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Job Interview Online Course $39.99


A degree and experience will get you the interview but how you perform during that crucial 45 minutes will determine whether your offered a position. Our ONLINE PROGRAM has revolutionised how candidates prepare for their job interviews, in particular providing solutions to daunting BEHAVIOURAL BASED QUESTIONS. If you have a important job interview or promotion assessment then this program is a must have tool.

No matter where you are in the world you can take advantage of our Online Program. Our clients have had amazing success using this program, especially in todays competitive job market.

"Without the Job Interview Solutions team I would still be sending out resumes. They are an absolute must in any interview preparation"

Scott T, Shipping Executive

Your Preparation Can Begin Today

Upon completing your purchase you will have instant access to our Online Interview Coaching Program. Included in the Online Program is unlimited access to all of our resources including access to our Virtual Interview Program.

Virtual Interview

You could spend days even weeks reading job interview technique books without any real solid improvement, with the virtual interview course you will start to see amazing improvement in your technique and confidence in just a few hours.

Via your TV or monitor you will come face to face with a professional interview panel asking you over 30 of todays most frequently asked questions.  In total there are TEN interviews for you to practice with over 200 questions.

Practice over and over in the privacy of your own home perfecting your technique and significantly improving your confidence and style.

"After failing in the final stages of several interviews I was recommended the Virtual Interview Online course, what a difference it made to my confidence, simply the best preparation I could hope for, Thank you"

Joanne Lee, Advertising

How to Structure Your Answers PDF booklet

The structure and delivery of your answers is crucial in portraying a confident and competent team member in your interview. Our booklet we will teach you to structure your answers and deliver them in a clear, concise and professional manner.

Exclusive access to Our Professional Interview Consultants

Included in your purchase is email and phone access to our highly successful interview coaches. At anytime you can discuss any questions or queries you may have via email or telephone. We will give you guidance and advice in your particular circumstances, steering you in the right direction so you can answer those difficult questions with confidence.

Buy ONLINE today or call us on 1 562 912 3204 to discuss how we can help you

Online Demonstration




Be The Standout Candidate At Your Interview!

Our NO RISK 60 day money back guarantee[




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