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There are many social media platforms on the Internet – too
numerous to count. Not all of them are going to be beneficial to you
and your business. In order to use social media successfully, it is
important to identify and use the platforms that will have the
greatest reach and the greatest impact.

Introducing a new e-book, Social Media for Consultants.

* Do you want to find a way to better identify the people,
businesses and groups who are interested in your services, knowledge
and expertise?
* Do you want to spend less time searching for prospects to market
* Do you want to make real, meaningful connections with potential

My name is Justin Beller and I’m a training and development
consultant. Unlike brick and mortar stores that sell goods to
customers, selling consulting services is an entirely different

In 2005, social media as we know it today was in its infancy. When I
started my business back then, I dedicated most of my time marketing
and selling my consulting services to potential clients using
traditional forms of outreach such as cold calls and direct mail.
Those methods met with more resistance than acceptance.

When I discovered social media, it changed my entire view of
marketing. Rather than “pushing” myself on to people who
I thought needed my services, I was now able to “pull” them
towards me and demonstrate how I can be of service to them by
providing value to their business. Better yet, I was able to leverage
many of social media’s features to identify people and key decision
makers in industries I wished to serve.

Why social media as a marketing tool?

Consider the number of users on what I consider the “Big Three”
social media platforms:

* Facebook–400 million users worldwide and growing
* Twitter–18 million users in the USA and growing
* LinkedIn–45 million users worldwide and growing

The demographics for each of these platforms are even more

* Facebook–In 2009, Facebook experienced 276% growth among
35–54-year- olds. The 55+ demographic (demo) experienced 194% growth
and the 25–34- year-old demo is doubling every six months.
* Twitter–As of 2009, Twitter is made up of users primarily in the
18–34-year-old demographic group (47%) with the 35–49-year-old
group closely behind (31%). Users are 53% female, 47% male.
* LinkedIn–The average LinkedIn user is considered more
“upscale” with 30% labeled as savvy networkers with $90,000+
annual income.Twenty-eight percent of LinkedIn users are senior
executives with high incomes and high purchasing power at their places
of work.

Among those numbers are your customers. In business, you should be
where your customers are. With social media, you can by specifically
identifying and singling out the people you wish to do business with.

How important is marketing to your business?

It goes without saying. If people don’t know who you are and how
you can provide value to them, success will be hard to come by. Social
media has the ability to open up many doors for you and your business.

See how social media changed things for this organization:

We set up a Facebook Page but didn't know much about how to use it
until (Social Media for Consultants).  Within 6 weeks we had over 500
people join our Page and collected over $4,000 in donations!

Gary Segers
Citizens for an Open Greenbelt
Boise, ID

If using social media was able to make this much of an impact for
this organization, imagine what it can do for you and your business.

Let me introduce to you once again:


This book takes the confusion out of social media and shows you how
to leverage the three most popular platforms – Facebook, Twitter and
LinkedIn – to create a presence, develop a brand and position you as
a thoughtleader in your respective field.

Specifically, this book will teach you:

* Why social media tools like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are a
good choice to add to your marketing efforts as a consultant
* A basic understanding of Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn – their
functionality and intended purpose
* What to include in each of your social media profiles to make them
effective and attractive to your followers
* How to leverage social media tools, aggregate them using
third-party applications and deliver single messages to multiple
platforms reaching a wider audience


Download Social Media for Consultants and use it for 60 days. If
you don’t find it puts you on the path to leveraging social media as
part of your marketing mix for your consulting business,  for a full

BONUS OFFER: free 1-hour critique of your social media accounts.

Put Social Media for Consultants to the test. Apply the lessons
learned and allow me to check your work and offer some advice along
the way specific to your consulting business. For every e-book
purchased, I will personally devote up to 1 hour of my time to
critique your social media accounts… FREE.

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