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  Do You Want To... Start Your Own Highly Profitable
Green Business
Keep Your Start Up Costs Low
Have Flexible Hours, Work From Home If You Want
Follow A Proven Business Plan That Almost Guarantees Your Financial Success

If you answered "Yes!" to any of these, then keep reading!

o you want to start your own business in one of the hottest, fastest-growing markets in the world?

Not only is the Green Renewable Energy market booming but profits are high. For those who have the right business model and the right plan of action, now is the time to get started with your own green business.

The Solar Installation Business is probably the single best green business you could have right now. With Federal, State and Utility rebates/credits, most homeowners will have 60% or more of their solar system at no cost. This is a powerful selling advantage and the demand is definitely there.

Become a Solar Consultant:

Be Your Own Boss Low Start Up Costs Flexible Hours (work when YOU want) Quick Startup Low Overhead Costs, High Profits

Best of All, You Don't Have To Quit Your Current Job

A lot of solar power installers only work weekends. That's when most homeowners are available to have you install panels at their home. It's really up to you how far you want to take it. 

We started our solar installation business at home as a part-time project a couple years ago. But then I was laid off from my corporate day job and so we went full time with the solar business.

Along the way we have learned a lot of what to do and what not to do. We've packed this training course full of these "if I had to do over again" ideas that will make your business so much more successful.

You may have already seen some of the training courses available for $1,000's. And often times this requires you to sit in a boring classroom lecture and the quality of training is usually questionable and doesn't represent the "real world" business situations.

"Don't Be Another Business Failure Statistic"

You've probably heard how 90% of all new business fail in the first year. What is worse is that of the 10% success rate, 80% of those business are gone within the next 5 years. The good news is that there is a clear and avoidable reason for this. 

The #1 reason for business failure has nothing to do with recessions or lack of funding but rather because the business owner didn't follow a proven plan.  To succeed you need to follow behind someone else's success and have a clear action plan every step along the way.

Here's the Problem...
To become successful with your Solar Business you first need to educate yourself.  But most  solar classes  are expensive and don't even provide a solid business model to follow.
Solar business courses can cost $1,000's and usually require sitting in boring classroom lectures for months
Learn in your Spare Time, from Home
Most solar business courses available are expensive, outdated, too general and simply don't work in the real world
The most up to date, cutting edge ideas available
Often times the "How To Make Profit" in a solar business is skimmed over or not talked about Only by using solid business strategies will you keep your business Alive & Profitable

Your Success Is Only
A Step Away With The
"Green Business Profits" Kit

With This Kit, You Will Have...                                

A massive Advantage Over The Competition (including well established businesses)
Ability to see Profits In The First Few Months, not years later
A Step-by-Step plan for keeping Start Up Costs Low
This complete course will show you everything you need to get started with your solar power installation business. We will take you from startup to your grand opening, and we will also tell you how to deal with each customer and the best way to buy your materials cheap and find quality employees. The course goes in-depth about the installation process and what types of licenses you will need.

Why start a solar power installation business? Many people spend a substantial amount of money each month on electricity and now you will be able to start a business to help them cut this bill and "go green"... while also making money for yourself at the same time.

Everywhere you look, there are more businesses being started to cater to the need for alternative energy sources and the solar power business is no different. Now, you have the chance to get in on the ground floor with your own Solar Power Installation Company!

Soon the business grew and it kept growing. Now we make a very respectable income and the business gives us the freedom to work when we want. And yes, we still work from the comfort of our home, although many of our students have opened up retail shops to keep expanding. My results certainly aren't typical and we have worked hard for what we achieved... but if your business is just 20% as successful as mine has been, then I think you'll be really pleased with the results!

"So What's Included In
The Solar Installation
Business Course?"
The "Solar Installation Business Kit" Comes With Two Training Modules...

  Solar Installation
Business Setup Kit
"Starter Kit"
  How To Start Your Own Solar
Installation Business at Home
If you want to gain the upper hand and get a quick jump start in your new business, this guide will show you the way. 
  Starter Kit     Solar power industry trends. Learn what areas of the business are growing the fastest. How do I know if a solar installation business is right for me? How do I convince clients they need solar power? Easy Marketing & Sales strategies that anyone can use. How much should I charge??? Do I need a license to install solar in my area? The fastest way to get certified and licensed.
What will I do during a typical week? 
How do I maximize profits? Insider trade secrets on how to develop and grow the different profit centers.

This is "no-fluff", easy-to-read information that will prepare you well for taking the next step in starting your own solar power business. 


  Solar Installation
Business Setup Kit
"Pro Version"
  Your Complete Plan
In Having A Successful
Solar Installation Business
This will walk you step-by-step through the entire process from your grand opening to finding customers for your business to taking care of the installation and billing.

  Pro Version     What tools do you need to get started The best way to setup each job site Opening your new business with very low start up costs The best ways to work from home or rent a shop Advanced marketing and sales strategies
How to sell additional items to make more money
Best places to buy solar panels & other parts
And much, much more!

Plus, you'll also get a complete package of forms to help you get started immediately. This will include General Liability Forms, Customer Sign Up Forms, Marketing Letters and Sample Flyers and Postcards!


Bonus Material!

For those who are ready to get started today, the following bonus is for you.

We wanted to sweeten the pot and give you some extra resources that will make a big difference in your new business. This bonus material is available if you get started today.  

1 Week Video Training Class
Solar Installation Business Access Free Online Training

* Nearly 24 Hours of Online Video Training

* 1 Week Class, Over 60 Training Modules

* Course Quizzes And A Final Exam

Instructional Video
Login Steps To
Access Free
Online Training
Training Modules Include:
* Solar PV & Thermal Systems Installation *
* Energy Auditor Training *
* Introduction to Wind Energy *
This FREE online traning course was produced by a terrific non-profit agency in Colorado under a United States Federal Grant and it is therefore completely FREE for all students. The video training is really hard to find (it took us more than 10 hours internet research plus several phone calls to track it all down), so as a free bonus we'll provide you with easy access so you can save valuable time and get this great training now.
Also Includes "Energy Auditor Training"
(A great lead generation method if done right)  

Sales & Marketing
Training Course & Videos

Strategies that will help you

Don't worry... Even if you hate the idea of selling, this course will show you how to "Sell Without Pressure" by using worksheets & check lists with the customer. The easy to use Fill-In-The-Blank 8 Page Presentation allows you to quickly walk your customers through the sales process and get the sale.

Over 1 Hour
Video Sales Training


Site Evaluations & Meeting with Customers

* What to say on the phone, setting appointments

* Quickly qualify customers with a 5 Step Questionnaire

* Onsite evaluation, site survey, and more  

* Sales Basics 101

* Top 4 Objections and how to overcome them

* Advance Sales Strategies (anyone can use)

* Professional Worksheets, Check Lists and Presentation Folders

* Explaining Tax Credits, Rebates and Incentives



Marketing Your Solar Business

* How to use the Local News to market your business (for FREE!)

* The Most Effective (and Cheapest) Marketing for a new solar    business

* Discover how you can use "Solar Lead Brokers" to bring in a never
  ending supply of Pre-Qualified Solar Leads

"It's So Easy, Just Let The
8 Page Proposal
Packet do the Selling"

We have poured our heart and soul into creating this product. We really want to help future business owners succeed in this industry.  When you succeed you spread many good things; you help the environment on a grand scale, you help your local economy and of course Your Family Wins in a big way from your hard work.  If done right, having a solar installation business could change your life in many great ways.  

"Give Me 5 Good Reasons To Get This Course..." 
High Income Potential – the solar industry is booming and you can get in on the ground floor  Save Money – you will save money because you won’t have to spend $thousands$ on solar classes at a school GO GREEN – you will help your customers reduce their carbon footprint and help the environment Save Energy – you will help your customers cut their energy bills, or even completely eliminate them No Risk – you have a 60-Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee to try the course for yourself 

How much would you be willing to pay for a complete plan that will show you how to start your own solar power installation business? 

Well, you could enroll in a 5-day solar training class at Boots on The Roof, one of the best national programs out there, and you would spend $3,495.00. 

Or you could attend a 2-day solar workshop at a local community college but that would probably set you back $1,250.00 or more.

It makes $500 sound like a bargain... 

But we're not charging $500 for the Green Business Profits solar installation course, not even close. We wanted to set the price low enough that almost anyone could get started.  We felt that $197 would be an appropriate price and still be affordable for most business owners. But right now we've got a huge discount on the training course, so if you get started now you will really save a lot.

To help you feel comfortable with moving forward with this today, I've decided to guarantee the course with a 100% Money-Back-Guarantee. No questions asked. No "wiggle clauses" and no funny business. 

I really thought hard about this. At first I didn’t think we needed to give a guarantee because the information is so good. But then I decided we would go ahead and guarantee it so there's no risk whatsoever for you to try it.

Whatever the reason is, just email us and we'll process your refund right away, no questions asked. And when we say, no questions, we mean it.

You can get the course now and then take your time in reviewing the information. You have a full 60 days to decide.  If during the first 60 days you want a refund, just let us know.  Even if you decide that this type of business isn't right for you and you don't want to start, just let us know and we'll refund all of your purchase price.

Could you find this information yourself? Yea, you probably could... but we've already done all the work ... and the price is low enough that you'd be crazy to not move forward with your purchase. Our "research staff" (me and Joe) logged hundreds of work hours devoted to finding, testing and organizing the various "short cuts to success" techniques.

Other Renewable Energy Businesses
Strategies found in this course can be used for
most any Green or Renewable Energy Business!

As a future business owner you need to plan ahead and start educating yourself on the best business model s available. The "Solar Installation Business" kit will give you the most current tools and resources to get ahead in your new business. It will give you insider knowledge of what works best and how to get ahead fast. 

"Are You Ready
To Take The 1st Step Towards
Having Your Own Green Business?"

There is a "perfect storm" happening right now that makes this the ideal moment to start a solar installation business.

Demand is surging. Government money is pouring in. The solar power market is BOOMING. 

Imagine the satisfaction of owning your own business... freedom of being your own boss & setting your own hours... making money (maybe a lot of money) helping homeowners & companies save on their electricity bills... and doing work that helps the environment and that you can be proud of.

We've put together a complete course showing you how to start your own solar power installation business at home. It has everything you need and costs a fraction of what some schools are charging. So take the 1st step and order this information right now. It may be the smartest investment you'll ever make!


Whatever you decide, I really hope you find your dream business. If solar or any type of renewable energy or conservation is a part of your future then I truly hope that you go ahead and get my course. We've worked really hard at developing a business system and training that will help propel you to success much, much faster.


Frank Bates  

P.S. Don't struggle in this business, use our "insider trade secrets" to get ahead.

P.P.S. Remember, the Discounted price is only temporary. If you return tomorrow the price may be back to the Regular $97 price because with schools charging $3,495.00 (that's more than 70X what our guide costs!) it's pretty clear that we're "giving away the farm" at $49.97. 

P.P.P.S. So it comes down to this... Are you going to take action?  With the 60-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee (no questions asked) you can always get your money back if you decide later to not start up this business.  I have all the risk in the deal, but I'm confident you will be very impressed with what you see.

[ ](http://www.bbb.org/denver/business-reviews/60539-00/ultimate-results-llc-59025173)


Earnings Disclaimer - Your level of success in attaining the results claimed in our materials depends on the time you devote to the business, your finances, knowledge and various skills. Success is not guaranteed and individual results will vary.

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