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Send Your Confirmation Rate Through The Roof!

Start Here! Discover the power of Confirm Rate Optimizer for yourself!

Simply watch the video to the left and then enter your name and email address to try out the whole system!

Your Privacy is Always Respected!

Catapult your Confirm Rate and Double Your List….with No Extra Effort

How much more money will you make when you double the number of subscribers who confirm their subscriptions?

Most online marketers send their email subscribers into a giant leaky bucket. Some of them confirm their subscriptions, but most of them don’t. If that applies to you and your business, then you are hemorrhaging cash. Fix the leak and you can double your sales, revenues and profits almost overnight – without spending an extra cent on marketing.

Confirm Rate Optimizer plugs the leak for you, and can save thousands of customers from falling by the wayside. If you haven’t tried it yourself yet, [click here](http://confirmrateoptimizer.com/how-it-works-2) to try out the demo and experience it for yourself. If you have, then you will already understand why this system is transforming online businesses around the world. Make sure you check out our [FAQ](http://confirmrateoptimizer.com/faq) section to find answers to any questions you have.

Heck ,you work hard to get traffic, and then even harder to convince your visitors to opt-in. So you need to capitalize on all that hard work, and get the most value out of every opt in. Confirm Rate Optimizer does exactly that. This simple yet revolutionary approach to encouraging subscription confirmation makes it easy for you to:
increase the number of confirmed subscribers on your list – often by 100% or more rapidly scale up your list to a massive size impress your customers with a slick and professional confirmation process
The result? More subscribers, more sales, more revenue – and much greater profits. And you can get all this, starting for just $4.95. Talk about a great return on investment…you could revolutionize your business for the price of a coffee in Starbucks. Here are some more reasons why you should try Confirm Rate Optimizer today:
easy to set up and implement (less than 5 minutes) instant results on your bottom line long-term growth effects on your business
Unlike most products, Confirm Rate Optimizer delivers measurable results that you can track right from the word go. As soon as you implement the Confirm Rate Optimizer system you will see your confirmation rate increase instantly and this will result in an immediate increase in the number of daily confirmed subscribers and sales.

You have a whole month during your $4.95 trial to see the incredible results for yourself and sit back and watch as your list grows exponentially bigger and bigger everyday as you rescue all of those unconfirmed subscribers, resulting in more sales and more money in the bank. All this for 5 minutes of simple set up and no extra work or expenditure on marketing.

The Confirm Rate Optimizer System takes care of everything for you.

Your initial charge will be $4.95. You will then be charged $17 /month for each month that you continue to use the system.

Confirm Rate Optimizer works seamlessly with almost all major email marketing programs such as Aweber and Get Response. The only requirement for an email marketing program to be compatible with Confirm Rate Optimizer is that it must be able to forward ‘subscriber variables’ or ‘contact details’ such as name and email to the ‘thank you’ page (aka confirmation page), [click here](http://confirmrateoptimizer.com/how-it-works-2/passing-subscriber-variables) for more information about this. Almost all of the major email marketing programs can easily do this and will work perfectly with Confirm Rate Optimizer. Unfortunately I Contact does not support this feature at this time so I Contact users will not be able to use Confirm Rate Optimizer.

Will you still be losing subscribers by this time tomorrow? Or will you have fixed the leak and stopped all those unconfirmed subscribers from slipping through the net?

If you would like to find out more about Confirm Rate Optimizer make sure you check out:
[How it Works](http://confirmrateoptimizer.com/how-it-works-2) [Frequently Asked Questions](http://confirmrateoptimizer.com/faq) [The Installation Guide](http://confirmrateoptimizer.com/how-it-works-2/installation) [Testimonials](http://confirmrateoptimizer.com/testimonials) – from our other members [Contact](http://confirmrateoptimizer.com/contact) – if you have any other questions about Confirm Rate Optimizer, get in touch here
Or if you have seen enough and are ready to try out Confirm Rate Optimizer… (Please note Confirm Rate Optimizer is not yet live – Opt into the web form on this page if you would like to be notified when it does become available.)

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