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Renegade Magic Tricks Insider Reveals How ANYONE Can…

Shock, Amaze and Astound ANYONE With Mind Blowing Card Tricks – Just Like Those Performed by David Blaine, Criss Angel and David Copperfield!

Discover Over 280 Pages of Fully Illustrated, Step-by-Step SECRETS of Card Trick Masters and Exactly How to Perform Them Yourself!

My Name is Nick Williams, and through years of practice and an astute sense of observation, I’ve honed my skills to perform jaw-dropping card tricks – the same kind of slick moves performed by TV magic superstars like Criss Angel and David Blaine.

And now, I’m “putting all my cards on the table” so to speak –

I want to bring their secrets – and many more, out to you.  Why, you might ask?  Because, frankly, I’m

Sick and Tired of the “Card Trick Crap” On the Market – Junk Videos and Useless Books that Don’t Teach Aspiring Magicians ANYTHING!

You already know what I’m talking about if you’ve spent any time at all looking up “card tricks” on the Internet. Either you get bombarded by thousands of YouTube videos with somebody’s kid showing off a cute little magic trick, or you get blasted with advertisements promoting card trick books, magic card videos and DVDs.

And if you’ve ever considered buying any of these books or videos –

Don’t Bother.

Because they all contain the same old fluff, filler and stale card tricks that everyone and their dog has already seen and knows the secret to.  You’re not going to charm and amaze anybody with that kind of junk.  

Instead, what you need is a--

Complete Step-by-Step Course that Progressively Takes You From Simple, Cool Magic Card Tricks – All the Way Up to Advanced Sleight-of-Hand Maneuvers and Sleek Illusions as Performed by TV’s Hottest Magicians!

I’ve spent the last several months fully (and secretly!) laying out the secrets to the top magic card tricks, from simple probability and “pick-a-card” type tricks to advanced card magic that truly defies logic.

It’s called Card Magic Revealed – and I’ll tell you why there’s nothing else like it available online, at your local bookstore, or on any “card tricks” DVD.

Card Magic Revealed is over 280 fully-illustrated pages that teach you the secrets behind playing card tricks using progressive, build-on-as-you-go techniques to go from beginner to master.

This natural learning progression is perfect for both budding magicians and advanced practitioners because it enables you to add on and further refine your skills with detailed photos and steps showing precisely how the trick is accomplished. 

In fact, this revolutionary approach is why card trick magicians worldwide will be raving --

“If You Only Buy One Card Trick Product This Year – Make It Card Magic Revealed. It Will Be The Guide You Turn To Again and Again – Guaranteed.”
Card Magic Revealed was designed from the ground up to be more than just a book or a video. It’s a downloadable, fully hands-on product that demystifies the illusion behind some of the most exciting and little-known card tricks out there today.
That means you get instant access to start diving in and learning never-before-revealed card trick secrets like these:
The Seven Principles used by the world famous duo of Penn and Teller to create mesmerizing card trick performances.
Card tricks that require NO training or practice whatsoever!  These maneuvers work even if you’ve never touched a deck of cards in your life!
A secret card trick taught to David Copperfield by his grandfather that continues to amaze and inspire crowds to this day!
Don’t throw that card box away! Learn how even the card box can be used to perform some very cool tricks (I’ll show you how it’s done on pages 73 and 77 along with many others!).
Add mystique and mystery to any card deal – just by how you shuffle! Just like everything else in magic – not everything is as it seems!  How to use simple math to make an amazingly accurate prediction of any card the spectator draws – It works every time!
And that’s just the first 40 pages!


Card Magic Revealed details 70 distinctive, memorable and incredible card magic tricks for novices, amateurs and expert magicians alike.  With names like The Haunted Deck, Houdini Card Trick and That’s Not Possible – you’ll have an arsenal of astounding tricks up your sleeve – ready to dazzle and impress an audience!

“That Sounds Like Exactly What I Need – But I’ve Seen How Much Some of These Card Tricks Courses and DVDs Cost…”

Listen, I realize that there are magic trick courses and study guides out there that easily run hundreds of dollars.  When I first laid out the tricks and steps I was going to include in Card Magic Revealed, I was very firm about the price point of $49.95 - which would be amazingly competitive!

But then I thought about all the people who simply don’t have that kind of money to throw away on a book or a course – so they end up learning card tricks the WRONG way. 

They never grasp the fundamentals or learn tricks that they can build upon the way I show you in Card Magic Revealed.  Because they don’t work through the tricks in a logical, progressive order by learning the methods behind the magic – they end up messing up, looking foolish and feeling frustrated.

That’s Why, For the Next 300* Orders – I’m Slashing the Price to a VERY Reasonable $27



*That bit about the “next 300 orders” is NO trick.  Below is an ACTUAL count showing the number of orders remaining.  If it reads 0 that means the price will return to $49.95 and you’ll no longer see this message.
Hurry! Currently Only:
Copies Left for

At a Price Like That – What’s Keeping You from Learning the Coolest, Slickest Card Tricks Just Like the Pros – Minutes from Now?

Nothing!  So Here’s Your Chance…

  YES Nick, Let Me Download the Entire Card Magic Revealed Course Right Now!

I understand that I’ll get immediate access to these mind-blowing benefits:

Progressive, step by step lessons that walk you from basic card trick fundamentals all the way up to master card illusions performed by pros like  David Copperfield, Criss Angel and David Blaine!

A complete “Classroom in a Book” design that, with a few minutes of practice every day, can take you from performing for fun to performing for cash at parties, shows and more!

Detailed, fully illustrated photos that show the trick being performed step by step, so you learn visually in a hands-on atmosphere.

Safe and fun for all ages – from kids to adults!  There are even card tricks that you can perform with NO practice at all!  They work every time!

70 complete “build-on” tricks ranked from novice to expert, so anyone at any skill level can dive right in and start picking up exciting new tricks.

Most tricks work with a simple, standard deck of cards – no fancy equipment or costly decks needed!

Improve as you read! Because each lesson builds up from the previous one, you’ll continue to get better and better with every trick!


(for a strictly limited time)


Still Not Sure if Card Magic Revealed is Right for You? Go Ahead and Try It Out – Risk Free – for Two Full Months!

It’s no secret that I want you to be completely thrilled with Card Magic Revealed.  That’s why I’d like to give you a complete 2 months – 60 full days – to try it absolutely risk free. 

Try the tricks out.  Practice and watch your skills grow.  If for any reason you’re not satisfied with your progress – I’ll give you back every penny of your purchase price.  No questions asked.

I’m that committed to helping you learn the secrets behind real-life card magic.  And because you can download Card Magic Revealed right away – you’ll be able to start practicing just minutes from now!


Once you order, you’ll be taken to a page where you can download the complete guide to your computer.  You’re also welcome to print out the entire package or individual tricks to help you learn on-the-go! 

If you have any questions or problems with your order, please feel free to contact me by clicking the 'Contact Us' link below.


Stay Magical!

Nick Williams

P.S.  If you’ve ever wanted to amaze a crowd with the same awe-inspiring card tricks as Criss Angel, David Blaine and David Copperfield – Card Magic Revealed is your inside look at exactly how today’s hottest card tricks are performed.  No experience necessary! Just a deck of cards and a willingness to learn is all you need. If you’re ready to check out, please –



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