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Discover The Secrets Of Direct Mail Marketing

‘Discover the secrets of direct mail marketing that will make you rich’

This invaluable e-book contains over 300 pieces of tips on direct mail marketing. Accompanying each piece of advice is an example or brief description of how to apply these tips in your direct mail project. The information in this book comes from a variety of sources: including marketing texts written by the masters and one-on-one interviews with to – days direct mail experts.

Whether you are a seasonal direct mail marketer or new to profession, this book is for you. This book is a good permanent reference for creating all types of direct mail projects. Bill Myers has put together in this single document containing all the proven methods just for you.

The topics covered in this book include:

The Ten Commandments Of Direct Mail Marketing
Learn how to avoid the biggest mistakes in direct mail.

Making it easy for the customer to place an order.

Read all the tips in Chapter 1

Choose The Right Customers
The best customer is one who is has a need for the type of product you have.

To find them: read the secrets in Chapter 2

Select Hot Products
Keep in mind the ‘out of box’ experience.

How to make the most of that initial experience.

Read  the tips in Chapter 3

The Psychology Of Customers
People tend to avoid risk. How can you  reduce their risk?

Read the secrets in Chapter 4

Understand The Sales Letter
How to get customers  to read your letter.

Find out these tricks in Chapter 5.

Get In The Mood To Write A Sales Letter.
The proper emotional mood needed for a successful sales letter.

Read these techniques in Chapter 6

Create Powerful Headlines
Coming up with a money making headline is one of the hardest, but most rewarding parts, of  writing your sales letter. Getting the first line read is the first step in getting the entire letter read.

Read the secret to headlines in Chapter 7

Phrase Your Greeting
How to select greetings.

Read these tips in Chapter 8

Write Dynamic Body Copy
How can you use powerful words and make the copy exiting?

How will you make reading your sales letter a pleasant experience?

Not to mention making them read on from page to page…

Read all the secrets in Chapter  9

Use Words That Sell
55 Magic words that will make you rich.

9 Phrases asking for action that will generate unlimited wealth.

Avoid the puff words that will kill your sales.

Read all the tips in chapter 10.

Insiders’ Sales Letter Tactics
Avoid confusion in the sales letter.

Presentation is one of the best ways to sell – How do you make it worthwhile?

Read all the tips in Chapter 11

Order Form Secrets
How to build the customer’s confidence in your order form.

Read the secrets in Chapter 12.

Get The Envelope Opened
How to increase the odds of getting your letter opened.

Read the tips in chapter 13.

Proper Layout For Maximum Sales
Poorly designed letter will kill the sales.

How to make the sales letter look professional.

Read the techniques in Chapter 14

Print The Packages
How to get through the process of having your masterpiece duplicated.

Read the secrets in Chapter 15

Profitable Mailing Strategies
Make the postal service work for you.

Read the tips in Chapter 16

Increase Your Profits
How to turn customer’s inquiries into moneymaking information.

The main reasons for direct mail project failure.

Read all the secrets in Chapter 17

Appendix B contains a new project checklist.

There are techniques that you need to identify the market before you can come up with the products to sell. By utilizing the proven methods in this e-book, you can eliminate most of the obstacles to success in any direct mail project.

Guarantee: If you are not completely satisfied with this e-book, we will refund your  money with no questions asked within 60 days from item purchase.

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P.S.  Remember, this book contains the proven methods of tips, techniques and secrets that will lead you to a great success in direct mail marketing.

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