide can change their lives for the better with this system, which is doubly important now amid the challenging economy. Yes, you'll discover how many of the world's most famous billionaires and celebrities ask for and receive what they want ~ and now you can, too!!

So, just what is the Asking Game™...

And, no, this unique strategy is not to simply ask something like, "Please give me a million dollars, okay?" Such lame attempts rarely get any serious attention. Instead, in order to thrive and grab the things in life that you have craved, you will need this proven, tried-and-true system coveted worldwide ~ the Asking Game™.

I Cracked The Safe Wide Open For You & A Lucky Few Others As Well !!

Well, as a small child, you undoubtedly asked your parents or caregivers for treats and toys ~ and with any luck you often got them. As the years passed your wishes and desires undoubtedly blossomed. Yet odds are strong that as an adult you rarely receive the most important things you want ~ likely because you fail to ask for them in a right and perfect way likely to get the desired results.

Among the many amazing, true-life, documented stories of people who used Asking Game™ strategies ~ specific details that you will find in this program:

Keneau: While in his teens in the late 1980s, using Asking Game™-style skills in everyday life, he drove a jalopy clear across the United States to ask urgent, vital questions ~ resulting in a billion-dollar career for himself.

Wouldn't you like to take the same course as "Jo?" As a single mother of about 30, she created a product that she thought could be a hot-seller. Despite streams of rejections from businesses, she persisted in asking the right and perfect questions ~ eventually generating a fortune of more than $1 billion

Spend Just 1 Minute Daily !!

All I ask is that you spend at least 1 minute every day using this priceless strategy. Surely you have that much time to position your life for the potential of super-positive change!!

"This Shocking, Energizing Info Can Change Your Life For the Better, Enabling You To Quickly Escape Into A Glorious World ~ Available Only to a Lucky Few, Until Now !!"

Seemingly at the push of a button, you will easily adopt a shockingly simple lifestyle change that automatically enables you to:

SELECT: Locate or hunt down a desired goal or objective.

CHOOSE: Decide to implement just one or a combination of Strategy #1, Strategy #2 or Strategy #3.

ACTION: Push an imaginary button by setting your strategy into place.

RESULTS: Take it easy, and enjoy life as you watch for the potential of desired results.

URGENT UPDATE: Read This Vital Message NOW !!

Found virtually nowhere else but right here,, the Asking Game™ is extremely powerful. Use this system with extreme caution, due to the vibrant, glorious nature of  your potential outcome. Possible results range from huge income potential, to even the possibility of purchasing luxury cars and adding multiple figures to your bank account. While understanding there is no such thing as a "typical result," you should avoid buying your very own Asking Game™ file unless you are willing or ready for great possibilities.



1 MILLION LEADS: For FREE only to those who purchase now, a whopping, mind-boggling total of 1 million actual prospects ~ hot leads accessed via the Internet. These are actual people promoting their own opportunities, but they're also individuals willing and eager to review opportunities you show them. This "freebie" alone could be considered worth a fortune, but you'll be getting it FREE here along with the other sizzling hot features of the Asking Game™

EMAIL NEWSLETTER: For FREE only to those who purchase now, access to my exclusive, highly coveted 90-day email newsletter ~ jam-packed with the hottest, most vibrant methods for you to immediately super-charge your online marketing efforts ~ so that you can put your Asking Game™ skills to the test on the Web. When added to the mega-powerful features of this system, you'll instantly get positioned for the possibility of slapping an instant Grand Slam on the Internet.

INSIDER TIPS: For FREE only to those who purchase now, insider tips on specifically how some of the world's most famous and wealthiest people put Asking Game™ tactics to the test, enabling themselves to supercharge their careers and electrify their lifestyles.

Benefit From This System For The REST Of Your Life!!

The Asking Game™ can energize you with vastly superior power of persuasion skills. In a sense, the basic techniques might be perceived as mind-control tricks. Indeed, well past the point of conversational hypnosis and instant persuasion, these closely guarded mind control techniques can literally enable you to influence the psychology of others.


After easily gasping the basics, you'll put yourself on a level of covert persuasion. These unstoppable persuasion techniques can prove extremely valuable to anyone who needs super asking skills for:

How to convince others to join or buy from your Internet marketing business ~ or to activate your Internet product marketing.

How to buy a car and how to sell a car.

Simply how to sell ~ to truly know how to sell.

How to make money, and how to produce a make money blog.

How to ask a woman on a date, how to ask a girl on a date and how to ask a man on a date.

How to sell a home and how to buy a home.

Plus countless other possible opportunities, transactions or behaviors.

So, How Much Will I Charge You For This Amazing System?

Remember, this one-time charge of only $39, a rock-bottom price for the amazing Asking Game™, could position you for a lifetime of potential financial and personal enjoyment. Immediately after purchasing on a trusted, secure server, you will receive your file via download.

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URGENT: Check Out This Vital Message Now ...


So, Just What Are People Saying?

You'll discover well-documented, undeniably amazing true-life stories where people who have used stupidly simple, super-easy Asking Game™-style techniques to become billionaires, amass hundreds of millions of dollars, or even emerged as world-renowned celebritries destined to remain admired for many generations to come !!

As you surely must imagine, I need to limit the number of people who get their hands on these super-powerful, laser-targeted strategies! By enabling too many people to benefit from my exclusive trademarked Asking Game™ system, I would lessen the advantages of the handful of individuals lucky enough to get it.


I'm so confident that you'll be satisfied with this system, that I'm giving buyers a rock-solid, no-questions-asked 60-day money-back guarantee. If you are unsatisfied for any reason, I will return your entire purchase price.


Only 219 Positions Available

[Order "The Asking Game" Now For a One-Off 80% Discounted Price of Only $39](http://1.askguy.pay.clickbank.net)

Regular Price $235 Today Only $39


Shia: Was just 12 years old, living in a poor, run-down Los Angeles neighborhood when he literally let his fingers do the walking through the Yellow Pages™, asking vital questions that eventually led to a career worth hundreds of millions of dollars. Indeed, the positive possibilities are endless.

Positive !! Positive !! Positive !!

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by AskingGame.com in the materials on this Web page.


Good News Notice: In accordance with Federal Trade Commission Rules, I have fully documented many instances where Asking Game™. strategies have resulted in great success ~ in some cases billions of dollars and also significant lifestyle changes. Without question, I beat the federal bureaucracy to the punch, so to speak, noting here that the FTC policy also requires a statement that no results or testimonials are "typical." As is the case with anything in life, "some people get far better results than others." Some people might not get a single cent when asking for things, while others amass substantial money totals. From my view, the winners are  individuals who employ Asking Game™ strategies.  And, now let's celebrate the fact this opportunity is available ~ if only for a very limited time.

Tom: Suffered a severe knee injury during a high school wrestling match, but later persisted in asking vital questions of key decision makers ~ resulting in a billion dollar career for himself. Yes, yet another example of how Asking Game™-style skills can result in personal, financial and professional success.

Email ~ info@AskingGame.com

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