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E-book # 1 - Attract Abundance.

This book helps you to unlock the hidden potential that is within you by
showing you the ancient teachings and understandings of the universe and
how it works. Learn how visualization works and how to do it effectively.

This17 chapter gem teaches you :

How to properly use the power of visualization to transform your life, and

chapter 2 - How to Attract to Yourself the Things You Desire.

chapter 3 - The Relation Between Mental and Physical Form.

chapter 7 - Using You Thought Power for the Production of New

chapter 9 - How I Attracted to Myself $20.000.00. in 6 weeks.

E-book #2 - Heaven or Hell.

In every moment you are creating the future with your thoughts. If
you are not in control of your thoughts, it means you are controlled
by others and they are creating your future for you.Take charge of
your own mind and live your destiny.

110 pages, 14 Chapters

Chapter 3. The Way Out of Undesirable Conditions.
Chapter 4. The Silent Power of Thought.
Chapter 5. The Secret of Health, Success, and Power.
Chapter 6. The Secret of Abounding Happiness.
Chapter 7. The Realization of Prosperity.

All power is from within, and is absolutely within your control.

E-book # 3 - The 8 Keys to Prosperity.

92 pages.

Attain knowledge of the Eight Keys required for you to enter into the Temple
of Prosperity.

By the application of this knowledge and by thinking in a certain way, you
can become all that you are meant to be.

All it takes is a single shift in mindset to move from a position of
powerlessness to a position of true power.

E-book # 4 - The Science of Success.

75 pages

This does not an in depth study of quantum physics but is more of an
instruction book for financial success.

It is intended for men and women who's most pressing need is for money
and who want results.

The author states:"The science in this book is an exact science and
failure is impossible"

E-book # 5 - The Millionaire's Bible.

This amazing book contains over 50 pages and is complete with
affirmations and exercises.

Chapter 1 - The Law of Attraction in the Thought World.
Chapter 6 - How to Be Immune to Injurous Thought Attraction.
Chapter 7 - Transmuting Negative Thoughts.
Chapter 11 - The Power of Emotion.
Chapter 13 - The Attractive Power.
Chapter 14 - The Great Forces.

Chapter 5 - is dedicated to the secret of the will, the author states: "The
Secret of the Will is the Magic Key which Opens all Doors"

Would you like to QUIT your JOB and be Financially Free ?

Would you like to learn how to tap into the unlimited power
that lies within you to manifest all you need ?

You're going to be very excited about The Secret Formula to Success, as it will
show you HOW to open doors to having, being or doing anything your heart

Is "WORK" a four letter word to you ?

You will discover :

- The Nuts & Bolts of the Manifesting Process & How to Make it Work For You.

- How to Dramatically Speed up the Process of Manifesting.

- What Attracts & Repels Money & Abundance.

- How to Develop a Manifesting Mind.

- Experience More Freedom in Your Life.

- Manifest Abundance, Loving Relationships, Health & More.

Have your watched the DVD or read the book "The Secret" ?

I have spent over 20 years studying Self Help & Self Improvement books, and at the end of
the day they all say the same thing: That your thoughts and beliefs create your reality, and
that all you have to do is feel good and visualize having what you want.

Well that's NOT ALL you have to do, there's more to it than that !

There was a stage in my life where I would visualize for 20 minutes three times a day,morning
noon and night but I got no results. I guess this was because deep down inside I thought this
was a whole load of hogwash.

While it IS true that ONE of the things you have to do is form a clear mental picture of what
you want, this is NOT the ONLY thing you have to do. AND unless you UNDERSTAND the HOW
and WHY your thoughts and beliefs create your reality and have a basic understanding of the
Quantum Physics behind it, you are likely to BELEIVE it's a whole load of hogwash and that it
won't work.

And if you believe it's a whole load of hogwash and won't work, it won't work !!!

WHEN you understand the science behind it, its MUCH easier to believe that it works, and the
science behind it actually makes sense, although it may challenge your current beliefs.

And there IS more to it than just feeling good and visualizing.

The reference to a Magic genie in "The Secret" was a bit misleading.

Do you really think that by visualizing and feeling good, that one day you will wake up and Lo
and Behold there's a Red Ferrari you've been wanting parked in your garage ??

There are a couple of MISSING INGREDIENTS in "The Secret" and a few other books about The
Law of Attraction.

It's like making a cake, if you are missing one or two ingredients like butter or sugar then its
not going to turn out to be a success.

The Secret Formula to Success will advance your understanding and
application of the universal principles of prosperity and the Law of Attraction

This entire collection is worth over $279.70 Because we have just launched
our books online you can buy the whole lot now for just $49.95 for
Everything! (limited time only).

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The Ultimate Success Collection and the free Bonus Gifts are in PFD (Adobe Acrobat) format. If
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FREE GIFT 1 - 21 Days to Health &

A Classic Do-It-Yourself Detox & Weight Loss Program.

"I followed this heathly eating plan and enjoyed eating unrestricted
amounts of permitted food.I lost 14 pounds and had so much
energy I felt like a race horse wanting to go for a run all the time."

- 150 pages of information on diet, emotional issues, exercise,
stress reduction.

- Tells you what to eat & what not to eat & why.

- 13 pages of recipes.

- 21 daily lessons that will encourage and motivate you to stick with
the program.

" I've lost 10 lbs, my skin looks ten years younger... I feel so light
and unbloated! "

"Physical problems that improved:floaties in eyes have all
diminished but one;my mind takes things in and processes more
clearly; my complexion is clearer; I don't crave all the junk any
longer; I don't have all the mood swings; I have even stopped
taking all of my supplements and hormonal herb replacements. I
sleep better."

FREE GIFT 2 - Manifesting Reality Isn't
Hard Work After All.

You will discover:

- The Three Step Manifestation Formula Fully Disclosed.

- One Golden Method To Work Out What You're Currently Attracting.

- The Quickest Way To Receiving More Stuff.

- Two SecretMethods Of Manifestation Finally Revealed!

- How To Breakthrough The It Doesn't WorkBarrier .

- Why Asking Where's My Stuff Will Block You.

FREE GIFT 3 - How to Boost Your Online
Auctions Profits by 200% or more.

More internet sales come through eBay than any other website in the
world.This book will teach you how to effectively use ebay to create a
profitable business.

Within the first three months of opening on ebay, an average seller
increase their income by 25%. That's an average ebay seller.The
best sellers increase their income by 200%.This book shows you

This entire collection is worth over $279.70 click here to buy it now for just $49.95
and if you buy it now you will also get these three FREE bonus gifts.

Over the past 20 years I have read hundreds of self-help books and I have
carefully hand selected THE BEST and put them into a collection called
"The Secret Formula to Success".

Together these books cover ALL the ingredients you need to know
and make the Law of Attraction work for you.

With "The Secret Formula to Success" you will be armed with enough
ammunition to turn into a money magnet and ensure your success.

The Secret Formula to Success is filled with affirmations, inspiration and encouragement
to assist you in releasing lack and limitation, open to receive prosperity, believe in
yourself and create the life you want.

You will learn how to manifest financial freedom, loving relationships and dramatically
increase your ability to materialize every desire easily and joyfully.

You will not only be given some amazing tools but also instructions on how to use them.

This collection contains pearls of wisdom on the art of manifesting based on the
Spiritual Laws of Abundance.These incredible easy to learn practical teachings will create
profound changes in your life and set you on a course for the most uplifting adventures

The Secret Formula to Success gives you the tools to let go of struggle, follow your
heart's joy and live a life filled with happiness. You can easily and effortlessly create
what you want.

This life changing Collection will teach you how to awaken to your true power, attract
more love, peace, joy and abundance and believe you can have more than you ever
thought possible.

Using these easy to follow processes, thousands of ordinary people now live
extraordinary abundant lives filled with peace, harmony, love and joy. They have learned
through these teachings to create immediate and profound changes in their self-image,
relationships and have taken a quantum leap in their financial circumstances.

"I went from being a struggling welfare beneficiary to
becoming a lawyer."

"These books are phenomenal, you are given very
powerful processes to attain your goals."

"If you want to achieve ultimate success then this
collection is a must."

Naomi, New Zealand.

" After my husband died 5 years ago I lost my zest for

"The information in these inspiring books have
re-ignited my passion for life. I now go out and have
fun with new friends I have made, and I now live life
to the fullest."

Ethel Bourne Widower, England.

"I am now living my dream life."

"The teachings in these books have completely
turned my life around. Before I was very unhappy and
unsatisfied working as a shop assistant. "

"My life is so exciting now. I travel the world as a
singer-dancer-entertainer and I have performed in
almost every country."

Simeon Wootton Entertainer , New Zealand.

Manifesting is a skill that can be learned. These simple effective processes given in
The Secret Formula to Successcan be used by anyone and everyone.

You can open to the infinite supply that is your birthright; you can live an abundant
and fulfilling life.

Having money and things comes from understanding how to create them, from
developing a manifesting consciousness. As you become a master of manifesting, your
ability to be prosperous will not be determined by other people or outside conditions.

You Will Learn how to:

- Tap into the Infinite Supply.

- Realize the True Nature of Thoughts.

- Transform Your Beliefs and Allow Success.

- Follow the Spiritual Laws of Money.

- Let go of Worrying Thoughts.

- Create profound Lasting Changes.

You can draw to you situations, forms and relationships that bring you joy, harmony, abundance,
love, blessings and all good things.

Experience more joy, harmony, freedom, peace and love. Increase the flow of money and
abundance in your life. Make your career, creative endeavours and activities more enjoyable and
even effortless.

Golden opportunities that would not have been possible before will come to you and new paths
will open up.

You can change lack and limitation into abundance. End struggle, resistance, battles and conflict
and find inner peace and harmony.

Learn how you can release fears, worries, obstacles and limitations that are holding you back and
move past all previous limitations to create the life you want.

Here's what you get:

If for any reason, you aren't completely satisfied, just contact me
within 60 days and I'll refund you 100% of your purchase price !

Try it out for two months - risk free. Your transaction is secure and safe
and the download process is simple.

If this Collections doesn't give you solid, practical information to increase
success in every area of your life, then you get all your money back.

Here's how to order right now !

The Secret Formula to Success - A Collection of Five of the World's Best
Success Books and your free bonus gifts.

Once your credit card is approved you will be taken to a special "Thank
You" page where you will download everything.

When you open your digital products, you will be requested to enter a
license key into a text box and then click a simple button.

After the button is clicked, you will be able to start reading these
exciting materials straight away.

Yours sincerely,

P.S. -The price you pay is just a drop in the ocean compared to
what you can make with the techniques in this collection.

P.P.S - If you don't buy this Collection, where will you be
six months from now ? Probably right where you are now.
Get the financial success you want throught the teachings
and inspiration in this collection and invest in your future.

From: Judith Cramer

Dear Friend,

You have everything to gain, and nothing to lose

with a 60 day 100% money-back guarantee


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Get The Secret Formula to Success and your free bonus gifts for just $49.95
and start reading these exciting materials within minutes.

The Secret Formula to SUCCESS

A Collection of Five of the World's Best Success Books

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