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Online Dating Is The Easiest, Smartest, Most Efficient Way To Meet High Quality Women Quickly AND Allows You To Stop Wasting Time And Money At Bars And Clubs.  
Think about this for a moment…

Online dating is fast. It's like being a instant private investigator.

You can quickly see into the hearts and minds of hundreds of women, learn what they like, see what they look like and begin swapping emails, IMs and talking with them - all without having to leave your house!

The women on dating sites are ACTIVELY looking for you online.

They are not coy bar-girls, or girls with boyfriends.

They are seriously looking for a great guy companion.

They are making the effort to meet you half-way. All you
have to do is stand out from the boring blur of guys'
profiles which leave most women cold.

At a bar or club you only have a few women to choose from. And lets face it, all the guys are going to be hounding the best looking ones.

But online, you've got thousands of women to speak to.

What's even better is that you can search for them by location or interests. . . you can quickly filter through what
you like and value before you even say "Hi" -- and start a conversation with something to say, based on reading her profile.

Online dating is a great and safe place to practice your banter, your flirting skills, your conversational skills, your humor and, when you feel ready -- your ability to cut through the small talk to deeper levels.

If you've ever felt stuck in a persona -- it's a great place to break out, try new voices that are authentically you -- and not have to experience face-to-face rejection.
Why Did We Record This FREE DVD?  
As a service to men who are dating online, I have recorded this information-packed DVD called "7 Secrets To Building Deep Attraction Online."

This Free DVD will reveal how you can express your most attractive self to women online in a language they will FEEL, and teach you how to both "Trigger Attraction" and "Inspire Devotion" -- two separate and essential skills.

You will learn how to STAND OUT from all the other profiles and also how to inspire women to not merely be attracted to you, but ADMIRE you for your authentic strengths and gifts.

I first created the Deep Attraction Online System to show men how to articulate their strongest, most interesting, edgy, bold, and fullest selves in the online dating world.

As a skilled writer -- of movies, of advertisements, and as a Stanford writing instructor -- this was a skill I was born for and which I studied and mastered quickly... and with the 7 Secrets on this DVD I will show you how you will quickly be able to master this skill as well.

Here's what happened -- I was recectly divorced, ashamed of it, and completely uncertain and unconfident in every way imaginable.

I was the worst stumbler meeting beautiful women in person, but couldn't believe how easy and fun it was to meet great women online.

Another thing I couldn't believe was how hard it was for other guys, who struggled to get women to write even one letter back. I would soon realize there was a really good reason for this...

And that reason is, most men just don't know how language falls on a woman's ears. They just throw up a profile with the first things that come to mind, without any thought to what they are REALLY saying.

Most men have no idea what triggers DEEP attraction in a woman in an instant. And no idea how quickly they turned women off with boring text, boring ideas, boring lists -- or simply by being gross.

In short - if you are like most men, you write to women as if you were talking to other men!

The deeper I began to understand what was keeping men from being successful with women online, the more I realized that there were two separate skills every man needs. How to:

           "Trigger Attraction. And Inspire Devotion."

Listen -- women don't want to just think you're amusing, or nice.

Women want to ADMIRE you.

They want to be devoted to your authentic strength, to your vision of the world, to what you stand for.

No matter where you are in life, you have the qualities that will inspire -- you just have to learn how to express them in the right language.

The DVD you are about to watch is a guide to expressing your MOST ATTRACTIVE self to women online in a language they will FEEL.

What you will learn will not only help you express your best self, it will help you reflect on the man you are and the man you would actually like to become. That’s kind of the secret bonus of this program.

As you reflect on who you are, and learn new ways of expressing your worth, you will become a better man.

One final thing… please use the knowledge in Deep Attraction Online responsibly. It is very powerful information. Offer your best self to women. Play with and delight them, as the system shows you. Lead them into new realms and new experiences -- they are YEARNING for it!

And in doing so -- be truthful with them. Remember, they are your sisters. Your cousins. Your friends. They are your lovers. They bring beauty and love and devotion into your life.

Serve them with honor.


What Will You Learn From Watching
This 60 Minute FREE DVD?

The MOST IMPORTANT thing you will learn from watching this Free DVD is that by MASTERING and ACTUALLY USING the Deep Attraction Online System, you are doing just that... Using a PROVEN, TIME TESTED, SYSTEM!

The secrets I am about to share with you have been poked and prodded and even pulled out of years of study, learning the Do's and Don'ts, and will show you exactly what you SHOULD be doing and MORE IMPORTANTLY - what you SHOULD NOT be doing.

On this DVD I am going to take you through men AND womens online dating profiles showing you SPECIFICALLY the things they are doing right, and the things you should avoid like the plague.

What I want you to do right now, is imagine what it would be like to spend years trying to figure out and put together this type of system on your own... have you done it?

Can you see now how long that would have taken you?

By now I am sure you can see just how easy I have made this for you, and I have put in the time FOR YOU, so you can kick start your online dating success IMMEDIATELY following your education on these
groundbreaking secrets:

Secret #1
What Women Are Waiting… and Waiting… and Waiting… to Finally Hear From a Capable Man -- (Hint: It's About Her, Not About You) -- and How You Can Be That Man       Secret #2 Yes, Women Want "Strong, Silent Types" But Not 24/7 … They Want To See That You Can "Connect" -- And Convey That You Are That "Perfect Combination" They Are Seeking       Secret #3 Why Women Have Every Right To Distrust You Online -- and How To Turn Her Caution Into Confidence By Setting The Moral Bar With Her From the Start       Secret #4 How To Show Her You're Different From All The Other Guys She Is No Doubt Sick Of Encountering, and How You Can Talk Honestly About Your High Purpose, Your Ambition and Your Genuine Service To Others and the World In Ways You May Not Even Realize You Are Serving Now!       Secret #5 Why Humor is Essential -- To Convey Authentic Humility, "Evolutionary Trustability" and Genuine Strength -- and How Not to Slip into The Dual Turn-Offs of Self-Deprecation and Clownishness       Secret #6 How To Convey The Subtle Promise of Enticing Sensuality Without the All-Too Common Error of Assaulting Her With Gross Sexuality - THIS IS A BIG ONE GUYS!       Secret #7 Mastering The Invitation -- Taking That Online Spark To An Actual, Real, Warm, Face-To-Face Meeting and What To Do, Say, and Embody Once You Are There.    
What Does It Cost?   For USA orders: This DVD is sent to you for FREE. No commitments, no hassles. All we request is that you pay $6.77 for packaging, shipping and handling.

For International orders: This DVD is sent to you FREE. No commitments, no hassles. All we request is that you select the "International ($9.77)" packaging, shipping and handling option on the next page.

If you live in Canada, our fulfillment department will mark the DVD as a gift for Canada so there are no custom charges.

Please note this special offer is limited to one complimentary DVD per household.


Get Your FREE '7 Secrets To Building
Deep Attraction Online' DVD Now!

Normally $97.00

Act NOW While Supplies Last And It's FREE
(Just Cover Shipping Costs)
[Click Here to Get Your FREE DVD Now](http://6.acimastery.pay.clickbank.net/?cbfid=543&cbskin=405)       How Effective Are The 7 Secrets On This DVD?

By now you are probably wondering just how effective these secrets reallyare... well since you are no doubt curious beyond belief right now...

...here are just a few of the responses I have recieved over the past few months from some of the finest women online dating has to offer... You Be The Judge!

But before you read what each of these beautiful women of all ages MESSAGED ME WITH FIRST, I want you to really stop and imagine, and really feel what it would be like to have these types of messages waiting for YOU in your inbox day after day.

Okay! Now go see the results for yourself...

Who are you?? I'm not trying to flatter you in the least, but I've never read a profile with such allure, and conviction!!! Amazing honestly. When I read this it was almost as if I began to live again. I began to wonder if in fact all the dreams that I once had could they really be possible? I may not be your type or even what you desire, but would you be willing to share with me your wealth of knowledge that has produced for you such a happy life? I am a diamond in the rough!!! I'm not gonna feed you jargon, and I'm done boring you!!! If you feel inspired write me back. I look forward to the relationship that we could share... - Melissa
  Los Angeles, CA  
I read your profile. In fact, I read it more than once. The best part of your profile that captivated me was "I am a man at the height of his powers and you are a woman on the threshold of your possibilities." I wish the men in Michigan were more like you! You seem to be a man with a very huge heart with a enormous amount of caring for others, and I think that is a VERY attractive trait. Anyways I have lots more to say and my hope is that you are intersted and would like to know more, and if not I wish you the best of luck. Write me back soon :)

- Lisa
  Ann Arbor, Michigan   I am not trying to come off like an unqualified critic. But this is one of the best written profiles ever. I enjoyed reading it. The content was very direct, and to the point. It's so difficult to try to meet people online especially when all they are willing to give you is, "I"ll tell you later". You have to have something captivating to say and you have mastered it. I like it, and I like you. - Samantha
  Hollywood, CA   SImply the best profile I've ever read! I'm a little younger than the age bracket you are seeking, but I just had to contact you to tell you that your profile is the best I've ever read. It's awesome when a man states what he wants and settles for nothing less. If you would like to chat from time to time - great. If not, I wish you the sincerest of good fortune in finding the woman you seek. She, will undoubtedly be, a very lucky woman. - Katerina
  San Diego, CA

What Else Do I Receive With My DVD Order?
This Exclusive FREE DVD awaits you with Four FREE Bonuses worth $278...

Exclusive Bonus #1 - "Tantric 101" (Value $77)

You've heard about Tantra, about how it makes you last longer, gives her greater pleasure, gets you a deeper, more penetrating experience. But sadly, that's all you know.

Until now...

This Tantric 101 Free Report will reveal to you... The 9 Short Steps to Becoming Tantric. How Tantra is your doorway to explore complete trust and surrender in sexuality. How Tantra will allow you and your lovers to explore your deepest sexual connection fearlessly and safely. How Tantra will help you give the three things women most yearn for during sex. The Tantric secret that 99% of men will never know.
Exclusive Bonus #2 - "How To Get Everything You Want Out Of The First Date" (Value $77)

One thing you'll discover during this audio training program is that everything you do online sets you up for how she will receive you and what she will anticipate on the first date.

This special program was specifically designed to teach you how to turn your first encounter with her into a success on every level.

Begin with the end it mind... know where you want to go, and where you are going at all times.

There are a number of different things you may want to achieve on your first encounter with her... this program shows you how to accomplish all of them.
Exclusive Bonus #3 - 7 Secrets To Building Deep Attraction
Online Weekly Training Program (Value $47)

When you get your DVD today you'll also receive a 14-Day Trial Membership into my In-Depth 12-Week "7 Secrets To Building Deep Attraction Online" Weekly Training Program.

So you can learn exactly what it is that mystifies, intoxicates, inspires, intrigues and magnetizes women online, and you can instantly and powerfully attract the women you genuinely want to meet. Every week, a new training session will be made available to you with in-depth training and discussion on each of the 7 secrets.

After your 14-day trial membership is over, I will automatically charge you the lowest price that I offer our top customers: only $47 per month, for just three months.

In just three months you will have graduated from the Deep Attraction Online Weekly Training Program and no doubt have more women, and more dates than you know what to do with! Even if you cancel your trial membership, you get to keep all of the components of the Deep Attraction Online system. You will only be charged if you decide to stay on the program past the 14-day trial period.

If during the 14-day trial, or anytime thereafter, you want to cancel your membership it is no problem at all, and all you have to do is simply contact our support team at http://attractconnectinpsire.com/support or by phone at 888-947-1112. No pressure, No questions, No Hassles, cancel anytime.

Having said that, I think you will love the both the 7 Secrets Weekly Training Program so much that after just one week you will surely agree.
Exclusive Bonus #4 "Inner Confidence" (Value $77)


The Complete Attractor - Inner Confidence audio training program will help turn you into That Man – you know, the guy who naturally allures women by his speech, his depth, and his insight into the subtle dynamics that drive men and women together into bliss beyond common experience.

That guy can be you. It should be you, and if you listen closely to the program -- it will be you.

Be THE GUY - the one who knows, the one who believes at his core, that he is the one SHE IS CHECKING OUT... CONSTANTLY!
        Here Is What Guys Are Saying About This DVD...

I would recommend the D.A.O. system to any of my friends because of Adam's ethics, and his way of thinking... he's not out to get more notches in his bedpost, he really cares about women. Keep up the good work... you've got a great program here. - Tim M
  Ontario, Canada   I have gained both competence and confidence with using Adam's material. I believe that he is very knowledgeable on the subject. When you need to get better at something in your life you must look for mentors in that area. I feel that Adam is such a mentor. - Michael Y
  Las Vegas, NV   This program should be part of your continuing education about today's women and your relationships with them. The fact is, they (and our relationships with them) are evolving and changing a great deal (and have been over the last 20 years). This program will expand your knowledge base and bring you into alignment with what is currently going on with women and how to really tap into them more effectively. - Nick L
  Uniondale, NY   I purchased D.A.O. immediately after your David D interview. I found Adams material really helped improve my profile. I was used to technical writing, and doubt I would've ever figured out this approach on my own. - Jordan L
  Suffolk County, NY

How Do I Get A FREE DVD?   It's easy...just [click here ](http://secure.ultracart.com/cgi-bin/UCEditor?merchantId=ACI00&ADD=DAO&UpsellPathCode=DAO2G&ThemeCode=DAOTEST)right now to order. Remember with this trial offer you are not obligated to buy anything.  
How Long Does This FREE DVD Offer Last?   As you can imagine, we can't keep giving this DVD away forever. Business is business, and so, we have instructed the fulfillment company to only produce 300 copies. So don't wait, supplies won't last long. Request your free DVD today.  

This DVD is sent to you FREE. All we request is
that you pay $6.77 for shipping and handling.




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