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How to Find Your Virtual Assistant Quick-Start System

How to Find Your Virtual Assistant Quick-Start System

Attention: Are you sick of wasting time and money dealing with outsourcing nightmares? And fed up with working so hard but never getting ahead? It’s time to take matters into your own hands. I’m going to teach you how to gain more free time, get rid of stress, become more productive and grow your business at the same time. Sound too good to be true? It’s not!

Get a sneak-peek at what’s included in the “How to Find Your Virtual Assistant” System. [](http://eepurl.com/RmLn)

Why should you listen to me?

Because, like you, I’ve been completely overwhelmed trying to do every single task myself. I did all my own blog and website updates, bookkeeping, marketing, email management and mailings. Like you, I’ve sacrificed sleep, time with my children and husband, my daily exercise routine, vacations, etc. I’ve lost friends. I’ve lost clients (and income). All because I tried to do everything myself without any help.

Does this sound familiar?

I got fed up, and after a lot of trial and error, I developed a step-by-step system for effectively outsourcing to a virtual assistant.

Picture yourself spending your weekends doing the things you love while your Virtual Assistant manages your business. What would you do with an extra 2, 5 or even 20 hours each week? Would you spend more time with your spouse, take your kids out for ice cream, finally get back to the gym and into the best shape of your life? You could even take care of your embarrassing lawn and stop being the laughing stock of the neighborhood. The possibilities are endless…and so easily attainable if you just would let go and outsource to the right virtual assistant.

What a package! First, I love how the info can be found in several different forms and that people can choose the one that’s right for them. I find the Guidebook PDF to my liking, but I know a lot of people want to listen on the go. You have something for everyone here.
And I’m sure people will say, ‘Bonus!’ when they see all the great attachments.”
Kathy Sena
Writer and Editor[
Parent Talk Today ](http://parenttalktoday.com)
Sound like a dream?

It’s not, if you have the right outsourcing system in place.

But creating an outsourcing system is the hard part…

It could take you years and can cost you several thousand dollars to figure out just the right system that makes outsourcing to a VA work. Sadly, most entrepreneurs never reach outsourcing bliss and quit frustrated and go back to being overwhelmed with their work and unhappy with their life.

The reality is that you CAN work less (and smarter!) while making more money by outsourcing work to a virtual assistant or even a team of virtual assistants. I’ve done it. I’ve helped other entrepreneurs do it. And I’m going to help you do it, too!

How to Find Your Virtual Assistant

The Small Business Owner’s Step-By-Step System for Finding & Working with the Perfect Virtual Assistant … For You

As someone who tried on three different virtual assistants before finding the right fit with the fourth one, having access to this kind of guidance could have saved me a few years of searching.”
Megan Smolenyak
Genealogy Researcher, Author and Speaker[
Honoring Our Ancestors ](http://honoringourancestors.com)
Do you have work left undone every day?

Regardless of your current stage — small business start-up to seasoned entrepreneur — you can benefit from hiring a virtual assistant to handle the daily tasks that aren’t getting done so you can develop your business to its full potential.

Think about it…
Do you wish you had more time to market your business or to work on that great idea you’ve had percolating in your mind for weeks? Is that direct mail campaign still sitting on your desk waiting for someone to stamp and address the postcards? Is your website or blog embarrassingly stale because it keeps getting bumped down on your to-do list (or you just don’t have the know-how to make it happen)? Are your business financials in disarray because you don’t have the time to reconcile them? Do you find yourself reaching the end of your day without accomplishing your most important priorities?
I could go on and on and fill an entire page with questions like these, but I’m guessing you already answered yes to at least one of them.

In 2008 I was just getting started in the virtual assistant industry when I came across an opportunity to join the avertua team. I was impressed by Alyssa’s professional approach to team-building, including the interview and questionnaire.
By working with avertua, I’ve gained incredible insight into how much work and dedication are needed for virtual assistants in general, and more specifically when working as part of a virtual team. Alyssa is always available to answer questions or guide us through different processes. She is respectful and appreciative of the work you do, which makes me feel so valued.
I think her team approach is particularly efficient, because Alyssa capitalizes on different member’s strengths, to offer her clients only the best support.”
Laurie Mapp
Virtual Legal Assistant[
Halo Secretarial Services
What’s your excuse?

So, let’s get to the heart of the problem. What is holding you back from outsourcing your work to a virtual assistant?

Here are some of the excuses I’ve heard:
I can’t afford to hire a virtual assistant. I don’t know where to begin to look for a virtual assistant who understands my industry and my business. I’ve hired virtual assistants before but I can never seem to find one that works for me. I don’t trust anyone else, especially someone virtual, to manage my business like I do. It’s quicker if I just do it myself. I’m not comfortable doing the whole search and interviewing process.
While these may seem like valid excuses, I demystify them and others in “How To Find Your Virtual Assistant: The Small Business Owner’s Step-By-Step System for Finding and Working with the Perfect Virtual Assistant…For You.”

Who am I?

I am an entrepreneur, small business advocate, virtual assistant, virtual team builder, writer, designer, mom and wife. A lot of titles, but all revolve around one thing – passion. And one of the things I am passionate about is helping other entrepreneurs succeed.

A Virtual Assistant

I am a virtual assistant who created a step-by-step system for outsourcing to a virtual assistant. Doesn’t get much more hands-on that than, does it?

My virtual assistant background dates back to 2003 when I founded [avertua](http://avertua.com), a full-service team-focused virtual assistant firm. I’ve been a VA for a long time, so I have a thorough understanding of how to develop long-term VA-client relationships. Plus, I have a team, so I’ve been in the unique position of having to search for and find excellent VAs to bring on board.

I am the author of “[VA Secrets Revealed! An Insider’s Guide to Being a Successful Virtual Assistant](http://virtualassistanthub.com/virtual-assistant-store/virtual-assistant-books/va-secrets-revealed.html).” I am also the founder of the [Virtual Assistant Hub](http://virtualassistanthub.com), a collaborative website created to provide virtual assistant tools, ideas, best practices, products, services and other resources to everyone involved in the virtual assistant industry.

A Writer and Speaker

I write…a lot! My blog is the [Small Business Idea Generator](http://smallbusinessideagenerator.com), dedicated to sharing ideas, inspirations, tips, news and other useful information to small business owners and entrepreneurs. I publish a monthly newsletter, [The Spark](http://thesparknewsletter.com), for entrepreneurs and small business owners.

I am the Small Business Information Guide on [About.com](http://sbinformation.about.com), the lead Web Pro Business blogger for [SitePoint.com](http://www.sitepoint.com/articlelist/559), and I have guest posted on several other popular blogs. I am also the Managing Editor for the [Work At Home Mom](http://www.typeamom.net/mom-types/work-from-home-moms.html) section on Type-A-Mom.

I have presented at conferences for IVAA, Type-A-Mom, Minority Interchange, Inc., and a handful of other organizations. I have been [interviewed](http://www.avertua.com/radio.html) on the radio and on podcasts.

A Passionate Collaborator

But most importantly, I am passionate. Passionate about helping other entrepreneurs, like you, succeed by providing sound advice, and practical, usable, relevant and “fluff-less” information.

OK, enough about me. (You can always jump over to [AlyssaGregory.com](http://alyssagregory.com) if you want more.)

Alyssa’s background and experience as a business owner, business manager and expert virtual assistant put her in the unique position to help others in their businesses, no matter what the size and what kind of support they need. She has been a long-time owner of her own business and also worked in the corporate world for several years prior, so she is very good at understanding the day-to-day challenges that professionals and entrepreneurs face and need help with the most.
Alyssa has the knowledge and expertise to match up business owners looking for support with virtual assistants who are able and qualified to meet their needs. Don’t miss out on Alyssa’s advice – it could be the difference between success now or much, much later!”
Leslie Shreve
Founder & Productivity Expert [
Productive Day](http://productiveday.com)

What the System Includes

The “How To Find Your Virtual Assistant” product is a step-by-step system developed for the busy business owner or entrepreneur who wants the information, fast.

The system is broken down into these digestible modules:
Virtual Assistance 101 (Learn the truth about the VA industry.) Step 1: Identify Your Needs (Stop beating around the bush and get to the bottom of what you NEED.) Step 2: Envision the Perfect Relationship (What will it take to make you say yes?) Step 3: Set Your Budget (Use our calculator to see how much your budget will buy you.) Step 4: Start Your Search (Use our VA Directory and lots of other resources to cut your search time in half.) Step 5: Explore Your Options (Kind of like the dating game without the corny music.) Step 6: Make Your Decision (What to consider so you make the RIGHT decision.) Step 7: Outsource to Your Virtual Assistant Effectively (How to make your virtual team run like a well-oiled machine.) And They Worked Together Happily Ever After (Your story really can have a fairytale ending!)
Plus, there are a handful of bonuses in these downloadable formats:
Cheat sheets (Bulleted summaries you can grab and take with you.) Worksheets (Stop running in circles and get it down on paper.) Resource documents (Learn some really cool things that will really help with this process.) Templates (Shortcuts to save you time and money to more than cover your investment.) Checklists (Never forget another step again.) Video Demos (Learn fast — see it once to remember it forever.)
Alyssa, thank you for making my work life so much easier and for handling things that I struggled with in the past. Your expertise in the areas of technology, writing, networking, and marketing have taken a lot of stress and toil off my plate. I’ve been able to focus on sales and clients instead of proofing articles and putting the shine on my newsletters and training material. Your profound knowledge and talent makes you a leader in the virtual assistant field.”
Anne Sedler
Productivity Consultant and Trainer[
HFD Productivity](http://hfdproductivity.com)
WARNING: This system is not for everyone.

I am not the only person that provides an outsourcing system. I may be the only person that offers outsourcing training with this vast amount of information in a comprehensive step-by-step system that is easy to implement anytime, anywhere. But, there are other outsourcing products out there.

You will certainly find a few cheaper alternatives. I’ve even seen some people that offer some form of an outsourcing system for FREE! Ask yourself why they charge less or nothing at all.

Personally, when I look for a specialist to help me, I look at a sample of work. I look for EXPERTISE and CREDENTIALS, and I look for referrals and testimonials from current clients.

If you want to learn how to outsource to the Philippines from an Internet Marketing “guru,” then my outsourcing system is not for you. Likewise, if you want the cheapest program to help you find the cheapest outsourcing help available, please DO NOT buy my system.

But, if you want good, solid, honest advice with real-life examples, time-saving worksheets and valuable insights from an industry leader, then my system is for you.

It is a pleasure to work with Alyssa as a member of her avertua team. Because she has been a successful business owner and virtual assistant, she has developed unique organization systems and processes that answer all my questions and allow me to focus on meeting client needs.
She is intuitive and understands the importance of matching clients and virtual assistants. With her business savvy, Alyssa can sense if the relationship is a ‘fit’ and is committed to ensuring client expectations are met AND that her team members are supported. She runs her business with a high level of integrity and expects nothing less from her team members. Alyssa is mindful of my talents and abilities, and I appreciate that she trusts me to support her clients.”
Kelly Williams
WordPress & 1ShoppingCart Specialist[
Kelly Williams VA
Okay, Alyssa. How much will my investment be for your proven step-by-step outsourcing system?

It seems as if everyone is an outsourcing “guru” these days. I’m sure you’ve seen products being pitched from $100 to $4,000 by every Tom, Dick & Harry. I am confident that I could fairly price my system for thousands of dollars. In fact if you asked a top expert, like myself, to do the research, hiring and virtual team management for you, you’d be charged in the neighborhood of $5,000 to $8,000, and that’s just for the initial team set-up and doesn’t include ongoing consulting fees.

But I’m not going to charge you anywhere near that amount or even my minimum project price. In fact, your total investment for the complete “How To Find Your Virtual Assistant” step-by-step outsourcing system is only $147.


I found Alyssa Gregory’s “How to Find Your Virtual Assistant” program to be incredibly comprehensive and thorough, in a step-by-step format that is easy to follow. Alyssa provided tools for analysis that I had never considered, and with the wealth of checklists, fact sheets, online resources and worksheets, I was able to determine exactly the kind of assistant I was looking for. Alyssa even provides e-mail templates for communicating with VAs I might (or might not) be considering hiring. As I said, she is thorough!
If you have any questions or concerns about hiring a VA, Alyssa addresses them all. Next time I’m looking for a VA, I will know exactly what steps to take to find the perfect partnership.”
Lisa Braithwaite
[Public Speaking and Presentation Skills Coach](http://www.coachlisab.com/)
[Speak Schmeak Blog](http://coachlisab.blogspot.com/)
Plus, you get 3 bonuses if you order by midnight on August 31.

1. Special Report: 77 Tools for Supercharged Virtual Team Collaboration ($45 value)

2. 53 Skinny Marketing Ideas Tip Sheet ($45 value)

3. VA Secrets Revealed! An Insider’s Guide to Being a Successful Virtual Assistant Ebook ($9.95)

Together these 3 free bonuses are worth $100 — but they’re all yours absolutely free when you order by August 31. Don’t forget that the system comes with 32 attachments PLUS an exclusive virtual assistant directory, with exceptional VAs in just about every specialty ready to get to work for you.

WOW, I am so impressed. What an incredible read and boy do I sure hope that all my future prospects have this information and detail before they connect with me. What a find! Alyssa goes into great detail about the relationship and makes it much easier for a VA client to understand and benefit from our work together.
The ‘cheat sheets’ and additional resources and forms are incredibly detailed and really help the client determine their needs, which is something I sometimes find I have to pull out of them. And thank you for including that they should send responses to all parties who submit an RFP. This is so vital in helping VAs understand and grow their own businesses.
For anyone considering finding the right virtual assistant, I highly recommend, How To Find Your Virtual Assistant.”
Jeannine Clontz
[IVAA.org](http://ivaa.org) President, Author, Speaker and VA Coach
[Accbizsvcs.com](http://accbizsvcs.com), [InternetMarketingVirtualAssistant.net](http://InternetMarketingVirtualAssistant.net) and [VAbizcoach.com](http://VAbizcoach.com)
Satisfaction Guaranteed

We are so confident that this system is exactly what you’re looking for that it comes with a no-risk 100% back 60-day guarantee. No questions asked.

It’s easy to get started right away.

Just click the Get Started Now button and go through the payment process at ClickBank. After confirmation of payment, typically within one business day, you will receive access information for the system files.


To your success,

Alyssa Gregory

P.S. If you’re looking for a ‘how to outsource for $5 hour’ system then I’m sorry, you will be disappointed. This is an elite program with killer content and effective strategies for building a real virtual team.

P.P.S. In less than five minutes, you can have access to the complete library of training, tools and tips inside the private members area and start to assemble your virtual team (aka your freedom).

P.P.P.S. For the first time ever, I am releasing my outsourcing blueprint valued at $4,000, which will change the game and will revolutionize the way you build your virtual team and grow your business.

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