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The Most Powerful Internet Marketing Software

You Can Do Things Fast With Our Pre-Build Robots

You Can Do Things Fast With Your Own Robots, Or Your Own Macros

You Can Do Things Fast Even Without Any Macro And Robots

Eight Robots To Get You Start Quickly

1. Create Email, Verify Account

2. Submit To Article Site

3. Submit To Web 2.0 Site

4. Submit To Video Site

5. Submit To Social Bookmark Site

6. Submit To RSS Site

7. Create High PR Profile Backlink

8. Ping Your Links

Automatic solve captcha, change proxies, get 100's high PR backlinks quickly

Robots can create account, verify account, submit data, and collect data automatically

You can submit collected data to other robots, e.g. submit your blog url from web 2.0 robot to bookmark robot

Robots can save screenshot, your account data, your submitted data, your collected data automatically

You can use those saved data yourself, or give them to your client as proof of work

More Robots Will Come

We are here to take your request, to build robots and help you automate your tasks, free of charge

We will continue adding new robots, they will all be available to you free of charge

You can request free public robots that is available to all members

You can also request free private robots that only you have access to

Watch The Video - How To Use Robot


All Robots Are Customizable

You Can Customize Robot To Do Exactly What You Want

You can add new website

You can add new variable

You can see source code of all macros

You can modify existing macro, or record your own macro easily

All You Need Is Turn On Macro Recorder, Then Browse Internet As You Normally Do

The macro command will be recorded automatically

You can add condition command, so that your macro know how to work in different situations

You can use "success text" to make sure your robot finished on the correct page, and is working as expected

Watch The Video - How To Customize Robot


You Can Do Things Fast, And Still Have The Full Control

You can customize the robot to do exactly what you want

You can add new website, add new variable, and use your own macro, etc...

You can see source code of all macros, you can modify the macro to 100% meet your need

You can let robot do some part, and you do other part

For example, use robot to create and login to account, you can then submit data yourself

You can stop macro at any time, do manual work, then continue from next step, or from next site

If you record macro when you do manual work

You can run it next time, it will do your manual work automatically, exactly the way you want

You can always double-click login to your account quickly

No need to remember username and password, just double-click to login

You Can Do Things Fast, Even Without Robots

Software's Enhanced Web Browser Can Automate Many Internet Tasks

It can automatic solve captcha, one-click change proxy, one-click get page rank

You can use right-mouse-click-menu paste data to web page easily, no need enter data yourself

You can use double-click to fill out web form quickly, no need enter each field yourself

You can double-click login to your account, no need remember your id and password

You can record your own macro, double click to run it to perform internet tasks automatically

You can use quick link tab, use double click, to do anything fast, even without robot

For example, if you found or purchased 100 links that you can use

These links can be for any purpose, e.g. create account, post blog, post comment, bookmark, submit rss, etc

Simply paste those links to quick link tab, then define your data in variable tab

Then, you can double click go to url, double click fill out form, and submit your data quickly

You can finish all 100 links quickly just use click and double click

No need enter website url, no need type in your data, all you need is double click, it is simple and fast

Watch The Video

Find high PR blog site quickly, then post your comment to it quickly

One Click Article Rewriter + Spinner Is Also Included

You can define your favorite synonyms, then rewrite the whole article in just one-click

You can then easily review / modify your spun article to make it totally unique, or whatever the way you like

You Can Make Money Easily

You can use software to promote any product, it is a lot more easy and efficient than you do it manually

The software can save you even more time if you are running multiple campaigns

You can also save time and money on outsourcing, save time on teaching and validating your people's work

You can use your saved time to write more articles, or develop / promote more products, etc...

You can become a backlink provider and make money by selling backlink to others

There Is Unlimited Potential

The software free up your valuable time, you can have more time to do important works

How do you want to spend those time, and how much more money you can earn, is really up to you

This Is A Must Have Software For All Internet Marketers

Limited Time Offer

Buy It Now, You Will Receive 100 Free Bypass Captcha Credit "Every Month"

Buy Now, Only $4.95

You will receive software download link and license key immediately after the payment


This is a 7 day trial offer, your initial charge is $4.95, you can cancel at any time
If you do not cancel, you will be billed $77 per month, which you can cancel at any time too

This low price will not last long, price increase is comming soon

Buy Now to lock in the low price, your price will not increase as long as you stay with us

System requirement: any microsoft windows system with internet explorer installed


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