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List Pay Day Pro

What I’m about to share with you, is a very unusual story...


Because it’s about how I discovered a simple formula for turning a
website into an automatic income stream and was able to completely
abandon the rat race. my name

The website came about after I spent months slaving away at jobs I
hated that barely paid the bills. Today, that single website is now
responsible for...

Hi, my name is Steven James, Internet marketer, list builder and
marketing mentor.

Before I get into how my simple 3-step formula works, let me tell you
an interesting story...

It started when I was in high school.

You see, I was just your average guy who probably weighed in at a
whopping 155lbs. I didn’t know how to dress and had one girlfriend
the entire time.

What’s more, I grew up in a good neighborhood with hard working
parents that provided me with all the food, clothing and shelter I
could ever want.

My parents taught me the value of working hard for my dollar, setting
a budget, and earning the things I wanted in life.

Now, naturally I went to college, got a degree, then graduated and
started working like a DOG in sales. Then for the next TEN years, I
toiled away doing jobs I HATED with a passion.

I’m not even kidding.

From serving tables, to selling mattresses - you name it, I did it!
In total I had 32 DIFFERENT JOBS in 10 years.

You might be asking yourself why I had so many jobs, and I don’t
blame you. Having THAT many jobs in THAT short of a time was CRAZY to
say the least!

Nothing seemed to fit. I was job-hopping like crazy, nothing worked,
and I just felt like I didn’t belong.

After bouncing from job to job for a long time, I found myself doing
phone sales, selling seminar sponsorship packages to small business

For three years I would STAND at my desk (the company didn’t allow
any chairs) and POUND away at a telephone, and followed the scripts
that they gave me.

I just knew in my heart the scripts weren’t telling the whole story
and the customers weren’t getting a fair shake.

Now check this out:

I would take 5 THOUSAND dollars a pop for a company to “sponsor”
some garbage 4-hour seminar that was just a thinly veiled sales pitch.

And can you guess what happened?

Not ONE of my customers had any success with the $5,000 “magic
bean” I was asked to sell them!

But what could I do?

I had a car payment, rent, and of course student loans to pay from

I was literally STUCK doing something I despised. Has that ever
happened to you?

It was only after actually meeting one of these “clients”
(or victims?) in person at an event that I decided that this
opportunity DEFINITELY wasn’t for me.

For example, I’ll never forget one conversation I had with a guy
named Shane who sold insurance services.

The seminar had just 32 participants. I sold Shane the fact there was
going to be over 100 people in the seats that day... but there
wasn’t. There never were…

“Where are the butts in the seats Steven?” “How am I going to
pay my rent this month?!” “You said there would be 100 people

And I’ll never forget the look on his face. It was as if someone
told him his dog just died.

He looked sick.

Well, the seminar went on as promised. But not one of the things the
“speaker” was supposed to do for my “sponsor” occurred. It
never did…

At the end of this seminar, Shane just looked at me pointed his
finger at me and said “F@%K YOU” and left. I had never been so
ashamed of myself. It was right then and there that I made the
decision that changed my life forever…

Even if I had to sleep in a card board box for the rest of my life, I
would NEVER sell garbage to make a quick buck. If it took the rest of
my life I was going to find a way to make Honest money by Helping as
many people as I possibly could.

So the minute I got back home from the seminar, I did what I knew I
should have done a long time ago...

And as great as it felt, the problems didn’t end there…

Because this time I was engaged.

Needless to say she was less than thrilled that I didn’t have a job
any longer and couldn’t pay the bills as my job search continued…

While looking for a new job online I came across a banner
advertisement that said “work from home, earn $400/week from your
home computer”.

I’m sure you’ve all seen these before.

I saw them everywhere, but this time was different. Instead of
ignoring it, for the first time ever, I decided to take a chance.

So I clicked on it.

Well, the offer looked good, as they always do. I forget the name of
it right now, but that’s irrelevant.

I ended up buying it on the measly savings account I had in reserve.
When my fiancée found out that I had spent an extra $47 bucks we
didn’t have she EXPLODED on me.

She told me a statement that day that I’ll NEVER forget…

Those words were 100% devastating. I felt as though I couldn’t make
any right decisions, and was severely down in the dumps about it.

There I was, trying to do the right thing and make some moves that
would get us ahead for once. And I couldn’t even get a single ounce
of support!

But you know what?

It didn’t matter because I certainly wasn’t going to let her lack
of support stop me from going for my dreams. Despite all of my crappy
jobs, I always pictured myself being my own boss, working at my own
pace, and sitting back and let the checks roll in!

Hell, other people were doing it.

I know I’m a smart guy, I graduated from college, I was in sales,
so I knew I could do pretty much anything if I put my mind to it.

But she just would NOT budge…

Well, I got my $47 package and studied it at night when the fiancée
went to bed, or when she wasn’t home. I employed some of the
strategies, and I did make a couple hundred bucks posting stuff on
forums etc.

When I showed my fiancée the check and what happened, she said,

So, because I loved her so much, I had no choice but to get a
“real” job.

After all I didn’t want to lose my best friend/fiancée, so I got a
“normal job” just like everyone else.

I ended up getting hired by a fortune 200 company and I was now in a
different position, relationship management sales.

The company handed me 16 bank branches to manage and it was a relief
to be selling something based on what people wanted and needed.

Things were starting to come off of my “karma credit card” which
had definitely been maxed out during the previous couple years.

I greatly enjoyed helping new business owners out and giving them
sound business advice and products that would actually help them,
rather than putting them further into the red.

But I was working 12-hour days, and I said to myself,

Every bone in my body said, “You’re doing the right thing, just
keep working.“

After all, there were a ton of different ways to make money, and
while my new job offered stability, the QUALITY of my life had started
to slip and suffer.

I always said I’d rather be poor and happy than rich and miserable.

But I kept plugging away, day after day, doing the same boring tasks,
calling on business owners, driving 70 miles every Friday to get to
the weekly corporate “fluff sessions” as I so affectionately call

These “fluff sessions” were just ways to beat the sales team down
for 3 hours every Friday. They thought that in order to “motivate”
us they had to threaten to fire us unless our numbers improved.

I was pretty much at my wits end, working my “means to an end”
job just to keep someone else in my life happy.

The worst part of it all was

I got home from another brutal 12-hour day and to my dismay I found my
1.5c diamond ring in a box in front of my television.

I was deeply saddened.

How could this have happened? I thought I did everything right. I
followed the RULES, and this was my outcome?

How could that be?

It went against everything I was ever taught. “Do the right thing,
and you’ll be fine” is what they told me… but that wasn’t the

I forwent my own dreams and goals to keep someone else happy, and she
decided to leave anyway. Talk about a gut check.

However, the universe has a funny way of making things happen to you
for a reason… things got worse before they got better for me. I
think it was karma making a “withdrawal” that was probably

During that time I was completely miserable. I couldn’t eat, sleep,
or get out of bed in the morning without struggling.

2 months later I was a victim of corporate cutbacks and an economy
that was sliding into recession. The bank branches I was managing
decided to cut the program with the company I was working for.

They gave me an option, A: stay and take on a different role, or B:
take a severance package, and a non-contested unemployment payout.

It was at the minute that I had the perfect situation to follow my
dreams and try my hand at making money online, fulltime from my home.

After a few months on my own, doing research, and learning how
affiliate marketing worked. I was doing odd jobs to make ends meet.

While looking for odd jobs one day, I found a job on a job board for
an “affiliate manager” position with a local Internet marketer.

I called him, we sat down for an hour and after that hour we came to
a verbal employment agreement. It was a perfect fit for me since I was
in relationship management previously, and what a great way to get the
insider information on Internet marketing.

After a little while I learned the ins and outs of how to make REAL

You know all the gurus that tell you they make 16 grand a month? Or
5k a week or something like that? Well, I saw and was learning
firsthand how to make that work.


During the first product release I was a part of, after everything
was said and done

This was the biggest amount of money I had ever been handed a check
for. It was all I could do to laugh, as I had been previously told
“you’ll never make a dime on the internet.”

That’s what keeps me driven.

That statement of “you can’t do something” burns within me
every day to make more, and to do more for people to make THEM
successful as well.

Previously I had been working against the grain so to speak, taking
money from hard working people. NOW I had been learning the ability to
make people money and to actually HELP them.

In my first year of working with this Internet marketing guy, I had
developed a few products for him and saw that the money was just HUGE
from his standpoint.

I could not complain as I was making more money that I had EVER made
before, and I was only working like 5-8 hours a day! This was it.

I knew THEN what it was I wanted to be when I grew up.

3 months previously I was A: single, B: Jobless, C: Practically
homeless, and D: REALLY struggling to pay my bills.

I was now earning my keep, and making a LOT of money for really not a
lot of effort.

This is when I decided to make the term “always overcome” my
life’s motto.

In fact I ended up getting the phrase “sempre superare” tattooed
on my forearms. Sempre Superare means “always overcome’ in

It was a way to pay homage to my Italian upbringing and my newfound
life motto.

It serves as a reminder every day that no matter what, I CAN overcome
hardship, and do whatever it is that my heart and dreams tell me I can

A few months after we developed and launched a few offers I started
working on my own product offering because it was time to go out on my

I felt as though I had outgrown my current situation. It was my goal
to be my own boss.

Although I was treated with respect and fairness, something inside of
me needs to be the shot caller. I had put together products and
learned how to speak “affiliate” and learned exactly how to get an
offer off the ground.

These are the really difficult parts of making money online. The only
thing I was missing was the ability to build a website.

And it terrified me to learn how to make them.

I set out to teach myself exactly how to do that, and it was really
difficult to understand it.

Well, within 5 days I had taught myself how to use website making
programs and built my first ever website from scratch.

While on a trip to NYC I met a few Internet marketers that knew who I
was, and when I told them I had my own product now.

They were really happy for me!

They said they would give me a hand in testing and show me some more
ropes and basically offer me some support if I needed it!

Well, the testing went really well, and then I put my product release

I spent 3 weeks getting my product and website made… 4 weeks to get
affiliates on board to promote it. Then the day came.

Launch Day. When all the affiliates would sell my product to their

Long story short my own offer had produced

A little product that didn’t have HUGE affiliate support made me
OVER HALF of what my annual salary was just 10 months prior.

Do you know what else? I built a decent sized list. This list was
making me on average $500 EVERY TIME I sent an email promotion to

While most BIG internet marketers make between 3 and 5 THOUSAND every
time they send a promotional email to the list!

I realized that JUST with a list alone I could make

I now have 0 credit card debt, my car payments are being made on time
easily with an extra $100 on each. And my savings account has
literally increased 1000%.

All from learning simple Internet marketing techniques. This is
MYstory… but what does all this mean for you? If I did all the
legwork for you, Could you use the extra income you could make, in
addition to what you’re already doing? How much "extra" would you
need to quit your job entirely?

I am confident that as long as you follow the path I've laid out for
you, there's simply NO LIMIT to what you can earn with List Pay Day

What if we doubled that? $104k a year? What would you do then?

This is what I believe; I believe that when you have a serving
mentality (helping people to the best of your ability) will always put
you on the good side of karma.

I’ve been on both sides of the deal, when I was lying and cheating
and stealing for money, nothing but bad things happened to me.

When I started teaching other people how to make money, NOTHING but
GOOD things have been happening for me.

I’ve made powerful connections, been on amazing trips, met people
who share the same like minded outlook that I do, and they’ve all
helped me, and they’re ALL doing well, and were all making each
other mountains of cash, on a regular basis.

I want to continue this trend for obvious reasons. I’ve come so far
in such a short amount of time, I want to reach even higher. I can’t
do that without helping others that WANT to be helped.

Aren’t you sick and tired of working for a boss that underpays you
and doesn’t appreciate the work you put in?

Have you been in the same dead end job for over 5 years? Are you on
anti-depressants because of it? I know people that are.

The sad part is, they wont do ANYTHING to change it…

Do you want to spend more time with your family and friends?

How about taking vacations whenever and to wherever you want as
frequently as you want?

These were my goals, and unless you have a plan, and change what you
are already doing, learn a new skill, go back to college, or just job
hop for years like I did… nothing will change for you.

I have a plan for you, it’s simple, effective and if you qualify I
will share it with you as well.

But first,

I want to tell you about my plan, but first let me explain the
importance of having a TARGETED list of subscribers to market to, and
how this can relate to me helping YOU.

First of all, there is NO easier way, no faster way of making a
living online. PROVIDED you have a targeted list of prospects to
market offers to. All these offers make you tons of cash, and serious

Simply put, if you have a list, you WILL MAKE MONEY… easily and on

I personally know Internet marketers that make 480,000 a year JUST
promoting other peoples products.

I Know Internet marketers that make a MILLION DOLLARS A MONTH
promoting other peoples products to their own list.

These guys are at the upper echelon of list marketing and although
that type of income CAN be achieved, I want to start out small with
you, as in 500.00 per week.

I want to turn you into a list payday pro!

Here is what I’ve done for you in my list payday pro package.

I have turned 2 years of training and education, hard work, blood
sweat and tears into a STUPID SIMPLE 3 step system that even my little
cousins could follow.

I have created 50 different super high quality, professionally copy
written, high converting landing pages for you to market simply and

These landing pages are all dealing with today’s HOTTEST niches.

I have included, training materials, and modules, that in 3 easy
steps, you can be on your way to building a laser targeted list of
subscribers that will be clamoring to receive information from you.

Before I tell you what this system is, and what it will do for you,
let me take a minute to tell what its not.

None of this.

List Payday Pro was developed as a 3-step system that you CAN follow.

This system was over-seen and under-written by one of the top
internet marketing company’s on the planet, in order to ensure that
I was bringing something of real value to the table for my clients.

Here’s How My System Works.

When you get involved with very exclusive List PayDay Pro
opportunity, we will be giving you ready made, Super High Converting
landing pages that were developed by one of the top copywriters on the
Internet today.

These landing pages are usually sold for up to $5,000 EACH through
this company. I have negotiated a dynamite deal with them specifically
for List PayDay Pro members.

That’s it!

The first time you get your landing page up online, and you start
seeing people opting in to receive your information it’s like no
feeling I can describe. It’s the feeling of freedom starting to set

You can have 10 campaigns up and running in about 3 hours once you do
your first one.

Let’s do a little math shall we?

Let’s say you spend a total of 5 hours on this project putting up 5
of your readymade landing pages. Each landing page will make you an
average of $10-15/per day if you follow my traffic instructions.

So, $10x5= $50/day x7 days a week = $350 EVERY WEEK INSTANTLY.

$350x52=$18,200 Instant payout from 5 of my readymade landing pages
every year.

Then you compound your traffic and subscribers.

Lets say conservatively each landing page gets you 10 opt-ins every
single day.

You have 5 landing pages out there, that’s 50 new subscribers every
day x7 = 350 new list members every single week.

350x52 = 18,200 subscribers every year.

In my experience every email address you collect is worth an average
of $1.87 dollars each per year, so 8,200x$1.87=$34,034 every year from
mailing other offers to your subscribers.

So, $34,034+$18,200 =

And it gets even better.

Compound that number, do 10 landing pages, and that’ll be $104,468
a year.

That would make you the list pay day pro I want everyone to become.

Now that you know who I am, and what I represent, what are you going
to do?

Although this opportunity is on the table for anyone that qualifies
for it, I need to be 100% clear.


Because there are a lot of people that can’t cope with any type of
loss whatsoever, and, even though this system has the ability to make
you a substantial living year after year.

Some days people just aren't going to be looking to buy, and when
they don’t, you may make nothing, or there may be a small loss...

A lot of vendors online will tell you that they never lose money, and
if that's the case... You’re being lied to.

If you maintain and advertise a website on an ongoing basis, it is
100% likely you will experience a bad day now and again...

JUST LIKE any other type of company or business out there.

For this reason only, if you are the type that just can NOT handle a
loss under any circumstances, you are NOT Allowed to take advantage of
this opportunity.

Believe it or not, that question isn't the one you should be asking.
The question you need to ask is how much extra time, money, and energy
will it cost you to learn everything on your own like...

On the flip side of the coin, if you have the required bravery and
desire already within you, or you are the kind of person who likes to
take advantage of new opportunities with a great track record.

Then you qualify to take advantage of my hard work and expertise.

This limited time opportunity is going to set you back a small
registration fee, plus some small administration cost.

I also told you that the membership access to my readymade landing
pages, Step by step training videos, and HUGE VIP BONUS PACKAGE is
valid forever.

This is a one-time payment, and you will never be re-billed, even
when new landing pages are added our members’ area...

Will List Payday Pro get you where you want to be? Will these methods
really start you on your way to financial freedom?

There's only one way to find out…

When you purchase, you’re automatically entitled to my 60-day
guarantee. If you aren’t completely satisfied, for WHATEVER reason,
you will get a no questions asked refund for 100% of the purchase

Again, even if you decide to get a refund…

The way I see it, if you're not happy with my product and the system
isn't making you any money, then I don't want your money.

If at any time during your 60-day trial you wish to get a refund all
you will have to do is send a refund request through my Customer
Service Department, and your money will be refunded instantly.

So, what I'm getting at, is, if this system doesn't work for YOU for
whatever reason, you have lost nothing... Take advantage of the
limited-time introductory offer while you can.

But what if it DOES work for you? Are you ready for that?

Take life by the reigns, Become a List PayDay PRO!

With all the luck in the world.

-Steven James

“Sempre Superare”

"ClickBank is a registered trademark of Keynetics Inc., a Delaware
corporation. listpaydaypro.com is not affiliated with Keynetics Inc.
in any way, nor does Keynetics Inc. sponsor or approve any
listpaydaypro.com product. Keynetics Inc. expresses no opinion as to
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the materials on this Web page."

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