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Award-Winning Humorist, National Speaker Association presenter and veteran performer of over 20 television shows…

"How an Insecure, Hyper Kid with a Lisp Went Onto to Become an In Demand Public Speaker Getting Paid Upwards of $6500 a Speech..."

"I don’t care what background, education, or fears you have that might be holding you back. I can show you how to captivate ANY audience so you can earn industry respect, expert status, and dominate your niche market."

~Peter "The Reinvention Guy" Fogel – National Speakers Association Speaker, Author, Seminar Leader.

From the office of Peter Fogel
Delray Beach, Florida 33446

Dear Public Speaker,

I remember the exact date when I got the call: March 12th.

That’s when I was chosen to give a presentation at the New York City Convention of the National Speakers Association.

On that day hundreds of top-gun speaker/entrepreneurs  will descend upon The Big Apple to network and learn from each other.  Men and women who earn anywhere from six-figures to million dollars a year (or more).

I can tell you from experience, it’s one thing to speak in front of corporate or association audiences…. it’s a whole new ball game to speak in front of your colleagues who are members of this exclusive club.

My heart pounded in anticipation of the big event. Thoughts swirled around in my head…

Was I up to the task…? Can I impress them…? Will they scrutinize my platform skills…?

Thinking back over this 30 year journey that led me to the huge, opportunity, I chuckled to myself as I realized it wasn’t always like this.

That’s because early on I had doubts and challenges about my reaching any speaking success what so ever. And it was all due to…

A Speech Impediment That Haunted Me for Years!

Back then, I was skinny, hyper kid always trying to get the attention of my family and other kids with my sense of humor.

Unfortunately I would always fall flat on my face because I had a noticeable, “Say it,  don’t spray it,” lisp.  Every time I would tell a joke the school kids would LAUGH—but at me, not with me!

And even though it was a difficult time for me, I still NEVER gave up my dream of entertaining and speaking in front of audiences.

Eventually I went to speech therapy and came to a realization:

If I was ever going to get over my fears, blossom and become a powerful communicator it-was-going-to-be-up- to-me.

Unrelenting, I made it my goal. Through discipline and a strong burning desire to win, I DID overcome my speech impediment. In fact, I went on to have a fulfilling career that included doing Shakespeare on stage!

Not only that, but I also went on and became a working comedian in clubs and colleges and on late night talk and comedy programs like Carolines Comedy Hour, Evening at the Improv, Comic Strip Live and scores of commercials

As an audience warm-up I worked on over 22 sitcoms like Married with Children, Men Behaving Badly, Whoopi w/ Goldberg, Carolines Comedy Hour, Comic Strip Live.

Economic Times are Tough!
Have You Positioned Yourself for SUCCESS?!

When I made the transition to speaking at corporations and associations across America I soon realized the pay was astronomically higher than in the comedy world.

I remember a friend asking me to give a motivational speech on the healing power of humor for his company…

A marketing client of mine asked me to speak at a seminar on the art of copywriting to his sales force…

Before I knew it, word spread of my public speaking abilities and one speaking engagement led to another.

Yes, I was following the money train and having the time of my life with public speaking!  

Who wouldn't? I got to travel around the country, all expernses paid.

Not to mention A) I making a positive change in people’s lives with my message and content and B) I was earning between $4500-$6500  per speech! (CHA-CHING!)

Please know I told all of this NOT to brag, but to show you what can be accomplished with this much in-demand skill. The only difference between you and me is that I am out there doing it.

But here's the best part: If you allow me to guide you, I can help you get the same results!

Listen: If you want to boost your own career, brand yourself, and increase your fees… or if you're a service professional who needs more customers and clients to buy your products (and services) then take these words to heart:

Clients will hire you over your competition for your ability to communicate your ideas succinctly and how you create solutions for their problems. Make no mistake:

The entrepreneurs who THRIVE today and tomorrow
are the ones who are considered
experts in their industry by their clients!

It's a FACT! During good times (and especially bad times) experts have always been paid higher than generalists.

Think you’re NOT an expert? Well, think again! If you have passion for your subject, do your due diligence on the niche subject (reading and writing about it…) and know MORE than your audience, then guess what?

You’re an expert in your client’s mind!

And the secret to quickly creating that expert status is to learn how to take a commanding presence in front of your audience with effective public speaking.

And cast away any insecurities you might have away. If you can speak one one one with someone, then you can absolutely learn to become a persuasive public speaker. The good news is that...

I’ve Cracked "The Public Speaking Code" for You…

... with my Public Speak Like a PRO Gold Package.  Wondering what makes this program different then other public speaking resources out there?

Well, (and I say this modestly) it has to do with my varied background in performing.

This includes my corporate speaking, acting, writing, and improvisational theatre background. Not to mention, my in-the-trenches experience as a stand-up comic.

It’s this specific background that’s allowed me to NEVER be thrown by any speaking situation or audience on the planet.

And how does this help you?

Simply put, I honed these real world platform skills… (skills that have taken me years to learn and internalize…) and boiled them down to specific techniques that anyone can follow for FAST results!

My 3-part system takes you by the hand and gives you step-by-step instruction on how to build your "public speaking chops."

Once you do, you'll discover how to captivate any audience... any time... anywhere... regardless of their size!

Whether you are a beginner or an intermediate speaker... or someone who needs to speak at work on behalf of your job... mastering the art of effective public speaking can undoubtedly help you double or triple your income in the years to come!

Part 1 - You will hone your platform skills and learn how to take charge of your audience and environment.

In addition, you will discover how to overcome stage fright, how to construct a presentation, weave a mezmerising story, proven ways to use your voice effectively, plus other top-gun speaking insights, tricks, tips, and techniuqes -- that in-demand speakers use daily!

Part 2 - This is where I break down what it take to make money... being funny!
(And without being a comedian) You will learn the comedy writing secrets of what great humorists and speakers use in their presentations. I guarantee you this: NOTHING, I mean nothing is MORE fun than making people laugh-- and getting paid for it!

Part 3 -- Is this MP3 recording you will learn how to properly prospect buyers who will hire you as a speaker. You will discover how to present yourself and then do easy-follow up. (ALL while getting the fees you deserve!)

Ready? Good! Just look at what you're going to receive on your journey to public speaking excellence:

"Win Over Any Audience"

Proven Platform Secrets of a Stand-Comic
That'll Make You a Powerful
Public Speaker" E-book ($47 Value)

This is "The Big Kahuna!" Over 150 page of rock-solid content that can help turn you into a mean, lean, public speaking machine.

I reveal to you the secrets to my 25 + years of being an actor, comedian, speaker and sitcom audience warm-up. You will learn how to engage ANY audience... any time... at any venue!  

Take a look at just a sampling of what you will learn:

Experiencing brain fog while on the platform? No problem! This quick-action technique, like a GPS, will help get your message back on track again in no time flat. (Best of all, your audience won’t even notice what happened!) (Page 15)

A “Visual” technique that helps builds instant rapport and intimacy with your audience.  It will also help calm your nerves and over come any stage anxiety you have. I use it all the time! (Page 16)

 How President Obama can help you develop a powerful message that’ll resonate with your audience.   This speech writing technique helped him win the hearts and minds of voters and eventually the election. (Page 20)

 The  one audience interactive segment of your presentation that could easily cement your expert credentials.  No matter how powerful your presentation is— if you screw this part up, your credibility goes right out the window!  (Page 88)

 The one skill to learn that can make any speaker “bullet proof” during their presentation.  Easy and fun to learn, it also allows you “be in the moment” during your performance. So effective, it protects you from ever being thrown by the unexpected. This is the same skill that helped launch John Belushi and Bill Murray’s career! (page 85)

 The P.R.E.P.A.R.E. method that helps you create a presentation quicker than you thought possible.  Athletes have a proven regimen they use over and over again to get optimal results. (And that’s why they never go off of it)  If you have an engagement coming up then use then this formula can help you focus your message and content.  (Page 24)

 The 5 W's that can help you develop a strong speech - Journalists use these all the time to help them craft a story. Why? Because they work!  (Page 24)

  5 powerful “hook” introductions that’ll make an impact with your audience. You never get a second chance to make a first impression.  Here are 5 sure-fire, proven intros that can help you “win over any audience” immediately. (Page 50)

 The Robert  De Niro ‘acting technique” that you should use as a guide as a preparation BEFORE giving any presentation.  Great actors like Robert De Niro, Al Pacino use “this method” to give seamless performances. Now you can use it to add great depth and spontaneity to your speech or presentation!  (Don’t worry; it’s easier to pull off than you think.)  (Page 88)


Make MONEY Being Funny!

But this is just the beginning of what you get with my Gold Package.

In my first e-book I help you develop a strong speaking foundation with powerful storytelling concepts and ideas. Plus I provide you with proactive acting exercises that can show you how to give your presentation more resonance and depth.

 I also give you exercises on how to use your voice correctly and take a commanding presence on the platform.

BUT what’ll make your message and content MORE memorable and allow you to leap over your competition is your ability to INJECT humor into your presentation.

And I have those bases covered with  my...

"Making the Bucks for
Getting the Yuks"

Sure-Fire Comedy Secrets For Speakers That Can Help You Earn $500- $5000 a Month Making People LAUGH—Without Having to Be a Comedian! E-book

No fluff or “meat by-products” here.  You get step-by-step instructions (with examples) on how to infuse humor into your speech and then adapt it to any speaking situation.

Oh, and you can relax: I am NOT trying to turn you into a comedian.  BUT I do want to show you how to “think like one.” Once you do you can then efficiently “mine humor nuggets” out your life— and place then INTO your presentations. Again, it’s not rocket science… once you know how!

I also reveal to you how to “practice your funniness” in a stress free environment (before getting onto the platform!)

So tune up your funny bone, because in my “Making the Bucks for Getting the Yuks,” e-book I am going to reveal…

Why you should make your HUMOR a “means to an end” in your story (and not the other way around). Telling jokes or funny stories that have NOTHING to do with your message doesn’t work. It’s fluff. On the other hand, creatively adding humor to your story anchors your important message or content in your audience’s mind. I show you how to do it properly on (Page 17)

When NOT to use humor (WARNING: If you do, your audience could turn against you!) There a right way to use humor and a wrong way. Do it wrong and you will lose your audience. I take you by the hand and show you the right way to make a positive impact! (Page 73)

 4 Comedy Techniques the Pros use that always bring on THE LAUGHS.  Ray Romano, Jerry Seinfeld, myself  and other top-gun speaker/humorists use these secret techniques to get OPTIMAL laughs! (It’s not hard; once I break it all down for you.)  (Page 63)

How to write “tag lines” for your jokes/stories that will bring WAVES of laughter from your audience. What’s better than getting a BIG LAUGH? How about MORE big laughs! Let me show how to add multiple tags to your story punch-lines. (Page 44)

Why you need to “let a joke breathe.” (It’s a must or your whole bit will fall apart.) I will show you how to correct your timing so your joke ‘breathes’ and gets enough stage time so your audience “gets it.” Page 57

Use this simple technique to “trick” your friends into revealing to you IMMEDIATELY what is funny.    Probably one of the best “ninja ways” of getting your  pals  to tell you what is funny (without them knowing it). Use this short cut first before trying it on an audience. (Page 37)

 "Finding the funny" in poor speaking situations and getting OPTIMAL laughs!  Something goes wrong? GREAT! I show you how to use this obstacle to get HUGE laughs from your audience.  (Page 17)

A joke editing technique that’ll allow you to get a MORE powerful audience response!  You need to know how to properly edit your funny stories… so your punch-line can get a big laugh. HINT: With humor… less is more! (Page 42)

3 rules of HUMOR a speaker MUST adhere to.  If you don’t you’ll alienate and lose your audience.  (page 50)


Order NOW and Get Over $90 Worth of Value in
My GOLD Package!

I’m going to be frank with you. I might be nuts in giving you this type of deal.  That’s because some of my speaking and marketing colleagues think I should NOT be selling these e-books at this low price.

One said, “Man, this is great stuff, why are you giving away the house here…?  Charge more!”

Another well-known marketer said, “You’re leaving money on the table, Pete…you could easily sell ONE ebook for this price.” My response?

“Hey, people are going through challenging economic times… I want to give them a brain-dump of vital information that can change their lives. I want to deliver real value so they’ll do business with me in the future. So that’s EXACTLY what I am doing.”

And how much will this all cost? Well, before I reveal the price know that I want to help you to start earning MONEY as a speaker!

The right way to do that is to show you how to market and build a sustainable speaking career with long term business growth. 

So when you order My Gold Package TODAY, I am going to include (at no extra cost and compliments of speakermatch.com), the:

"Show Me the Money" FREE Bonus CD 
How one speaker built a speaking business form
the ground up – with no leads, no referrals,
and no money! ($27 Value)

When Johnny Campbell’s insurance job was “phased out”, he decided to pursue his dream and build a career in public speaking—from scratch.

In a short time he built a successful speaking business as a public speaker.  Follow his techniques and you can do the same!

You’ll want to take notes with this potent info. In this revealing and inspiring interview you will discover:

How did Johnny earn $500 for his first booking – in only two weeks?
What are some successful strategies for building a list?
How are effective strategies for making cold calls?
How do you follow up with a lead from a meeting planner
How can a novice get starts in the speaking business?
What fees should you charge when you’re getting started?
How do you “sell” a speech before it’s written
Great ways to maximize your earnings at each speech?
What are some successful techniques for closing the deal?
Research secrets that give you a competitive advantage
Why the most successful speakers are “information entrepreneur


HURRY! Order NOW and Save Close to $50

Okay, the cost of the “Getting the Bucks…” e-book is $29 (found in the Silver Package) … Alone the “Win Over Any Audience” e-book goes for $39. The FREE Bonus CD is valued at $27. 

Crunch the numbers and that’s $95…. (And even at that great price, it would still be a bargain.)

But you won’t pay that. Instead, for a VERY, LIMITED TIME ONLY (or when I come back to my senses) these two e-books (along with the FREE downloadable MP3 CD) are yours for the low price $49.  That’s it!

Just think, for a nice dinner for two in a decent restaurant I am giving you my 30 years of experience in speaking, improvisation, stand-up comedy, audience warm-up, and acting.

I’ve broken the information into easy digestible bites that’ll leave you quite satisfied (And if you’re hungry for more content then see my Platinum Package for that.)


Oh, and one last thing I want to share with you: Remember the NSA conference keynote that I told you about earlier? Well, it turned out to be a huge success! I got great feedback and evaluations (plus new high paying clients out of it!)

What does this mean to you? It means if a skinny, hyper kid from NY with lisp can go onto public speaking success—so can you!

And just think: I’ve made all the mistakes… worked out all the  kinks in these techniques so YOU can prosper with public speaking.

While your competition is licking his (or her wounds) about their business during this economic down turn… YOU will be snatching up market share, brand awareness, and new clients.

In the words of William Arthur Ward, “If you can imagine it, you can create it. If you can dream it, you can become it.” Allow me to help show you the way!

To your speaking successr,



Peter “The Reinvention Guy” Fogel

PS One caveat: I am doing a beta-test for the Gold Package at this low price of just $49. There’s a strong chance that I’m going to raise it in the future.

PPS ONE LAST THING: I want to make you an offer you can’t refuse: Order the Gold Package today and when you move up to my Platinum Package I will KNOCK off the $49 the final price!

(Platinum package   [www.publicspeaklikeapro.com/platinum-package.html](http://www.publicspeaklikeapro.com/platinum-package.html))

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