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How to Ski 2 Canadian Resorts for 4 weeks for Under $5000!


Do you think this is possible?  

YES IT IS!  I've done it many times! –   And you can do it too!  

Contained in my eBook - "How to Ski Canada for Less" you will easily learn how to save literally thousands of dollars on a great ski holiday!  

I have proven this time and again over the past decade and the fact is, I have actually skied for 4 weeks in Canada for less than $4000.00!

Can you Imagine?

The cool, crisp mountain air, the absolute exhilaration of skiing or boarding down a wide untracked expanse of snow many kilometres long at high speed, or dodging between the tall pine trees through one of the many gladed 'off piste' trails in deep powder; feeling that slight burning sensation in your legs from your non-stop belt down the hill?


Would you like to know how to travel to Canada for a great and inexpensive snow holiday?  

In my easy to read, follow and understand eBook - "How to Ski Canada for Less" you are guided step by step through the "hows, whys and what to do next" enabling you to plan your own Canadian ski adventure at the lowest possible price.

By using information contained in this comprehensive eBook you will be able to enjoy a 4 week, all inclusive ski holiday at two award winning resorts in Canada, staying in great on snow accommodation for under $5000 including airfares!   

Sound good?  

The information in my eBook - "How to Ski Canada for Less" is like none other available. I give you information travel agencies don't want you to know! I show you how to reach your holiday goal without even having to walk into a travel agency (unless you really want to) and by following my recommendations, you will save all the money that 'they' make on sales commissions!                            

Another really fantastic thing about this eBook is that it doesn't only apply to people who live in or near Australia. Even though your air fare component may be a little different, the remainder of what is explained is equally relevant to people from all over the world!  

I have skied for the past 30+ years all around the world. From Thredbo and Perisher Valley in Australia where I worked and played for 3 seasons, to Val D'Isere - France, Gerlos, Mayrhoffen and Kitzbuhl in Austria, Aspen and Vail in the USA, Silver Star, Big White and around Banff including Sunshine, Lake Louise, Norquay in Canada, Cardrona and Treble Cone, New Zealand. Not to mention the numerous other trips I've made to most other Australian snow resorts over past years. 

Now, as you might gather, I'm a pretty passionate snow skier. If you are like me (and my experience is that most people who enjoy snow sports are) then you are forever planning that next snow trip, trying to figure out 'how' you can afford to ski for just a few days in Australia and how you can get the most skiing in for your hard earned dollar.

Think about how much it costs you to travel to the Australian snowfields - or elsewhere?  Unfortunately most of ‘us’ have to travel a considerable distance to reach them. If you think about it and add up all the individual costs, you know that you will not get away with a 3 day/2 night ski trip in peak or shoulder season – staying on snow in Australia for less than $1000 – probably much more!

Think about our conditions?  How often have you gone on that long awaited Australian snow trip only to be ‘rock-hopping’, skiing in the rain or confined to a small area due to lack of snow?  Perhaps all 3! 
How is your 'cheap' weekend snow trip looking now??  
As I've mentioned, I have skied all around the world but most recently and most enjoyably over the past decade, I've travelled to Canada for my 'snow' fix. I've found that by Canadian standards, what they call a 'bad season' is at least equal to, but usually much better than a 'good' snow season in Australia.  
What about Australian prices for ski or snowboarding gear? Canada has to be the place to buy equipment and clothing if you need it. Realistic prices, up to date equipment (not last seasons), and high quality clothing made with their conditions in mind.

So what information does  "How to Ski Canada for Less" include?

It shows you:
   How to make your travel arrangements (book flights etc),    How to find/book accommodation to suit you,    How to purchase cheap lift passes with added bonuses,    Great hints, tips and resources to assist you in your holiday planning.    Other activities/things to see or do while you are away    And much, much more!


A calm sunny day in the mountains (and they are frequent!) can be between -6 and -10 degrees celsius - temperatures that keep the snow in perfect condition!  

Waking up in the morning to find that an overnight fall has dumped 50 centimetres of soft fluffy snow (what locals call "champagne powder") on your doorstep is not a rare occurrence! The base depth is often over 180cm or 6ft in the old scale, remaining this deep right up until  the end of the season which is typically long, from around the end of December to May. However, sometimes the snow arrives early, hitting the slopes late November or early December is not unheard of!

The resorts I travel to are generally much less busy than Australia. I've been on huge runs and been the only person on the snow for hours - cutting my own tracks time after time!  

How does that sound?  I'll tell you - It's great!

Even during their busy holiday periods you won’t have to wait more than a few minutes to grab a super fast detachable quad or six pack lift to the top of the mountain and you can always find somewhere to ski with few people to interrupt your down hill belt!

Many of the runs are over 6 kilometres long - with 'green' (easy) runs from the top of nearly every lift so even the rank beginner can get the most out of their experience. For the more adventurous and advanced/experts out there, there are plenty of difficult and 'extreme' runs to get your blood pumping and if you are into ‘tree’ skiing – then this is the place for you!                                                                                                                                                                       

The Canadian culture is much like our own. Good friendly people who seem to take immense pride in providing visitors to their country a great experience. Food is generally reasonably priced and alcohol - if you want it - is freely available! 

Have I whetted your appetite?   I know just thinking about skiing has once again got my juices flowing! 

"How to Ski Canada for Less" will show you how you can have the best ski or snowboard experience at the lowest possible price with everything included, but that’s not all you get! 

Also in this great package is a comprehensive 'checklist' covering all aspects of your holiday planning; itemising what travel documents you may require and what you need to pack to ensure your holiday happens smoothly, without stress or fuss!

Now you need to decide.

Do you want to spend close to $1000.00 for a weekend (2nights/3day) trip to an Australian resort battling crowds, poor snow conditions and traffic?  

Or would you rather?

Ski for 4 weeks at two Award Winning Canadian resorts, staying in 'on snow' ski in - ski out, cosy - comfortable and central accommodation, all for under $5000 including air fares, transfers and meals? 

The answer should be a 'No Brainer'!!

Click the link below now to purchase the best holiday investment you will make!  

This eBook is available now for a special  low price and you can start planning your Snow holiday trip of a lifetime in a matter of minutes!!   

I guarantee - if you use the steps contained in "How to Ski Canada for Less" you will save a substantial amount of money, - money saved that will pay for the cost of this book many times over!

This special introductory offer - reduced by 30% - is only available for a short time  - so what are you waiting for??

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See you out there and have a great time! 



Bruce Hoffmann

Contact details : [ebook@skicanadaforless.com](http://skicanadaforless.com/feedback.html)    eBook "How to Ski Canada for Less"  Copyright © 2010 Bruce Hoffmann

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