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Starting your own business is an exhilarating yet overwhelming
experience.  Entrepreneurs don’t have the time to read a 400-page
how-to guide, but they do need the fundamentals, presented succinctly
and directly.  This eBook comes from the author’s 20 years of
experience in working with, teaching, and advising several hundred
entrepreneurs. Short and to-the-point, the book offers practical,
powerful information for anyone who is contemplating starting a

Perhaps you still have a day job and are contemplating launching your
own company—or perhaps you have lots of ideas and are wondering
which one is most likely to succeed.  This book was written for
you.  Its simple but thorough seven-step method will answer your most
essential questions—questions your investors will soon be asking
you!  Save yourself thousands of dollars and two years of your life
by reading the book before you plunge into your startup.


The eBook addresses such questions as:

    -  Am I really an entrepreneur?

    -  How do I know whether my idea has true potential?

    -  How will I make money?

    -  What do I need to get started?

Written by an experienced Silicon Valley CEO and seasoned
entrepreneur, this book is a quick and easy read and is packed with
valuable information and anecdotes.

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"Succinct, compelling, profound - this book is invaluable with full
on-the-money advice that would have been priceless when I was starting
my last company. It could take a lifetime to learn what Naeem lucidly
summed up in just a few dozen pages. It's a must read for any


-Slavik Zorin

  Founder and CEO Synchrony Systems

  New York, NY

"Many of us believe that one day we will start our own companies. But
what do you need to know before you take that irreversible step of
quitting your job? Naeem Zafar's 7 Steps to a Successful Startup is
just what the new entrepreneur needs. Providing clear guidance based
on knowledge gained by experience! I commend this book to all who
consider launching themselves on this exciting journey."


-Jerome S. Engel

  Executive Director Lester Center for Entrepreneurship "
class="Bullet">-Dr. Bulent Erbilgin

  VP of Engineering SS8 Networks


"Naeem has done an outstanding job of outlining the critical "must
dos" and relating them to his own real life events. This is a must
read for anyone aspiring to become the 'employee number one."


-Dr. Atul Kumar

  VP of SaaS Operations, Serena Software


7-Steps to a Successful Startup: Simple Lessons Before You Quit Your
Day Job!

By Naeem

Format: eBook

Price: $14.99    

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