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How Average Guys Get Above Average Girls

You've got 2 choices here, guys...
You can waste your time chasing girls.
(they're guaranteed to run away)
You can get serious about learning the
ART of attraction and have them chase YOU.

It's YOUR choice:
Let girls find you FRUSTRATING
Make girls find you FASCINATING

Curious? Watch The Video Trailer!

Did you know EVERY guy has a hidden POWER that will
attract women

It's simple, if you were BORN male you already have what it takes to ATTRACT females. So why doesn't EVERY guy get the girl he WANTS?


Some guys KNOW HOW to unlock their power, other guys try being SOMEONE ELSE. We all KNOW women have intuition - if YOU know the secret, THEY will come to you.

These techniques work like MAGIC, but they're MUCH easier to learn than you would think...you just need someone to
show you how to start
meeting women

Our members get MASSIVE love from girls
here's why:

Membership Includes...
Instructional Videos:HOURS of our exclusive videos delivered in bite sized chunks. We cover every topic you could ask for, from getting her number to getting her between your bed sheets. Detailed Missions:You need a strategy and you need goals. We can give you both to make SURE you get your skills sharp so you can start taking the girls home with you! Make Over:It's more than just fashion these days, you need the WHOLE image of yourself to attract the girls you want. We'll show you how to look the way you want and get the girls complimenting your appearance. Fitness Corner:Want a body you can be proud of? We've got meal plans and easy exercises you can do to have the type of physique you won't be self conscious about, and that the girls wont be able to resist. Style House:Dress To Impress! Our style experts show you how to show your OWN style in simple to follow videos. Never get a raised eyebrow from girls again! Anxiety Removal:We don't just tell you to lose your fear, we SHOW you HOW to turn confusion into CONFIDENCE that girls can't resist. You can get close to the girl you want and get sexual when you decide to use these techniques. The Kitchen:A guy that knows how to cook can turn a girl on quickly, and it saves you money at the same time. Impress your lady friends with an intimate meal you made yourself - we'll show you how! Questions:Ask ANY QUESTION and one of our attraction experts will answer. We've taught guys for over 4 years, no problem we haven't heard before and know a solution for.


recent success stories from our members

"I'll admit it - I was a loser. I signed up for every dating site and pickup secrets site I could find. I still could have written the handbook for "How to Drop the Ball with Girls". Here's the thing, a lot of these 'experts' on attracting girls act like it's some complicated art you'll have to buy all this stuff to learn. GirlAttract showed me the secret weapon was MYSELF and gave me the training to get out there and win the girl of my dreams. Now we're engaged and thanks to the confidence I got from this site I'm getting paid more at my job, too! I'm not sure who's happier that I signed up and learned what you guys teach - me or Heidi! Thanks guys!! "
Kyle from Indiana (now in Los Angeles as of May 2010)

"I kind of rolled my eyes when I discovered your site. I wasn't a virgin and I did okay dating. Did I have the girl I really wanted? Not really. I just figured you get what you get and there's not much you can do. On a whim, I decided to join because it can't hurt, right? Well, within three weeks of watching the videos, following what you guys teach and trying it out I got a girl I'd been wanting for years. My whole life changed that fast and I approach everything differently now. My friends thought I must have studied hypnosis or something until I showed them GirlAttract. Three of them joined and it worked just as well for them. The rest of them get what they get. I'm glad you guys are out there showing how to get what you want instead of settling for the rest."
Darren from Florida

"Guys, I wanted to write in even though I'm a girl and say what a great program you run!! My husband Alex and I just got married 3 months ago and we are SO happy! We started dating about a year ago and when he finally told me about being a member of GirlAttract I was shocked. He's so charming and has such great style I didn't believe him when he told me how he used to be before joining the site - until he showed me the pictures of himself back then! If you guys hadn't helped him discover how to show who he is inside I would have never been interested in him, sadly, but because you did I have the man I always wanted. Keep up the good work, GirlAttract rocks!!! "
Katie From New York


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