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“NEW! Ultimate Fresh Water Aquarium Mini-Course A 10 Part Series With Essential Tips & Tricks
To Ensure Success With Your Very
Own Fresh Water Aquarium
Absolutely FREE!"

Here is a video showing one of my African Cichlid Tanks I own, there are some Blue Dolphins, Electric Yellows, Electric Blues, Clown Loaches, Cuckoo Catfish and Bristlenose Catfish all getting along very nicely!

Hello there...

Welcome to The Ultimate Guide To Fresh Water Aquariums!

My Name is Craig Wrightson and I have been caring for Fresh Water Tropical Fish for around 12 years. Over that time I have gained a huge amount of knowledge....

Most of it... learned the hard way!

I have become a full blown Tropical Fish Enthusiast, and I particularly love African Cichlids.  My main goal with this site is to help other Fresh Water Aquarium owners take care of their fish and their tanks properly.

I want to ensure that our pet fish stay happy and healthy so that they can enjoy their life, as well as provide ongoing satisfaction and pleasure to those who own and care for them.

With all that in mind I have written a Beginner's Guide to getting started with setting up an African Cichlid Tank, and while it contains some very specific Cichlid information, all of the steps and principles apply to setting up and maintaining any Fresh Water Aquarium.

Also, to help get you started, I have put together a completely FREE Mini-Course which will put you well on the way to success.  Some of what you will learn in the 10 part course includes...
Discover the little known health benefits from keeping fish at home Find out which tank is best... One made from glass or an Acrylic tank.
How to know the perfect number of fish for your tank (Yes, there is a formula...)! Where is the ideal place to situate your tank in your home... It might not be where you think? What material is best to place on the bottom of your tank, pebbles, glass etc... this can be critical, not just for the fish, but for you! The BIGGEST mistake people make when they set up their tank at home! Understand the difference between a community tank or a species tank and work out which one is best for you... this can save a LOT of cash!
Find out about Aquarium plants and how you can save a lot of wasted money and effort with the right information.
Discover how to feed your plants as well as your fish!
To get this excellent one-of-a-kind Ultimate Fresh Water Aquarium Mini-Course, completely FREE... Simply fill out and confirm the information below, and I will deliver your first issue right into your email inbox right away!


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Just LOOK At What All These Other Aquarium Enthusiasts
Say About My FREE Ultimate Fresh Water Aquarium

Patricia Martinelli -
Sydney, Australia






The Results Were Almost Instant - Within Days My Fish Were Thriving!

"I would like to say how much this email Mini-Course has helped me learn how to take the correct care of my beautiful Fresh Water Aquarium. I thought looking after fish would be easy- but little did I realize!

A few weeks ago I was sure nothing I could do, would save my fish.  I thought I had tried everything!

After subscribing to Craig's Mini-Course... (I didn't really think it would help, but thought I had nothing to lose) I discovered what I had been doing wrong which created an unhealthy environment for my fish.

I realized that I had been trying to keep the wrong type of fish together.  Different fish like a different environment, and some fish just don't get along.

Thanks to Craig, I have been able to create a balanced Aquarium with choosing the right tank mates.  I am extrememly happy and so are my fish... "

- Patricia, Sydney, Australia

Dennis -
Springfield, Illinois





Just When I thought There Was Nothing Left I Could Do!

"My tank was suffering from a terrible case of Nitrite poisoning, I could see the levels of Nitrite reducing every time I did a water change but it wouldn’t take long for the Nitrite to creep back up to worrying levels.

I was very concerned about this problem as I had several fish die and the rest of my African Cichlids were not looking like they were heading anywhere different other than the same fate.

I signed up for Craig’s FREE Mini-Course and within just a few days I found out what was happening with my tank and the simple mistake that I was making that caused this problem.

After 2 weeks my tank is looking great, the Nitrite levels are at zero and my fish couldn’t be happier!!

Thanks Craig!!"

- Dennis, Springfield, Illinois

Peter -
Brisbane, Australia







My Fish Were Lethargic And Had No Appetite!

"I had just recently bought a new aquarium for my home; it wasn’t anything flash or huge, just something that I could easily maintain given that I had not owned a fish tank before.

After about 4 months of keeping tropical fish I began to notice that they were gradually looking very lethargic and were loosing their appetite.  I had no idea what was wrong, I did water changes about once a month and cleaned the tank on the same intervals.

I searched on the net for reasons as to why this would be happening and all I got was conflicting messages. I signed up for the FREE Mini-Course on African Cichlid Success and couldn’t believe how simple the answer was.

In just 1 week my fish had greatly improved their appetite and started to be far more active (just like when I first bought them!).

Thanks Craig for all your help!!"

- Peter, Brisbane, Australia

Learn Everything You Need to Know About Raising a Happy, Healthy Fresh Water
Aquarium Fish That Will Bring Joy to Your Life For Years to Come...Sign Up for Your Ultimate Fresh Water Aquarium Mini-Course Now!

YES! I Absolutley Want To Have The Healthiest,
Happiest, And Best Looking Fresh Water Aquarium Around!

Send Me My 100% Free Ultimate Fresh Water
Aquarium Mini-Course Today!

Step 1:

Step 2:

You Will Receive the First Lesson in Your Email Inbox Immediately.

Privacy Assured: Your email address is never shared with anyone.

Look out for your first issue in your email inbox, as soon as you sign up, and don't forget to white list our email address. Look forward to talking soon!

All the best,

Craig Wrightson

Fresh Water Aquarium & African Cichlid Enthusiast

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