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"If You Want To Learn How To Make Money On eBay So That You Can Work At Home, This May Be The Most Important Website You'll Ever Read!"

By  [John Gardner ](Javascript:OpenWindow6())


Dear Friend,

f you've ever dreamed of living the internet lifestyle...waking up when you want, working from the comfort and security of your own home...then this could be the most important article you'll ever read.

Here's why...

In the next few moments you'll learn how eBay can make you more money faster and easier than anything you've ever seen. And here's the best part... You probably have everything you need to start making money right now!

The Beginning Of The Hi Tech
Home-Based Business Revolution
eBay opened for business in September of 1995. I became a registered user in June 4, 1996 and I've been an eBay Power Seller for over 9 years. I guess you could say I know a thing or two about eBay. To be honest, I've been an eBay fanatic since the beginning.

Today, eBay receives billions of page views each month. In the year 2006 eBay did literally billions of dollars in sales. Clearly the opportunity for you to make money exists. However, if you really want to rack up the big profits, you need a competitive edge.

Making Money On eBay Is Serious Business

eBay is no joke. If you aren't careful, internet auctions can drain your pockets faster than it can fill them. 

Believe me, there's more to making money on eBay than having the right product or the latest hot item. 

After selling on eBay for over 10 years and talking to other sellers, I discovered a  common formula. Everyone making significant on eBay was using this same formula. It didn't matter if you were talking about a one man operation or eBay Power Sellers.

The Strategies That Always
Make Money On eBay!
Highly successful eBay sellers:

Started out selling unneeded items on eBay, for experience and to raise startup capital.

Meticulously reinvested the profits into more inventory they could then resell on eBay.

Carefully selected products that they either had knowledge about or interest in.

Closely monitored several auctions to get a "feel for eBay", before diving in and wasting money.

Located the best wholesale sources to get the guaranteed lowest prices on products to resell.

Generated repeat purchases from their existing customer base to capture the easy sales.

This is your basic blueprint from start to finish. If you have all 6 bases covered, and you're testing your results, you'll make big money on eBay....guaranteed

One of the folks who used this formula said, "Now when I turn my computer on each morning, I've got dozens of payments waiting for me in my Paypal account." Here's what he used!

1001 Killer eBay Marketing Tactics

"An absolute must have for anyone serious about making money on eBay." Douglas Tate, Nevada  
"I followed your advice to the letter and sold my entire inventory at a profit in 7 days!"

Mike Haroway, Pennsylvania


I knew the Internet was a viable way to go into business, but I was unsure how to get started. Buying low and selling high on eBay turned out to be the best move I have ever made. As I write this letter, using the methods in your course, I have made over $1,500 and it's only Wednesday.
Jay Winton.,  California  

"Everything You Need For An Outrageously Successful Home-Based Business Selling
Products On eBay Is Included."
1001 Killer eBay Marketing Tactics (for Windows 95/98/NT/ME/2000/XP) is a methodical system that includes everything you need for an outrageously successful business selling products on eBay. It includes a massive arsenal of eBay marketing knowledge and is guaranteed to deliver results.

If you want the genuine, "no B.S." methods for making money on eBay, used by actual eBay Power Sellers and other successful eBay sellers, you're in the right place. This system is based on 11 years of tried, tested and proven strategies. When you're ready for the "real deal", this system provides the following:  

An Introduction To eBay Marketing
Discover why eBay is the preferred choice among people just like yourself, who are starting home based businesses. Internet Auctions are without a doubt the easiest and least expensive way for you to start a business from home.

  Discover The Million-Dollar eBay Blueprint
Learn the blueprint for generating online auction profits! Use this proven formula and find out exactly what to do from day one, to create continuous flow of income from eBay.

  The Rules Of Conduct
Why 75% of eBay sellers are missing the mark -- how they violate hidden rules of conduct when communicating their marketing message to the eBay buying public -- and consequently fail to gain customers, sales and profits. How you can easily turn this into your advantage.

  How To Choose The Best Selling Products
How to choose products that guarantee you'll make sales? More than 80% of eBay sellers go wrong here. Learn how to select the right products to sell on eBay and how avoid the rest.

  How To Write Best Selling Ads
How to create *Killer Ads* that make information overloaded eBay surfers stop people dead in their tracks and read every word of your auction!

  How To Add Attention Getters To Your Auctions
Learn to use clever, yet innocent-looking devices in your auctions that instantly catch your readers attention -- and make them become willing buyers of whatever you're selling.

  How To Master The eBay Marketing Process
How to turn the 6 steps of the eBay Marketing Process into a formidable custom Marketing Plan tailored to your business.

  How To Increase Sales With NLP - The Great Persuader
How to use Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) strategically to maximize the persuasiveness of your web copy and all your marketing communications. I'll teach you the sneaky way to use NLP to "fly beneath the radar" of your readers' perception -- without making your copy appear clunky, contrived and verbose (as NLP tends to be).

  How To Boost Sales With Pictures
How to use photos to increase the visibility of your ads by up to 200% and dramatically multiply your sales! I include taking, optimizing, and uploading photos.

  How To Make Money With Dutch Auctions
If you sell a limited number of items, Dutch Auctions can be your key to bigger profits. I'll explain what they are, how they work and how you can make more money with them!

  How To Get AAA Feedback
How to quickly build a list of impressive feedback - your secret weapon for more sales! Find out two things you can do to achieve  notable feedback in record time.

  How To Get Paid Faster
2 Simple things you can do at the end of your auction to get your customers to pay you with lightening speed!

  How To Use eBay To Generate Traffic To Your Own Website Back-door techniques for getting more traffic from eBay to your  website. Use this technique to set your website hit counter on fire.

  How To Get Rock Bottom Prices From Authentic Wholesalers
Don't be fooled by companies masquerading as wholesale operations. Finding bona fide wholesalers and drop shippers is the key to getting major profits. Use our proprietary list of wholesalers and drop shippers to kick your income into high gear.

  How To Save Money On Shipping Costs
Discover who's the best shipping service to use if you're an eBay seller and dramatically reduce the cost to ship your products. It's probably not who you think.

  Stay Informed
Essential web sites that will keep you up to date about the the industry.

With the correct marketing strategy, eBay will  become your ticket to financial independence become your ticket to financial independence! But don't take my word for it. Just listen to what people who have used this course are saying about 1001 Killer eBay Marketing Tactics.

What People Are Saying About
1001 Killer eBay Marketing Tactics 


"I just finished reading 1001 Killer eBay Marketing Tactics.  I must say that I was very impressed. It is definitely the best course on eBay marketing that I've read.  And just so you know, I've virtually read them all. I'm extremely pleased that I bought your course."

Don Shields., Oklahoma - eBay Powerseller


"The information in 1001 Killer eBay Marketing Tactics will easily make me thousands of dollars over the coming year. I would have gladly paid 3, 4, even 5 times what you charged to have this invaluable information and I've been in the business for 3 years." 


Natasha Whitaker., Florida - eBay Poweseller  

"Marketing and selling on eBay is tricky and can be expensive. Unless you have a huge budget you just cannot afford to waste good money on trial and error. John Gardner has perfected this into an art that requires very little financial input from your part.

  Your biggest investment will be your time, and the returns are huge." Kevin Ellis., Washington  

"When it comes to creating ads on eBay that make people pull out their credit cards and buy whatever you're selling, John Gardner is an absolutely brilliant.  But what's truly amazing is his skill in making everything both learnable and easy to use." 

Karen Caldwell., Ohio - eBay Powerseller

"I find 1001 Killer eBay Marketing Tactics to be a great tool to use in my auctions. Its valuable information and solid business advice make it a great addition to any auction professionals toolbox. Clearly the most effective eBay marketing system available."

Martin Bowers., West Virginia - eBay Powerseller


eBay Is Still The Road To Financial Independence

You've just read about everyday people. People who were unhappy with their present financial circumstances and took advantage of the enormous income generating power of eBay.
They decided to stop worrying about money and do something about making more. They realized, as I did, that the only person responsible for your wealth and financial security is you. If you do not take action to better your life, who will? 
Ultimately it's about the freedom. The control over your lifestyle

By using eBay and 1001 Killer eBay Marketing Tactics you can take control of your life and enjoy these same benefits. Plus you can finally get some relief from the following irritants usually associated with working for others. Do any of these sound familiar to you?

The Boss looking over your shoulder!

Early morning rush hour traffic. Especially freeway traffic!

Stiff dress codes.

A Set lunch hour.

You can call in sick without worrying about what the boss will say the next day, because you're the boss!
Office politics!


Office jerks to deal with!

Schmoozing to move up the company ladder!

Unruly employees to manage!

Ridiculous projects to complete!

Stressful deadlines to meet!

Unfair performance reviews to complain about!

Inconsiderate or inconvenient vacation schedules!

Brown nosing or other undesirable activities!

Now, I'm saying not saying that eBay is a piece of cake. You do have to invest some time and energy, especially in the beginning. However the rewards of working for yourself are infinite and far outweigh the the typical headaches listed above.

Plus, once you have your operation running smoothly, making money on eBay becomes predictable. You'll have consistent income that you can count on with mathematical certainty, just like when you're working for wages, but with an added benefit.

Once you really get involved in eBay, you'll start receiving money from your auctions 24 hours a day, 7 days a weeks!  Additionally, when you put in extra effort and creativity, eBay will immediately reward you with more profits!

"I wrote my sales ad they way you described in the Killer Ad section of your course and increased my sales by 55%. I can't wait to use all of your techniques in my auctions!"

Scott Cummings., Florida  

"My son and I are into automobile memorabilia. We were looking for a way to turn our hobby into some extra money. My son found your eBay auction course online. After reading the course we put a few items on eBay and the results were incredible.

Your program helped us turn a hobby into a real money maker."

 Arnold & Jason Collier., Indiana  

"Our daughter started her first semester of college last August. We were looking for a way to make extra money to help her with expenses. I ordered your eBay marketing course just in the nick of time. We've made so much money these past few months, it's been wonderful!"

Angelina Cantu., Florida

Here Are Just A Few Of The Benefits Of

Operating A Home-Based Business On eBay.

Which Ones
Appeal To You Most

Financial safety through additional income: Imagine the added security you'll gain from the income generated by your business. When financial issues arise, as they inevitably do, you'll be prepared with extra resources.

Personal freedom: When you decide to operate your business full time {you will, when you see how easy it is}, you'll find that you have more control over your personal time. You can choose to invest this *quality* time however you desire i.e. more time with family, travel, further education. It's up to you.

Self Empowerment: There's no substitute for the feeling of control and independence you'll experience through business ownership. It's one of the most genuine forms of self actualization.
With small start up costs, year round business, and a turnkey system like 1001 Killer eBay Marketing Tactics, eBay can be your path to achieving these goals and much more.



Hey, I could sing the praises of 1001Killer eBay Marketing Tactics all day long and you might be skeptical anyway. So if you're not convinced and you need more proof, then take a look at a screenshot of one of my Paypal account histories. Here are the sales results for 1day's worth of auctions I conducted on eBay, from one of my Paypal accounts (I have 3 accounts total)

At the time this particular auction was in process, I had 2 other auctions for different products, operating at the same time. I usually conduct around 30 auctions every month. All with results similar to this one.

I Practice What I Preach

I just want you to know that my program works and that more importantly "I practice what I preach!"

Here's A Fact For You: 90% of the companies you'll see selling similar information on the web are doing only that "Selling Information On The Web". Some have never even logged on to eBay, but they're selling a course about making money on auctions!! It's like taking driving lessons from an 8 year old. What could you possibly learn?

Please don't confuse my eBay marketing course with other auction marketing courses. This is a leading-edge course not available anywhere else, that enables you to reap huge profits from Internet Auctions and lets you do it in the shortest possible time.

The next time you see someone offering something similar, try asking THEM for proof of income and see what their response is.

The course is designed for individuals looking to form an online business for extra income or as a full-time job making thousands of dollars on eBay or ANY other auction website.

How Much Would You Pay For Success?

For just $39.97 1001 Killer eBay Marketing Tactics is best source for eBay marketing information on the web. Take action! Order today and start building your fortune on the Internet today! It's your turn to enjoy the Internet Lifestyle.  

All These eBay Money Making Secrets Are Yours The Same Day You Order !

When you request 1001 Killer eBay Marketing Tactics on our secure order form, you can download the e-books immediately, so you can start learning these auction strategies the same day you place your order. I'll also mail you a CD containing the course and all the software, within 24 hours of your purchase.

I look forward to getting a letter from you, telling me about your online success and how you are now enjoying a comfortable income from the internet. Even though I receive an enormous amount of mail, please write or e-mail me. Id love to hear your success story! 

Order by

September 23, 2007, 

and I'll throw in the following bonuses and software absolutely free.

"Take Advantage Of The Following Valuable Bonuses While They Last!"
Here's even better news:  If you reserve your copy of 1001 Killer eBay Marketing Tactics no later than midnight, Sunday, September 23, 2007 you'll also receive the following free bonuses.

No Matter What You Decide, Here's 10 Money-Making Bonuses You Can Keep, Just For Taking The Time To Try Out 1001
Killer eBay Marketing Tactics.

eBay Secrets Revealed
Discover 11 unique ways to make a six figure income on eBay and find out how

specialization can dramatically increase your sales and opportunities. My million dollar Rolodex of wholesale sources on the internet...your key to extreme profits! Plus learn

how to make $30,000 to $60,000 a year part-time on eBay without ever buying or selling anything on eBay's site.------

Bonus #2
Using NLP On eBay

Neuro-Linguistic Programming is used to indirectly control ones subconscious mind and decision making process without the potential bidder ever knowing it. After studying the techniques in this course you will gain an incredible advantage over all the other sellers.

Bonus #3 Auction Prophet
The auction profit will explain when
You will learn:

The best time to post your auctions!

The secrets of getting great feedback!

Super power searching! ------

Bonus #4 How To Increase Auction Profits Ten effective ways to reduce your business costs!

Ten things you should know before you bid on a business product.

How to create an order-pulling niche!

How text can impact your reader's buying decision!

Words that make people buy!

Motivational triggers that make people buy!

Tips for writing a killer ads!

Order-pulling ways to end your ad copy!

Reasons why people will not buy from you

Strategies that will increase your profits!

How to use bundling to increase your profits and sales!

Ten killer ways to sell your back-end products!

Ten things you can do with a product that doesn't sell!

How to use online auctions as website traffic generators!

Virtual Auction ad Pro - Free Download

FREE Online Auction Ad Creator. ------

Bonus #5 Bid Bandit Software

Bid Bandit is a software utility that lets you bid on eBay auctions automatically. All you need to do is enter the eBay item number, maximum bid, bid date, bid time, user name and password.
Then sit back and let Bid Bandit do the rest. You'll be winning auctions in no time! The perfect auction sniping software.

Bonus #6 Auction Software: HammerSnipe PowerTool

HammerSnipe Powertool is a specialized eBay and online auction browser and bid sniping software that can place last-minute bids for you even when you are away from your computer and not online.
Use it to browse your favorite auction site. When you see something you like, a single click allows you to set up a last-minute snipe bid through a secure, fast, online web-based bidding service.

Bonus#7 Auction Software:

Auction Pro

Auction Pro
allows you to create full page HTML ads for use at online auctions such as eBay, Yahoo auctions, or any online auction that accepts HTML ads.

You can include photos, choose from several layouts, add a link to your email/homepage, choose different colors and fonts for your text, and more. You do not need to know any HTML whatsoever. Auction Pro offers an easy to use step-by-step interface that automatically generates all the HTML code  for you. ------

Bonus #8

Wholesale Sources

The most useful Wholesale Source Guide ever put together... Save up to 90% on over ONE MILLION top quality brand-name products.

Get low wholesale prices directly from Wholesalers, Distributors, Vendors, and Liquidators. Eliminate the middleman!

This guide is perfect for entrepreneurs that do business on the Internet, mail order, flea markets, or simply want to buy products for themselves at wholesale prices.

Bonus #9: How To Make A Full Time Living Selling Out Of Print Books and Collectible Books On The Internet.
Even more money making auction secrets uncovered. In this
special report you'll discover:

Step by step how to make $50,000 or more per year on the internet dealing in out of print books.

How to identify valuable books.

Exactly what makes certain books valuable and how to make maximum profits from this valuable knowledge. ------

Bonus #10 The One Marketing Secret That Could Make You Rich   Once you

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