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Turning Science Into Things People Need by David Giltner

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Can a scientist find a rewarding career in industry?

In volume 1, ten respected scientists who have built successful careers in industry reveal new insights into how they made the transition from research scientist to industrial scientist or successful entrepreneur, serving as a guide to other scientists seeking to pursue a similar path. From the student preparing to transition into work in industry, to the scientist who is already working for a company, this book will show you how to sell your strengths and lead confidently.

Stuart MacCormack, M & A Program Manager Roger McGowan, Research Fellow – Process Development Chris Myatt, Founder, Precision Photonics Corp Tanja Beshear, Reliability Engineer Peter Fiske, CEO, PAX Water Technologies, Inc. Tom Baur, Founder, Meadowlark Optics, Inc Jason Ensher, Senior Optical Engineer Jack Jewell, Founder, Picolight, Inc Ashok Balakrishnan, Director of Product Development Antoine Daridon, Product Manager

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