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This Jungle Theme baby shower games bundle is for anyone and everyone who is about to throw or is intending to throw a Jungle baby shower themed party.

What's in The Pack?

17 Fun Packed Jungle Baby Shower Games


Easy to Print and GREAT FUN to Play.

This fabulous themed games pack is UNIQUE, offering wonderful designs and a whole bag full of EXCITING games for you to play.

You WILL NOT find another JUNGLE games pack like this ANYWHERE else on the internet.

So Why Did I Put This Jungle Theme Pack Together?

Because I know how frustrating it is when you're searching the internet for specific themed baby shower game products.

You go to one site then another site then another site and so on and so on, until "hey presto" after two hours of searching you eventually find the themed baby shower games product you where after.


This is one of the top reasons I decided to create this fun themed jungle baby shower games pack.

I've found that the majority of people like to have "CHOICE" and "FLEXIBILITY" and that is exactly what you'll get within this Jungle Theme games pack.

YOU can choose what Jungle games you want to play at the party.

YOU will have enough Jungle Theme baby shower games to keep the Jungle baby shower crowd well and truly entertained.

YOU can quickly print off alternative Jungle games or the full pack.

YOU can be flexible with the games you play as you now have a whole bundle of Jungle games, all in one place, ready to be printed and played.

Hey, I just wanted to say a big thanks for creating the Jungle baby shower games book, it really has saved me so much time. I was running behind with the party preparations and was getting myself into a right flap and yep, I almost forgot the Jungle games. I'm so glad I found your Jungle games bundle on the internet. The games where loads of fun to play, with lot's of variety and really entertaining.

Shelly Anderton

This Jungle games e-book was a big hit at my party. We all loved the games and the Jungle baby shower raffle tickets where literally worth there weight in gold. I asked for money instead of baby shower gifts, so we used the Jungle raffle tickets and I was so lucky to receive $500.00 from the sale of the tickets.

Thank You - Val Teed New York

Thank you for providing exactly what I needed and at such a great price. When you're working on a budget you really appreciate it when you truly get a great bargain. And this game pack certainly is.

Amy Lowe - Washington

How long did it take me to create this E-Book?

It's taken me a good part of three months to design, create and pull all this Jungle baby shower games book together. I've driven everyone nuts with it, with questions like.

Can you just play this game for me?

Was it FUN?

What did you like about the game?

What do you think needs to be changed?

What do you think about this design?

So you can imagine the responses I sometimes got "I'll just say I think my husband is glad I've eventually finished the book" (Little does he know I'll be starting another one soon). He, He, He.

My best friend was over the moon with this Jungle Theme pack. I hosted the baby shower for her and arranged everything from the jungle baby shower decorations down to the food and of course the jungle baby shower games. The Jungle bonus pack was superb; I even used the jungle baby shower invitations and thank you notes which was a great money saver.

Mandy Cox - England

You're Jungle pack really helped get the party swinging along in no time at all. The pack was easy to use and loads of fun. We all had a great Jungle baby shower day.

Julie Watkins - USA

Just wanted to say thanks for the brilliant jungle games. I spent ages searching the web for jungle games; I did find some, but not enough for the party and I really didn't want to spend money on individual games, as this would cost too much. So when I found this pack I was thrilled to bits. It saved me a packet and had more then enough games in for the party.

Carol Jones - L.A

So let's see what you get for your bucks:

I have tried very hard to create quality games "not just masses of junk" that you see these days in e-books. I've worked with the book as if I were hosting a Jungle Theme Baby Shower party and also done vast amounts of research on the theme.

I've covered gaps in the market where specific Jungle themed baby shower games just don't exists, I've included some original Jungle games and a whole bunch of BONUSES that are UNIQUE to this e-book.


For the party planner who wants exclusive games, I can guarantee you will find them here. I've included Jungle Theme sudoku games, jungle crossword puzzles, jungle language match games and a superb jungle baby shower word match game.

All these games are EXCLUSIVE to the Jungle baby shower games bundle and WILL NOT be found anywhere else.

For the party planner who wants a mix of both traditional and unique games, then this bundle is definitely for YOU. You've got word searches, A-Z animal match games, baby animal match games, animal group games to name but a few.

I can 100% guarantee that you won't be disappointed with this jungle games bundle.

Is their anything else inside this pack?

Oh Yes, you will also receive a great selection of fun jungle theme baby shower raffle tickets, blank jungle game templates (so you can create your own games), blank jungle bingo cards and a huge selection of Jungle coloring pages (to keep the little ones entertained).

This complete set has everything you need and more to throw a FUN and ENTERTAINING Jungel Baby shower themed party.

Jungle Theme Baby Shower Bingo Cards - 20 Pack Jungle Theme Word Search Jungle Fruit Word Search Jungle Theme Draw Game - 8 Pack Jungle Raffle Tickets - 60 Pack - 8 Fun Designs Jungle Theme Word Mix Jungle Theme Crossword Puzzle A - Z Animal Match Game Baby Animal Match Animal Group Game Jungle Theme Language Match Game Sudoku Jungle Fun Puzzle Sudoku Monkey Fun Puzzle Sudoku Tiger Cubs Fun Puzzle Jungle Theme Bingo Game Templates - Set of 5 Jungle Theme Game Templates - Set of 6 Jungle Theme Coloring Pages - Set of 20

How do you receive this Jungle theme games pack?

It's easy; the full jungle baby shower bundle will be downloaded straight onto your computer IMMEDIATELY. Just save the file in a memorable place on your system (I find it best to save download files onto the desktop) this way you know exactly where it is every time you want to use it.

You really don't have to wait for days for a package to arrive in the mail and best of all you've got NO SHIPPING COSTS. You get a Fast Electronic download that lets you store this e-book on your computer forever.

You will need Acrobat Reader installed on your computer to view the content of this e-book. The electronic download will be installed as a PDF file on to your operating system.
If you need a free copy of this software, you can easily install it here by clicking on the Abode logo to the right.

I've never seen a baby shower themed games pack like this before. When I've tried searching for specific themed baby shower game packs in the past I always end up with game packages that are very wide in scope. They usually include some games that I can use for the type of theme I am going to host, but most of the time I'm after lots of games just on the theme itself. So this little note is just to say a big thank you for providing such a well thought out themed games pack.

Tracey Lamb - Chicago

Ultimate Bonuses that just can't be missed.



VALUED at $56.00

You get all this for FREE just for giving my e-book a go.

I can guarantee you will be 100% satisfied with these bonus packs. They are UNIQUE - FUN and best of all FREE.

Free Bonus Pack 1 ~ $34

Jungle Book Games Bundle

This unique Jungle Book games pack includes 6 great games and 60 Jungle Book Raffle tickets. This pack really is a bargain and should not be missed.

Your Jungle baby shower theme now has two jungle themes rolled into one (how great is that). You not only get the main Jungle Baby Shower pack, but you will also receive this beautifully deigned JUNGLE BOOK GAMES pack for the price of ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

Yes, this yours to keep forever and I do insist you give it a go. I'd really hate for you to miss out on this awesome freebie.

Free Bonus Pack 2 ~ $9

Jungle Book Bingo Bundle

Not only do you receive Jungle Book bonus pack 1 for free, you also receive this fantastic Jungle Book bonus pack 2. This Bonus pack compliments pack 1 and includes 20 fun filled Jungle Book Bingo cards, offering the same UNIQUE designs throughout./>

How much does this bonus pack cost? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Your Jungle Book bingo pack can be downloaded immediately straight onto your computer, ready to be played whenever you like.

Free Bonus Pack 3 ~ $13

Jungle Baby Shower Stationery Pack

This bonus stationery pack lets you totally stay on theme with creative designs that compliment the main Jungle baby shower games bundle package.

So what's in the book?

3 - Jungle Baby Shower Invitations. 3 - Jungle Baby Shower Invitation Templates. 3 - Jungle Baby Shower Thank You Notes. 2 sets of Jungle baby shower labels - 6 different designs.

This FANTASTIC BONUS offer will save you a packet.

So what does this entire bundle cost?

After researching the baby shower games market in depth, I discovered that the price of games varied from between $5.65 to an astounding $26.99 and this price isn't for a package of games - it's for one game only.

This Package includes 17 Games with a whole host of EXCLUSIVE JUNGLE BOOK game bonuses thrown in.

I also considered factors such as availability. How many "pure baby shower themed game packages" could be found in the market today? The answer "none".

My Jungle Baby Shower Games Bundle is UNIQUE - You will NOT find anything like this on the internet.

So with all factors considered I established a reasonable and fair price of $39.99. But as I want you to get real value for money I've lowered the price to an incredible $34.99.

CAN I DO BETTER - I SURE CAN. For a limited time only I've lowered the price to an astounding $24.99 (You really do need to be super quick to grab this awesome bargain).

I really want you to take advantage of this astounding saving; this price will not last long.


My Guarantee to You

I really want you to give this Jungle Theme Baby Shower Games Pack a try. Once you've tried them out I'm 100% convinced that you will love them.

But, If you are unhappy with your purchase, you will get 60 days to let us know. We will send you a full refund - we want all our customers to be happy with their purchase.

As a thank you for purchasing my e-book and the time you have taken on this page, I would like you to keep the three UNIQUE bonus packs. EVEN if you decide to return the main jungle baby shower games bundle the bonus packs are yours to keep FREE of CHARGE.

The JUNGLE BOOK bonus packs will soon be sold separately, so this REALLY is a fantastic guarantee.

Here's A Quick Run Down of what's in the Pack

17 - UNIQUE Jungle Theme Baby Shower Games. FREE - 20 Jungle Book Baby Shower Bingo Cards. FREE - 6 EXCLUSIVE Jungle Book Baby Shower Games. FREE - 60 Jungle Book Raffle Tickets. FREE - Jungle Baby Shower Stationery Bundle. Money-Back Guarantee.

The Choice is yours.

This great Jungle Bundle will be an awesome hit with your baby shower guests. They will be amazed at the amount of JUNGLE GAMES you have found for the party. This is a Jungle Bundle that everyone will love.

Don't forget, this e-book offer won't last long.

You get all these great games for an UNBELIEVABLE price of $24.99. This bargain price will soon go up; you really do need to be quick to grab this fantastic saving.

To start downloading your Jungle Baby Shower Bundle and bonuses in the next five minutes. Click the order button now - It's secure.


Don't forget, this superb price of


will not last long. The price will be reviewed over the next few months, so grab this bargain TODAY.

As a reminder, you also receive the EXCLUSIVE bonus packs. Even if you decide that the Jungle Baby Shower Bundle Games Pack is not for you, you still get to keep these awesome bonus packs ABSOLUTELY "FREE of CHARGE".

You also get my Guarantee to You, once you have tried the Jungle Game pack out and you decide that this pack is not for you. You will get 60 days to let me know and I will be more then happy to refund your money.

If you have any questions or need assistance in anyway, please contact me via [ my contact form](http://www.babyshower-simplicity.com/contact-form-page.html), I will be more then happy to help.



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