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“FREE Expert Advice on

How to Research & Create

Your Own Family Tree... Faster & Easier Than

You Ever Thought Possible! "

Dear Friend:

Welcome to New Genealogy Secrets,

My name is Krystal Williams and I've been an avid genealogist for as long as I can remember.  I have started New Genealogy Secrets as a free resource for others who wish to explore genealogy.

Here on my website, you will find a number of resources to help you learn more about starting in the search for your family tree.  You will learn the different trees, how to start your family tree and different software which is available.

I have put together a free step - by - step mini course to help you get started quickly in your genealogy search. Its designed to teach you all the essentials about the subject.

Well, the truth is that every family has many stories to tell - and now you can learn how to uncover your family's stories quickly and easily.

I would like to send you a mini course to get you started on your Family History - be warned it is very addictive!!

This FREE mini course will help you to:

Exactly where to start - taking the first step to unlocking your history.
How to interview those long lost relatives - survive and thrive! How to create pedigree charts as good as the professionals! How to go high tech to create your family tree - even if you don't know the first thing about computers! How to start keeping family records for future generations - just think how appreciative your children and their children and so on will be of your efforts! Much, much more!
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All the best,

Krystal Williams

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