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Solar Knowledge Series - Sell Solar Now!

Jump To The Front Of The Solar Wave -

Digest the information in this Manual and be ready to Impress - and Sell Solar Power Systems for Any Reputable Solar Contractor/Installer in your Area, BY NEXT WEEK!
(You'll probably even teach Them a thing or two.)

You Are About To Know More about how to get started in a Solar Career than 98% of the U.S. Population AND Give Yourself a HUGE advantage over other aspiring Solar Professionals. Do not attempt to land a "Green Job" Selling Solar until you know the information in this manual Inside and Out!

If You've done your research - You Know that Other "Solar Courses" Cost Hundreds, even Thousands of Dollars - with No Guarantee of success!?!

Have you Wondered or even Dreamed about a New Career in the Solar Industry but don't have the first clue of how to begin?


This book was written BY EXPERIENCED Solar Professionals, FOR ASPIRING
Solar Professionals - Here is just some of what you will learn inside:

How To Fast Track Your Solar Career! - 5 ways to get your foot in the door with a Solar CompanyImpress, Get Hired, Make Sales QuicklyPresent Yourself Professionally Solar is a Technical Subject - We Make it Easy to UnderstandKnow Your Solar! ...from A to Z, we'll take you from zero to sixtyExplanation of PV and Thermal Systems - When and Why Battery Back-Up is NeededInstallation Practices and Industry Norms Who Are the Major Players involved in an Installation?Pros and Cons of Going Solar Now!Overview: Federal Incentives and SourcesHow To Find the Right Target Market3 Main Reasons Why People Go Solar - and why you MUST know what they are!Ins and Outs of Energy ConservationPollution Saving EquationHow To Size a Solar System Properly - (most people do this wrong)Common Obstacles to Overcome - Know these and double or triple your sales!...Much, Much, More!

You will NOT find any exaggerated claims or "DIY Solar Panels for $200 bucks" Here!
You will ONLY find Answers to Several Important Questions...

How Do I get Started in an Exciting Industry that is about to EXPLODE?
How Do I Rise Above my so-called Competition and Become a Solar Sales Leader in My Own Area (with no prior Solar experience)?
How Do I Become a Valuable Part of Our Nations' Energy Independence Plan?
What Can I do to Help Maintain our Beautiful Environment?

What Are You Waiting For? - Sell Solar Now!

We've Covered All The Details. The Action Part is UP TO YOU! With the Information you are about to have in your hands, You will be ready to walk through the doors of any Solar Company with the Knowledge and Professional Confidence to start a relationship, make sales and Turbo Launch your Brand New Solar Career!

[I WANT TO SELL SOLAR!](#buynow)

As Owners and Managers of a Successful Solar Contracting Firm, We've Sold and Installed Many Solar Power Systems and Interviewed, Hired (and Fired) Enough Installers and Sales People To Know What Works. Now We're Sharing Our Insider Secrets of What It TRULY TAKES for YOU to Become Successful Selling Solar!

Don't Miss This Opportunity to Learn from Real Experts in an Exploding Industry...

We've refined our Solar Sales Training through Real World, Industry Experience - here's a bit of feedback:

For a science teacher, I'm a little embarrassed to say I knew absolutely nothing about Solar - let alone the complexity of the industry. After reading "Sell Solar Now!", I was able to walk into three different Solar firms and speak with confidence about my understanding of solar technology (I think I even knew more than 2 of them). I've been working with one of them for 3 months now - what a great summer occupation!
Brett A.
High School Science Teacher, Indiana

Honestly, I was not even interested in selling, but very interested in learning more about Solar. A friend in the Solar industry had purchased your book and recommended it to me. WOW - I had no idea what I didn't know! I am an organic farmer and am now considering hiring a local contractor to install a solar system because of everything I've learned (and I'll know exactly what they're doing and what questions to ask thanks to Sell Solar Now!) Thanks again - you've already saved me a lot of money in knowing what not to do!
Breven W.
Independent Film Maker, Portland, OR

All I can say is THANK YOU!. I definitely would not have been able to do what I've done in the last five months without this book. Because of the practical knowledge I've gained from "sell solar now", I've forged solid relationships with one company locally and one down in southern CA. They were very impressed with me from the start because of my understanding of the different types of solar and the industry in general. I enjoy my job in marketing, but I'm considering selling solar full time by next year because of where the energy industry is heading. Thank you again for the solid start doing something I love. Let me know if you need any recommendations.
Tim P.
Marketing Director, San Francisco, CA

(The FTC Requires anyone selling anything online to let folks know that "results are not typical". The fact is, we typically get super great results and so do the kind folks who purchase our training materials, as long as they actually apply what they learn - which is out of our hands and solely up to them. As soon as we get some really lousy results we'll be sure to post those as well. In the meantime, we're busy improving our knowledge about, selling and installing solar arrays and teaching our fellow citizens how to do the same.)

The US Dept. of Energy Says that within several years Solar Energy will become as affordable as Fossil Fuel Energy - Position yourself NOW in a Bright New Industry with LIMITLESS POTENTIAL!

This is Information and Training you CANNOT Find anywhere else.
Not Sure if the Solar Industry is for you?
You don't need to break the bank to find out - Don't spend THOUSANDS, or even HUNDREDS...
With Foreign Oil Dependance and Domestic Oil Spills polluting the USA, we want to eliminate all financial barriers between YOU and YOUR NEW CAREER IN SOLAR! The rest is up to you...


Retail $97 - Special Offer $47 11 Left at this price!

We Stand Behind Every Part of This First-of-it's-kind Solar Sales Manual. Read it, Learn it - and USE IT. If you do not achieve the results you are looking for within 60 days of purchase, we will buy it back from you. That is our 100% Money Back, Iron Clad Guarantee.


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