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YOU can create

Imaginative, Interesting & Innovative movies

from still photos


Are your photos hidden in an album or folder?

Do people run away when you offer to show them your photos?

Would you like to impress with professional looking digital movies?

Why waste your money on expensive studios when you can do it yourself?



Whether you purchase the Digital Story Telling Starter Kit or not you can subscribe instantly for Caryl's Free Digital Story Telling Tips - a weekly tip to help you get the best results when making your own digital stories!


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This sample story took only 40 minutes to create


Since time began we have passed on information, wisdom and knowledge by telling stories to our families, friends and colleagues. Technology today means that we can continue this great tradition through computers, pocket PCs and mobile phones!

While a picture can tell a thousand words, how much more effective do you think it would be if YOUR words were added?

Millions of people take photos of millions of 'things' every day Make yours exceptional by turning them into movies and sharing them with people who might not otherwise see them.

Teachers can make digi-lessons is a few minutes to graphically highlight a particular topic. Students can deliver assignments in digital story format using their own images and their own voices.

Make your job application stand out by introducing yourself with your own movie!

Make a 'talking card' to send to family or friends on special occasions. Bring holiday snaps to life with your commentary.

Get members of your family to tell their stories and give the whole family a great memory to pass down the generations.

Use the same photos to tell the story in one or more languages! Update your movie anytime you want with new information or images.

Have a competition with everyone using the same pictures but inventing a different story!

Don't miss out on this powerful and simple opportunity to bring your still images to life with so many great applications.

Everyone has a story to tell and this is not only simple and easy but it is fun for all ages!

Not only do you capture the modest on camera but you can add the mood and emotion with your own words

Why wait a minute longer - you can start making your own movies from your own photos the minute you have downloaded this kit!

The Digital Story Telling Starter Kit

shows you THE way to transform and bring alive your photos

Teachers are using Digital Story Telling to produce digi-lessons for their students

Students are using Digital Story Telling to submit their assignments

Imagine how you might stand out in a job application if you included a moving message

Think of the time saved by putting together training modules for staff

An expert step by step TUTORIAL means you will have

made YOUR OWN DIGITAL STORY by the end of the lesson


What other digital story tellers are saying:

I visited a favourite trekking area not long after the bush-fires had been through and took some haunting photographs. It wasn't until I made them into a movie and was able to comment on the oddness of the silence that I was really able to communicate the emotion that went with the pictures.

Teacher after making her first digital story
My parents would never have bothered to look at any of my schoolwork but when I did my assignment as a movie and took the disc home everyone watched it and even showed it to other members of our family - it was great!
16 year old student      
I get really embarrassed having to make presentations to my colleagues so I really liked being able to make it in advance using digital story telling and they can now see my work instead of my red face!
Management Trainee      

Digital Story Telling Starter Kit


Sample Digital Story - see how somone else has produced a movie    
Spoken Tutorial - be guided through each step by an expert
Written Tutorial - detailed, illustrated step by step guide    

FREE Software that allows you to put together your images ready for "Action!" - - - - - - - - - - - - - and turn you story into a movie!
FREE subscription to Caryl's weekly Digital Story Telling Tips.    


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100% Money Back, No-Questions Asked Guarantee!

We are confident that you will find 'Digital Story Telling Starter Kit' fun and successful. If, however, you are not satisfied within 56 days that you have received a kit that can turn your photos into movies we are willing to offer you a FULL REFUND.



Bring family history to life


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